This week I’m introducing a new series I’d like to call ‘Mind.Body.Music’ to my blog!

Music is such a big part of my life and I feel that it’s helped in my recovery process. In this series I’ll point out tracks that are my favorite at the moment, that perhaps have meaningful or positive lyrics or are just a tune that I think you’ll absolutely love.

Over the past few months I’ve been reading and studying a lot about yoga. In yoga it is thought that many of the chants can help the body- the vibrations resonating throughout the different chakras can help align our energy. Upon my reading I came across this thought which I really liked – Music’s energy flowing through your body can root out any negative energy, then bring you back to a state of renewed health, harmony and peace.

Is there a certain type of music that calls to you? If you’re in a bad mood is there a certain song or artist that can uplift your spirits? These concepts are very real and when applied to your life can help increase your positive thoughts!

The song I’m going to kick off this series with is one that is close to my heart. There are two sure fire ways to get me in a good mood- Christmas music or Celine Dion. I know, I know what you’re probably thinking… Celine Dion? Really?

Yes, really.

She has been my idol ever since I was young. Her music always can brighten my day. She’s getting ready to release a new album and her new song ‘Loved Me Back To Life‘ was released back in September. From the first moment I heard this song it had special meaning to me.

From Dec ’12 until August ’13 I really wasn’t in a good place. Negative thoughts consumed my every day and I really didn’t have an optimistic outlook. I honestly feel that from the love my family and close friends gave me they brought me back to life. They helped guide my way to get help and to improve my outlook. The love they gave me never faltered and I really feel like they ‘Loved Me Back To Life’.

A few weeks after releasing the song Celine released a video describing the song in her own words. My mom sent me the video saying ‘I cried when I watched this. It just reminded me of your journey.’ Not only had I recognized the song and how it applied to my life, my mom had too.

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Is there a song that you can think of that applies to what you’re going through in your life? Try to think about it and come up with a POSITIVE song!!

Wishing you Mind.Body.Music Love –