Another  Year

Another Year

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Today my brother started his senior year of high school. Not only can I not believe he’s that old, but I can’t believe that I’m still dealing with my health issues.

When he was starting 10th grade I was dealing with my 4th surgery, not healing well and talking with my doctor about scheduling my 5th. The summer Olympics had just closed and admittedly I was getting excited about pumpking beer season.

2photo 2I could have never believed that 2 years later I’d still be sitting here, in the basement (aka my apartment), still trying to find a solution… and my brother is now 1 inch away from being a foot taller than me. The previous 2 years I liked when everyone went back to school because then the house was quiet, but I’m sad this year because I’ll miss everyone during the day. It will give me uninterrupted time to do my school work, work on my blog and my health coaching biz.

Instead of looking at the negative in this situation, I’m going to focus on the positives and look at how far I’ve come. I’m starting to use only one crutch around my apartment, my diet is helping my energy levels (still working on that) and most importantly, I’ve figured out my life’s purpose! When I was approved for 2 years of long-term disability I never thought I’d use the whole thing. If I never would have had these 2 years to focus on my health I never would have realized what I wanted to focus on.

To all the kids starting school today, good luck and I hope you have a great day! I can remember years and years of having to deal with school and health problems. No bueno. I don’t envy those spoonies who are still studying and having to learn how to manage their illnesses. Better days are in your future. Don’t lose focus!

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!