Chew On This: Namaste Brownie Mix

Chew On This: Namaste Brownie Mix


Making everything from scratch is good, but can be exhausting. Sometimes you wish you could just go to the store, buy one of those Betty Crocker pre-made brownie mixes, add some eggs and water and bake for 25 minutes.

I’m pretty much obsessed with buying things on amazon and online (ask my family- I get more mail and packages than anyone else in the house. 10 fold). The other day I came across Namaste foods and found a ton of items that are all natural ingredients, but prepackaged. When I saw them a recent conversation with Emily (@chroniccurve), of www.,  came to mind. She was telling me how she has a flare kit. It’s a box of food that doesn’t involve a lot of prep and can be made when you’re having a flare or not feeling well. Well! These foods were perfect! They had NO DAIRY ‘Say Cheez’ pasta, Mexican flavored pastas, a gluten free flour mix and brownie mix. So duhhhh I ordered them … all.

So far I haven’t tried the others, but I did break into the Namaste brownie mix and bake that shit up!


Um… delicious! I added some EnjoyLife mini chocolate chips to the mix and *mmm mmm mmm* – delicious.

This product does have sugar in it, but it’s pure, organic sugar cane. My sister and I have decided that if we’re going to consume sugar it has to be in the least refined state. This state of sugar has agreed with us. We also have tried a similar product produced by Trader Joe’s. I can’t remember if all of the ingredients were natural and organic though. Either way- both mixes we’re delish!

Definitely recommend Namaste Brownie Mix!


Bon Appetite!