Food … After No Food …

Food … After No Food …

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So after my 2 fun colonoscopies all I wanted was food.


I knew that I should stay away from really high fiber foods and I decided I’d stay away from raw fruits and veggies for awhile and let my system heal a bit. So I toasted up some ezkekial bread, a qrunch quinoa burger, sauteed some spinach, lettuce, mushrooms and tomatoes to put on top. Yummmmoooooo. Every bite I took I made sure to check at least 50 times (I counted!!). I wanted to make sure what I was putting into my system was going to be digested easily and anything I could do to help that I was going to do.

003-65_zpsf4449f34After my sandwhich I was satisfied, but I was craving chocolate like MAD. Plus, a new brownie mix I had ordered had arrived two days prior and I had been staring at the package since it came. So I made some brownies (check out this post) and was quite excited about eating them.

Ok, I know, I’m studying to be a health coach so I know that maybe putting pure organic sugar cane into my system after not having a lot of anything else probably wasn’t the SMARTEST idea – but hey. We all do desperate things during shitty (literally) situations. So I made the brownies, of course adding in a bag of EnjoyLife mini chocolate chips, and waited for them to be done. About 2.3 seconds after they came out of the oven I had a big mound of mushy brownies on my plate. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh SO GOOD. They melted in my mouth and ohhhhh I was in heaven … until about 5 minutes after I had finished them… then my stomach started hurting like MAD.

I went down to my bed, turned my heating pad on, and laid down. I passed out for about 2 hours and upon waking my stomach still felt off. I swallowed a handful of digestzen pills and hoped they’d help calm my crazy stomach down.

I started seeing an adorable, super sweet guy a few weeks back and he was on his way to come over and hang out. Earlier I had told Marc (the adorable, super sweet guy) that I was making brownies and I wanted him to try some! While giving him some of the deliciousness I was tempted to have one, but my stomach was still not feeling right (and it was now some 5/6 hours later!).

After he left I got in bed to fall asleep and my stomach cramps started up again. Uhhhhhhh I did NOT MISS THESE!!! The whole time I wasn’t eating all I wanted to do was eat, and now that I had eaten all I wanted to do was get EVERYTHING out of my system.

Saturday morning I woke up and decided to take it easy on my stomach. I toasted up a sprouted grain english muffin and spread some Trader Joe’s pure, organic strawberry spread on it. Again, chewing every bite like 50 times … I took my time eating the english muffin. Ok, maybe I washed it down with half a glass of almond milk, but I didn’t think that would hurt it so much. Then – BAM! It was almost IMMEDIATE and I had a bad headache, I started getting really woozy and my stomach got SO nauseous. I hobbled down to my bed, fired up the heating pad again and passed out.

I woke up and my stomach felt fine … hungry even. My sister suggested maybe I try a shakeology drink. It would be smooth, liquid and would help give me some nutrients that I probably lost during the week. Speaking of loosing – I stepped on the scale and was shocked. Last week at the doctor’s office I weighed 128… this week the scale was saying 119. First off- I felt like I should be super excited because I think the last time I weighed 119 was when I was in like 7th or 8th grade, but geeezzz. I didn’t realize how much not eating, and cleaning out my system, would affect me. I agreed with Natalie and decided to try the shakeology. Worse case scenario I’d get some superfoods in my system.

SUPKG0007_30 Day_Vegan_11.29.11_FM_no_dieI think the shakeology shakes are seriously the grossest tasting mixes out there. My sister has ordered the vegan chocolate and strawberry since we’re not eating dairy. Yuck. Seriously- I don’t know… I don’t get it (sorry beachbody coaches). The best of the worst tasting concoctions my sister has come up with is a cup of blueberries, water and the strawberry shakeology. So I mixed some up and drank it. It seemed to sit fine, until maybe about 15 minutes later… then my stomach started hurting again, I was in the bathroom and my stomach was upset for the rest of the afternoon.

Later in the day I made some chicken and rice soup with the left over bone broth I had from earlier in the week. I also roasted up some sweet potato ‘fries’. This was the only meal that sat completely fine and didn’t cause me discomfort.

I don’t get it. Has anyone else had anything like this happen to them? I’m not sure if it’s autoimmune related stomach problems or what??? I’m so clueless now on what could be going on? At first I truly thought it was a bacteria or a parasite in my intestines. Then, after they ruled that out, I was convinced I had crohn’s or colitis (especially since the same gene that is responsible for those diseases is the same gene that causes psoriatic arthritis).

Now I have no idea? I don’t know what to eat. I don’t know what to do. I feel horrible because every plan that I’ve made in the last few weeks I’ve had to cancel on. Thank God I found such an understanding guy who totally is ok with me blowing him off all the time to spend time with my bed.

If you have any advice or have a similar story please share it!! I have an endoscopy scheduled for this week so hopefully that yields an answer. This weekend I’m supposed to go to DC for the doTERRA Eastern Convention, to stay and hang out with my indian (dot, not feathers) sister and then to go stay for a few days with my BFF in Virginia. Now the chances of my trip are looking quite slim. (If you want my ticket to the convention contact me!)

Hoping for a better week and to find some answers. I know in the realm of health issues it’s always a battle to figure out what’s going on with you… but I feel like dealing with chronic pain is so much easier than dealing with stomach issues. I can push through pain… It’s hard to leave your house when your stomach and digestive system are going cray cray.

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!