It’s A Good Day, I Mean Bad Day… Eeehhh It’s Average At Best

It’s A Good Day, I Mean Bad Day… Eeehhh It’s Average At Best



I don’t have to tell you that it’s been freeeeeaaakking cold outside!!! (Unless you live some place warm. And in that case I’m so jealous.) Since the weather has been cray cray I bumped up my vicodin to add one more dose in the mix a day. Also, I’ve been slathering Deep Blue on my knee ’round the clock. It’s been doing an ‘ok’ job, but today just blows. My knee is super stiff. My pain, which I’ve become accustomed to and can go through the day without even thinking twice about, is reaching an 8 on the pain scale. And. I can’t get warm. I was just laying next to the heater for like 20 minutes trying to get warm. (Now I’m bundled up in my bed)

averageatbestSo I started thinking… wow. Today really SUCKS!

And then I thought “Jul, today doesn’t suck. There are a few things that are going on in your day that maybe aren’t the greatest, but hey! It’s Wednesday so you had your call with your health coach. And your last meditation series class is tonight. Plus! #SpoonieChat is tonight which you didn’t participate in last week because you felt awful and couldn’t even keep your eyes open.”

Reason I’m writing out my thoughts is that I’m sure I’m not the only one going through this today. Pressure changes in the weather affect both autoimmune and osteoarthritis patients alike! I’m sending every one of you a BIG HUG from me. If you’re feeling down, ask yourself what is something good or positive you can take away from today. There has to be SOMETHING! Even if it was that bomb mug of hot chocolate you made for breakfast. Or an unexpected call from a friend. And if you can’t think of anything, the day is only half over so you have time!!

Wishing You A Pain Free Day! (*wishful thinking!!*)