Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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dividerPinkHappy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mother’s out there.

Without you this world would be a crazy, chaotic, sad, pathetic place.

My beautiful Mama was an adorable baby!
My beautiful Mama was an adorable baby!

Every Mother’s Day you see Facebook posts about how ‘my mother’s the best’ or ‘I have the best mom in the whole world’ and I know I’m always biased, but I truly believe my Mom is the best Mother in the whole wide world.



From the moment you have a baby, it’s the Mother’s job to provide and care for the little one. Up until their 18 years old, a child is considered a dependent of its Mother. In my younger years of life, my Mom always made sure we had a great life. From sitting and playing barbies for hours, to setting up a playground lunch date group to driving me back and forth from theater classes – my Mom was the type that would go the extra distant. If people were coming over, she’d whip up an awesome snack or come up with something amazing! I have such a creative, imaginative mind and I know I developed that from my Mom. She always made sure we had memorable birthday parties and because of her I can’t wait to throw my own children’s parties.

My Mommy and me.
My Mommy and me.

I’m sure it’s every Mother’s worst nightmare to have a child with health problems. “A complicated case” is what I’m labeled by almost every doctor I’ve ever seen. I can’t even imagine the toll that’s taken on my parents. One memory that sticks out in the back of my mind (I’m not even sure why?) took place back when I was in elementary school. The doctor told me I needed to get another MRI, but this time they were going to inject dye into my arm. I was terrified. I locked myself in the bathroom and was sitting on the floor crying, screaming that there was no way I was going to do that. In my mind, I can picture myself pressed up against the white door and my Mom was sitting on the other side begging me to calm down. She was trying to talk some sense into me. Now the injection seems like nothing, but to a 9(ish?) year old it seemed like the most horrific thing that could happen. My Mom was always the one who could calm me down. When I would get all worked up, she’d be there with open arms and wouldn’t let me go until I was all right.

She always planned a BEST birthday parties and pretty much made all the decorations from scratch.
She always planned THE BEST birthday parties and pretty much made all the decorations from scratch.

Going into all my surgeries I usually wasn’t very nervous, but my Mom was always a nervous wreck. I’d purposely avoid her those mornings so she wouldn’t get me going. I can’t help but wonder how many problems I’ve caused her because of her worrying about me.

Most parent’s jobs are done when a child either graduates high school or college. Once I graduated college I was on my own and moved around a few times. I had some stints where I’d come home for a few months and upon leaving I’d think it was the last time… usually not the case haha! But this last move I had, from Manhattan back into my parents house, definitely didn’t go as expected. What I anticipated being a few months has turned into 2 surgeries, hospital stays, ER trips, doctors appointments, months in bed… the list could go on. When you’re 28 you don’t expect to be living in your parents house, relying on them for so much. You expect that you’re going to be out, living a beautiful life, building a career and perhaps a family.

I get my good looks from my Mama ;)
I get my good looks from my Mama 😉

Parents are not expected to have to take care of their 28 year old children. My Mom has 1 day off a week and it’s usually filled with running me around to different doctors appointments or procedures. She would, and does, give up every moment of her life to make sure I’m ok. She even considered leaving her job so that she could be home with me full time to help me.

I can’t forget about my Dad because he’s there for me just as much as she is … but it’s Mother’s Day 😉


Because of my Mom, I’m on a great path to wellness.

Because of my Mom, I know to never give up and to fight for what I want and need.

Because of my Mom, I can find pleasure in the little things in everyday.

Because of my Mom, I can find peace in the change of pace in my life.

Because of my Mom, I can smile everyday.

And Because of my Mom, I’m the woman I am today.

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Happy Mother’s Day to an extraordinary woman who I have the pleasure of calling my Mom.

I love you more than words can say.