Mind.Body.Music: Never Give Up!

Mind.Body.Music: Never Give Up!


photo 4Sometimes we need a reminder to NEVER GIVE UP! Doesn’t mean we’re not strong. Doesn’t mean that we’re not winning against whatever battle we’re facing. Doesn’t mean that we’re not in a positive mindset … Life can be hard!! It’s very easy to start retreating inwards and get upset when something goes wrong. Songs like this one can help motivate us and put a smile on our faces when we have those days. I’ve decided that I’m going to start a youtube playlist of songs like this one that motivate me! Then, whenever I’m feeling low, I can just log on- press play- and feel better! Feel free to follow it 🙂

Here are the songs I have in the playlist so far! Enjoy!


Music is something that speaks to my soul and can really help change my mood. If it doesn’t have the same affect on you- what does? That’s your homework for the day!!

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!