Mind.Body.Music. – I Hold On

Mind.Body.Music. – I Hold On


As I was listening to this song today on my way to the chiropractor the lyrics hit me. In the song Dierk’s is talking about things that he holds on to because of the good memories they have. I feel a lot of times in chronic illness we can get caught up in the ‘well I used to’ or ‘when I was able to’ and can express a negative connotation. We shouldn’t look back on these memories with negativity, rather we should look at them in a positive light and remember them fondly.

I know I’ve been doing this a lot lately. When others ask what I do for a living I always say like ‘Oh well, I ussssssed to’ and in my heart I always feel a twinge of pain. I didn’t leave my job because I wanted to… I left because my health forced me to. Traveling was something I did every week and at least once a month I went somewhere for pleasure. I know I look back with negativity and anger because I am unable to do these things now.

As I listened to this song and contemplated the above memories I realized I need to stop doing this! Stop dwelling on the fact that I can’t do or I’m not doing it right now and focus on the fact that I had some great memories.

Not saying this is going to come over night!! But together let’s try to support each other in focusing on the positive instead of the negative!!

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