#Throw Back Thursday

#Throw Back Thursday

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Elementary school & crutches edition



My knee problems started back in elementary school and I had my first knee surgery in 5th grade. Every year after that I had a brace, was on crutches, in PT, had to sit out of gym, or SOMETHING! There was always something going on. For a while I thought maybe I was manifesting the problems myself, but years and years later I was diagnosed with an autoimmune arthritis condition. No one even realized it back then – they just thought it was growing pains or dance or softball. Except for my Mom, who held onto the notion that I had psoriatic arthritis. I refused to think I had arthritis though. Arthritis is an old person’s disease. Not a young person’s disease –  right? WRONG WRONG WRONG! It can affect anyone, at any age!

What’s the earliest you remember having health problems? I’d love to hear your story!! Write it in the comments 🙂

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!