Mind.Body.Music – Meaningful Connections

Mind.Body.Music – Meaningful Connections



A song you hear every time you turn on Sirius BPM is Armin Van Buuren’s Alone.

His message is so true. Everyone is so connected in this world through technologies, but are we really ‘connecting’?

I alot of my support, with the exception of my immediate family, comes from my twitfam online. They’re always there to offer support and prayers. A lot of us connect with each other on a daily basis, but is it the same connection as you would have if you were in real life?

How TRUE is this statement???

I know that ever since texting, social media sites, emails, I feel like I’m a lot more closed off than I used to be. Texting is my preferred way of talking. There are literally a hand full of people who I talk on the phone with. And when someone else calls my phone I get nervous and half the time don’t answer!

We hear “support is the best thing”, “we all need support”, “support your family and friends”… but are we?

Is a text here and there really supporting them? Is a facebook message showing that you care? This year I’ve been trying to push myself outside, what over the last year has become, my comfort zone. One of the things I absolutely LOVE about my holistic health coaching program is the fact that we’re taught food is actually a “secondary food” that we consume. Primary food is considered relationships, spirituality, careers, loving work, meaningful connections, etc.

photo-3During this past week I met an individual who was so sweet and kind and absolutely NOTHING but nice to me. Went out of their way to find out about my diagnoses, was constantly reaching out to offer support and to make a meaningful connection. I truly appreciated this individual and was excited to see if perhaps we could become better acquainted. After a few talks with my sister, and some thinking on my own, I realized that I wasn’t sure this person could serve the purpose they wanted to serve in my life. We bonded and connected on numerous amounts of things, but one thing we didn’t have in common was our spirituality. Upon telling this person that I didn’t think things would end up how they were envisioning it I received backlash. I expected it and it made me feel horrible. The thing was, I would rather be up front and honest with them than try to fit something in my life that wouldn’t serve my “primary food”. This would end up hurting both parties in the end. At the end of the day, maybe I could have approached things differently, but I didn’t and I have to live with that. But just because that person wasn’t going to serve my primary food, doesn’t make that person anything less than amazing.

My point is simple. To enjoy a happy, healthy life we must make sure we’re serving ourselves the right kind of food. This week has also brought some unexpected, meaningful connections that I’m so glad that I had the chance to make 🙂 Are you making meaningful connections everyday? I know I don’t always do this. I’ve been trying to push myself to do so… and because of this “push” I can honestly say I’m slowly  becoming the happiest I’ve ever been mentally.

Everybody needs to know
Somebody who cares.
Just a friendly face
You can trust to be there.
Are you afraid to be known
And not be a stranger?

‘Cause everyone’s connected but no one is connecting
The human element has long been missing
Tell me, have you seen it?
Have you seen it?

Or are we alone?
‘Cause I need something to believe in
Tell me, are we alone?
Where is the life? Where is the feeling?
Is anybody out there?
Is anyone listening?
Is anyone left in this whole world?
Or are we alone?


Wishing You A Pain Free Day!