Mind.Body.Music. I’m A Survivor!


441a2f003e42a8d594a013c97e6817d70543f4a9db79ed84b866dd8310f5113dI’m a survivor (What?)
I’m not gon give up (What?)
I’m not gon stop (What?)
I’m gon work harder (What?)
I’m a survivor (What?)
I’m gonna make it (What?)
I will survive (What?)
Keep on survivin’ (What?)

An oldie, but goodie! This song can not only pump you up, but get the positive mantra ‘I’m a Survivor, I’m not gon give up!’ in your head.

Turn it up and jam to it today. Sing as loud as you can because you know what… chronic illness may cause bad days, may make us miss events that we want to attend, may limit us in the places we can go, but WE’RE NOT GOING TO GIVE UP! WE’LL KEEP ON SURVIVIN’!!!



Wishing You A Pain Free Day!