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LifeForce Therapy


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The first time I heard of the treatment I thought ummmmmm… Ooookkk?


But before you judge, let me explain.


LifeForce therapy uses a combination of light, music and vibration therapy. The first time I heard about it I wasn’t really sold. I’ll be honest – I thought it was kinda hocus pocus. The man who told me about it was an acquaintance and I really didn’t see him a lot. He mentioned it because he said he thought it may really help my symptoms.

When I left my mind got on other things and I completely forgot about it.

A week went by and I saw him again. This was completely out of the ordinary. He mentioned that I really needed to call and make an appointment – if only to just check it out. That he really believed I could be helped by this machine.

Ok universe. I get it.


pinterestSo I called and made an appointment, not knowing what I was getting into.

Walking in I immediately recognized the office manager. Her and I went through school together. I have memories of camping out in her backyard with our Girl Scouts troupe. The weirder thing about it was that just that week my mom and I had been talking about her mom. Small world.

I went in just to talk and ended up spending 2 hours there. I was in love! Their office is adorable and their services are right up my alley. Before I left I even mentioned how I wanted to work there! Haha hey – maybe once I graduate from IIN?


So getting back to the LifeForce therapy.



It looks like a big tanning bed, with colored lights on the top, a really comfy cushion to lay on and loud, vibrating music that puts your whole body in a trance.

There are over 20 difference songs, that can be used as part of your protocol, along with all the healing colors in the color spectrum. I didn’t know a lot about light and color therapy prior to this experience.

Side note — I know that music can be the most powerful drug to me, but when I think about color therapy, crystals, and all that jazz, I think of Heidi and Spencer from The Hills. (Remember that??)
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Based on your consultation, and your ailments, a protocol is specifically created for you. This 4 or 5 session protocol will need to be completed within a 7 to 10 day timeframe.

To make the most out of your LifeForce therapy it’s suggested that you lay in the bed in just your undies. A color light is selected, a song is selected and an intention is read. After that it is up to you to let go and let your body do what it needs to do. The session lasts an hour long, but I promise it will seem like 10 minutes.

The machine doesn’t heal you.

The LifeForce puts your body into a state where your cells can detoxify and your body can start to heal yourself. It’s like a really intense meditation session.

The first time I went in the machine I was set on green. Green is usually the color that they start everyone on and it’s a detoxifying color. The music went between tranquil and upbeat. With each vibration my body sunk deeper and deeper into the cushion. The rest of the sessions I went between blue and indigo. Each time I went in for a session I had a different experience.

Sometimes I would feel pain in my knees, in my neck or in my arm.

Sometimes I fell asleep for the duration and others I would go in and out of consciousness.

Each time I went I always walked out of the institute feeling so much more at peace. There were a few times I went in with bad stomach aches and walked out feeling completely fine. (I’ve also had the reverse happen as well)

Most patients will have a protocol and then have to repeat it every so often. Because I’m dealing with a handful of issues I’m going for monthly protocols. So far I’ve done 2 full protocols and will be due to start another one in about 2 weeks.

Within the past few months I’ve been feeling really well (with the exception of my stomach). There haven’t been too many changes to my daily regimen, so it makes me think that the Lifeforce is doing its job!

There are only 11 machines in the whole country and Pittsburgh has 2 of them! If you have any questions feel free to ask me 🙂 Or reach out to The Avani Institute yourself.


Wishing You A Pain Free Day!


  • Sherry Justice

    I have never heard of this before, very interesting. There are so many things we do not know about our bodies and how they react to different things. I went to a drumming circle, and it was very relaxing and the beat of the drum just made your whole body feel better. When we were finished drumming we would lay down on a Matt and meditate, and the instructor would walk around and play his drum, when he drummed right over where you were laying, I felt vibration all thru my body and was very relaxed. I felt great after these classes. Unfortunately he moved, I need to find another drumming circle! The whole thing just seemed to help my RA very much! I will look in to this life force, and see if it is in my area!

    • Just A Bad Day~Juls

      I’ve always wanted to try a drumming circle, but really haven’t known anyone who’s done them! You should definitely look into seeing if there is a lifeforce around you – you’ve inspired me to look for a drumming circle 🙂

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  • This is really interesting! I’m interested in learning about chakras and just saw an episode about this bed in real sports with Bryant Gumbel original air date 6-21-16. I wonder if there is one in Saint Louis, MO. Thanks for the great write up.

    • Was there really an episode!? I didn’t know that- I’m going to go check it out. Yes, it’s AMAZINGGGG. It’s SO SO SO relaxing. I love it! Let me know if you go 🙂

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