This shit is bananas – b a n a n a s!

This shit is bananas – b a n a n a s!


Last week I re-introduced bananas into my diet. So many sugar free/gluten free recipes out on the internet, especially on pinterest, have bananas as the base. I was really hoping that they’d be agreeable with me so that I could try my hand at some new food combos!

I can think of so many times in my life where I was running late in the morning, or I was hungry mid day, and would reach for a banana. My thought was that it was a fruit so obviously it was good for me! Much better than say cereal or a candy bar.

After doing this experiment I’ve found that my body isn’t too keen on bananas. Every time I ate one, I got a headache. At first I thought there was no way that the banana was causing me to have this reaction, but as I went on through the week the day I ate them and the day after I always had a pounding headache. I should note that I haven’t had ONE headache the entire 8 weeks prior to the introduction of the bananas. Making sure I covered my bases I ate them ripe and I also tried to cook them.

It’s funny, if you search bananas and headaches online you get a mix up of articles saying that you should eat a banana if you HAVE a headache and others saying that they cause headaches.

In the grand scheme of things headaches really aren’t that bad of a side effect. During water therapy my therapist mentioned that potassium can cause muscle spasms. I wonder if possibly the  banana made the muscles in my head spasm?

Who knows! All I know is that if I eat them I’ll have to deal with a headache. I haven’t tried banana bread yet because I was out of almond flour, so I will do one more test. But as of right now it’s looking like bananas will be eliminated from my normal diet.

Wishing you a pain free day!