Happy Halloween – Chew On This Delicious Mug Muffin

Happy Halloween – Chew On This Delicious Mug Muffin




Happy Halloween!

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When I think of Halloween I think of crazy, elaborate costumes when I was young, stressing out about what to be when I was older and my late Great Aunt’s Birthday!

This year my Halloween is quite low key. No costume. No Halloween parties. No eating candy. How much fun is that? haha! I’m just excited that TOMORROW is NOVEMBER 1st and that means it’s getting to my favorite time of year!!! (Yes, I’m one of those people that rushes Halloween to get to Thanksgiving and Christmas. And No, I’m not ashamed of it!!!!)

Yesterday morning I made a delicious mug muffin for breakfast. I saw this recipe on pinterest and was inspired. I didn’t have the exact ingredients so I decided to make up my own. Yesterday I used dried cranberries in my mug muffin… yummmmyyyy! This morning I made my Mom and I muffins with fresh strawberries. Today’s muffin was my favorite of the two. What I’m really excited about is that this recipe is SO VERSATILE you literally could make it into anything you want! The possibilities are endless! If you come up with a twist on the recipe you should post what you did!!

photo 2Yummy Mug Muffin!

2 1/2 tbsp almond flour
1 egg
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp of cinnamon, pumpkin spices or just a mix of what you have!
1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp of vanilla extract

1 tbsp maple syrup
And whatever add ons you want! Dried fruit, fresh fruit, chocolate chips, peanut butter, maybe some carrots, zucchini, the possibilities are endless!

Grease a mug with some coconut oil. I found that a wider, shallower mug works the best, but regular mugs work too (just may be a bit mushy in the middle)! Mix all the ingredients in the mug. Microwave for a 1 1/2 minutes. Take out of the microwave and let sit for 2 minutes.

The recipe I was inspired with said that sometimes she likes to take the muffin, cut it in half and toast it. I tired that with one of my muffins. It was great too! It was like a thick, delicious bread. Just another variation on the recipe you can make!

Muffin toasted with my pumpkin smoothie :)
Muffin toasted with my pumpkin smoothie 🙂

To go with my delicious muffin I made a pumpkin smoothie! I used this amazing recipe and omitted the banana since I cannot eat them at the present moment.

I thought that I was going to have the hardest time finding gluten free, dairy free, sugar free breakfast dishes, but boy was I ever wrong! I find myself wanting to eat breakfast dishes all day long!


Bon appétit!