Chew On This: MAKE THESE CINNAMON ROLLS RIGHT NOW! (Seriously, Right Now)

Chew On This: MAKE THESE CINNAMON ROLLS RIGHT NOW! (Seriously, Right Now)

Every holiday my mom wakes us up with warm cinnamon rolls right out of the oven. They’re the refrigerated Pilsbury ones and they are so damn good. This past Christmas I missed eating them, but didn’t really think about them again until my brother made a roll of them a few weeks back.

Ohhhh the cinnamon, sugary, addictive aromas filled our house and my mouth was watering for cinnamon rolls like you wouldn’t believe.

c4fbc54e6c6b18feb46aa65bd379c7a2So I went on my pinterest knowing I had a recipe that was labeled as the ‘best cinnamon rolls’ pinned on my breakfast board. Looking at the ingredients I knew I had most of them and I figured eh- I’ll improvise on the others.

When I read the title of the recipe I immediately thought of Will Farrell in the movie Elf when he’s walking down the street in NYC and sees a cafe who had ‘The World’s Best Coffee’ posted in their

So I was thinking, ok I’m sure these cinnamon rolls will be good, but world’s best? I don’t know about that. On one of my projects at work my one teammate would bring in these HUGE cinnamon rolls sometimes. Omg they were so good. They were like the size of your head… and I’d eat the whole thing.  I’ve had some pretty awesome cinnamon rolls in my life.

Having said that, I don’t think I want to ever have another cinnamon roll that ISN’T this cinnamon roll. Holy Macaroly! These gluten free dairy free cinnamon rolls are paleo too!

So the first time I made it I improvised and they turned out awesome. The second time I made it I made the following changes (just because I didn’t have all of the ingredients again haha)

Best Almond Flour Cinnamon Roll


~ Each time I’ve had MAYBE a cup of almond flour so I substituted the rest of the flour with pecan flour. I had it on hand from Trader Joe’s, but I’m pretty positive you could use whatever gf flour you like to use. The butteriness of the nut flours do really add to the rolls though.

~ The second time I made them I used dates and raisins in the filling. Mmmmm so good! Use whichever you have on hand. Either or both are delicious!

~ The first time I added xylitol to the filling and the second time I used coconut sugar. I didn’t measure it and kinda just took a handful and dumped it in. I actually preferred the coconut sugar.


~ Both times I’ve incorporated maple syrup into the filling… also drizzled it on the dough before I spread out the filling. I mean, you can’t make it too sweet – there’s no such thing!

~ To add to the cinnamon-y flavor I added cinnamon to the batter

~ These do take awhile to make, so my suggestion is that when you make them make two batches. This last time I made them I did – made one roll for Easter and the other one is in my freezer.


~ For the topping the first time I did the organic powered sugar and almond milk. They were delish! This second time I didn’t even make a topping. They were awesome without it! So it’s up to you what you want to do. You could always whip up some coconut whipped cream too!

~ These turn out a lot like nut rolls since you use nuts in the filling.

~ Once you roll into a ‘log’ put it in the fridge for a bit. I tried immediately cutting mine and that’s why you can’t see the beautiful spirals of the cinnamon roll. The second time I made them they turned out beautiful 🙂 (but were gone before I could take a picture!)

~ These will be loved by people who claim gluten free foods are disgusting… so don’t let others try them. Keep them all for yourself!!! 😉

Pilsbury on the left and my overly huge, maybe not the prettiest, but DEFINITELY the tastiest, cinnamon rolls on the right!

Either way – they’re seriously delicious and you should make them STAT! Perfect for this Sunday morning! 🙂

Bon Appetite!