Mind.Body.Music: Celine Dion & Gratitude

Mind.Body.Music: Celine Dion & Gratitude

When I’m in a bad mood, sad or depressed, irritated – you name it! – there are 2 sure fire ways to get me into a good mood.

photo 4Christmas music


Celine Dion

I know, I know. Most people aren’t a huge fan of Celine, but she’s basically my idol. I grew up listening to her and have adored her since before I can remember.

Humor me . . . next time you’re in a bad mood, turn this song on really loud, sing along, and then try to tell me it doesn’t get you in a good mood.

(haha maybe I’m the only one? I guess we’ll find out!)


I loved this number in her old Vegas show – even my brother and Dad were clapping along. At first I wasn’t sure about putting this clip in the post because she doesn’t start singing until about a minute in . . . but her words struck me. She’s giving thanks to the audience for letting them do what they love to do. Expressing gratitude.


Even if you hate Celine, even if you hate this song, I hope you do a simple exercise. Write down on a piece of paper 5 things that make you happy. Maybe it’s a song, maybe it’s a certain friend, talking a walk – whatever it is, write it down. Then, the next time you are in a bad, sad, depressed, irritated ect. mood pull out that list and do something on it.


Do something that will help you get over whatever is bugging you (at least for the time being!) and express gratitude for being alive <3


I get wings to fly
I feel that I’m alive



Wishing You A Pain Free Day!