Wego Health Pinterest ~ June Pinning!

I love pinterest. I’ve been addicted, like most every other girl, since I first started pinning.

My pinning subjects have changed over the past 2 years everything from delicious, probably not good for you recipes to anti-inflammatory recipes, awesome holiday ideas to dyi, natural solutions and you better believe, once I buy my first house, I have the whole thing decorated in my own mind already.

My friend Prerana and I always used to joke and say we wished we could get paid to pin. Well, I’m not getting paid BUT I am getting to use my pinning for a good cause this month!




I’ve teamed up with Wego Health to help pin to their Inspiration for Health Activists board this month. I’m so excited to share inspirational pins with the community!

Make sure to check out, and follow, their pinterest page to check out all the wonderful resources Wego Health offers!!

Happy Pinning!

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!