Express It With A Card

Express It With A Card


To put along with my Christmas gifts in 2012 I made my own cards. I really enjoyed making them that I decided I wanted to do it more. When I was working and traveling 24/7 I never had the opportunity to let my creative side shine and making greeting cards was helping me release all my creative energy! As I was laying in bed, not wanting to do anything, Brad (the bf) kept saying I should find something to occupy my time. Take an online class, pick up a hobby, do something! I love how he was trying to help me, but my mental capacity at the time was pretty much zero. It was hard enough for me to watch an entire movie and be able to concentrate on it.

My crafting station when I first started!

Ok… I knew I had to do something. So I got online and ordered a bunch of crafting supplies. That shipment of supplies, turned into another shipment, and then another. (I don’t even want to know how much I’ve spent to date) Pretty soon I was pumping out Sympathy cards, Valentine’s Day cards, Birthday cards… It honestly was the only activity that I could get caught up in and not think about my pain. Or doctors appointments. Or my anxiety. When I first started I could only sit for a short period, but as the weeks went on my ability to sit and make them got longer and longer.

Soon I had way more cards than I needed and decided I would try to sell them on Etsy. What did I have to lose? I had nothing but timmmmmeeeeeee.

So after trying about every name I could think of, and having them all taken already, I settled on Express It With A Card. I ordered business cards, stickers, pens, sticky pads… I mean if I was going to open up a little store it had to be professional! I rarely do things half assed.


The first few months I received a lot of orders from friends and family, but soon my products started showing up in searches and I had purchases from all over the country! It’s always so gratifying when I get a little notification that one of my items sold! Hours of work go into my cards and there is no way I could make a profit on them, but the therapeutic benefit they provide cannot be matched.

As the year has gone on I have had more and more custom order opportunities. Cards for weddings, businesses, baby showers – you name it I’ve probably made one. My workspace was upgraded from a small table in the basement to an awesome set up that my Dad put together for me.

Back in the summer I decided I was going to take my show on the road and set up shop at my church’s Christmas craft show. It’s rapidly approaching and I’m busy as a bee over here working on my items. Because there are so many other things I love making, and I’m not too sure how well they’d sell online, I’m bringing a lot more than just cards to the show. I’m making custom gift boxes, stamped candles, small presents great for teachers, babysitters, grab bags ~ among many other things! I’m sure my parents are going nuts over the fact that it looks like Christmas threw up in the basement right now, but it’ll be over soon!

So if you’re in the Pittsburgh area you should definitely come out to St. Louise DeMarillac’s Christmas Craft Show! It is a huge show and encompasses the whole parish center, the school gym and the school cafeteria. I am table 25 out of 115 and am in the school gym!

Date: TOMORROW!! Saturday, November 23, 2013
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Place: St. Louise de Marillac School and the LeGras Parish Center

Address: 320 McMurray Road, Pittsburgh, PA 1524

Growing up I was always around crafters. My mom had a small business called ‘Gifts From The Heart’ out of our house when I was little. She made the most fabulous hair bows you’ve ever seen! My Grandmas were always creating things for their churches and my Aunt Mary took her crafting to a whole other level and was constantly working on items to donate to the church and parish school. Hopefully I’ll do them proud!

What are activities or hobbies you like to do to keep your mind off of pain and health issues?

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!