Chew On This: Paleo Cereal Recipes!!

Chew On This: Paleo Cereal Recipes!!



One of the things I miss most is breakfast cereal! I ate it pretty much every morning. And not the super healthy, bird food cereal – the chocolate-y, sugary, made for kids cereal. This Cocoa Puff recipe I came across on one of my favorite Paleo sites – PaleOMG- I knew I haddddddddd to make it. I mean chocolate-y, no refined sugar, gluten free, dairy free, paleo cereal! duhhhhhh.


I made a batch and loved it! It was gone in 4 bowls. Next time I’ll make double the batch. The biggest pain in the butt of the recipe is rolling the dough into little balls. I also believe I will add some sweetener to the dough too – like maple syrup or agave.

Then! After having my mind blown to homemade cocoa puff cereal I decided to try my hand at another paleo cereal recipe – cinnamon toast crunch – on another awesome paleo site Brittney Angell. I made two batches of this one! (Learned from the first recipe!!)

photo 1

The first batch I made in accordance to the recipe – with only the addition of vanilla. Kinda just poured it in… Maybe like a teaspoon or two? The second batch I used the vanilla again, but used agave instead of the maple syrup. Oooohh! And I also added a dash of salt. There really wasn’t much of a taste difference! I give them two thumbs up!

After having success with these two paleo cereals, Brittany also had a Cookie Crisp paleo cereal on her site. So duhhh I had to try making it.


I’ve made several cookie recipes over the past few months. Trying to find a cookie recipe that 1. is delicious and 2. stays together and isn’t totally crumbly. This recipe is a keeper! After I took them out of the oven I figured they’d turn crisper so that they were more ‘cereal like’ than just cookies…  but they never did. They were seriously such moist, delicious, mini cookies. I don’t think I’ll make these as a cereal again, but you can definitely bet I’m going to make these as cookies again! YUM YUM YUM!


I definitely suggest making these paleo cereal recipes. If you’re not a big fan of cereal I even suggest making them just as something to snack on. They’re ggggrrrrrreaaaaaat! (haha see what I did there 😉 lol!)

Pour yourself a bowl of delicious paleo cereal and almond milk and you’ve got a delish breakfast.

IMG_9719 photo 4 IMG_9782

I cannot wait to find more cereal recipes to try!! If you have any good ones leave them in the comments 🙂

Bon Appétit!