Exciting Opportunities!

Exciting Opportunities!

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I currently have several things up in the air and I can’t wait until they’re finalized to share with all of you! One AWESOME thing that I found out this weekend was that I’ve been selected as a Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar. I’ve received a full scholarship to attend the medical conference this year to help represent the patient community amongst elite medical practitioners, health care industry leaders and emerging technology companies. I feel so honored and SO EXCITED!! Heading out to the west coast this September 🙂

http://medicinex.stanford.edu/This year brought record numbers in application submissions. According to Dr. Larry Chu, Executive Director, Stanford Medicine X & Associate Professor of Anesthesia, “We received a record-breaking number of applications this year, a 64% increase in applications compared to 2013. In addition, we are seeing a broader international cohort of ePatients applying to our groundbreaking ePatient program that aims to bring patients to Stanford Medicine X to engage and share in the event from the audience, on the stage, and in the actual planning of the conference.” (Source: Stanford Medx Blog)

The application was very in depth and took me awhile to complete as all the questions were essay format. Once the applications were reviewed by the board, a select number of finalists received interviews last week. These interviews were conducted over Google Hangouts and were so much fun to participate in! Monday, February 3rd the complete list of Medx Scholars were announced on the Medx Blog and I. Am. One. Of. Them!!!!

I wish tomorrow was September and I could be on a plane headed out to Palo Alto!! Oh well, it’ll come soon enough 🙂 I interact with many of the ePatient advocates on twitter already and am really excited to actually get to meet them in person!

Today as I was reading through my daily MindBodyGreen email, I found the perfect article! The article was written by Shelly Bullard, Love Coach. I always love her articles because they’re always so optimistic and loving. I love love and her articles always radiate love. This specific article is “How To Discover The Message You’re Meant To Share With The World“. She talks about how she became a love coach because of the struggles she went through with her relationships. “My struggles in relationships have been the catalysts for me to understand them. If my experience in love had always been smooth, I’d definitely be talking about something else. The struggle is actually the gift.” (Source: MindBodyGreen, Shelly Bullard) The struggle is actually the gift. I can only think that the health issues that I’ve been going through are my struggle which is helping me form my message to the world. I mean… why else would I have to go through them 😉 (I’m deciding to look at it positively, OK?!)

Stay tuned for updates on the conference and lots and lots of information!!!!

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!