#bodyLoveTour Pittsburgh

#bodyLoveTour Pittsburgh

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Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about the Union Project, but had never been there. I didn’t even know exactly where it was. When I realized that the Body Love Tour was taking place there I was excited to check it out.

The Union Project is an old church that was taken on by the community and revived. It’s “A safe space thought of as “neutral ground,” that’s affordable and accessible to all.

The Body Love Tour is a celebration for women!

Women spend approximately 135 days, 3726 hours, 223560 minutes, and 13,413,600 seconds in their lifetime getting ready. That’s a lot of time wasted buying into a corporate philosophy that tells us we need to be thinner, prettier and successful to make it in this world.
This is where the Body Love Tour comes in. Each event is designed to give women the freedom to express themselves and be who they are. Through inspirational talks, movement, and music—we are changing the way women feel about themselves and their bodies.
One by one we are encouraging women to take back their time by spending less on getting ready and more time showing up into who they were meant to be.

IMG_4941Pittsburgh yogis came together to celebrate femininity through inspiration, motivation, and mindfulness. The wonderful night started off by a vendor fair chalk full of local vendors who embrace a healthy lifestyle. Essential oils, gluten free foods, a Pittsburgh based leggings company, free henna tattoos and more! The event was sponsored by Yoga Innovations in Bethel Park and Organically Social. If you’re not familiar with Organically Social you HAVE to check it out! It’s basically a cross between the Entertainment book and Groupon. It’s a Pittsburgh based company which gives you great deals to health and wellness businesses around the area.

Organically Social promotes health and wellness within the Pittsburgh area by connecting health-minded individuals with quality health and wellness experts. With an Organically Social Community Membership Card, save on a wide variety of health and wellness products and services including visits to the spa, fitness classes, dental and chiropractic services, organically sourced groceries and much more

I was first introduced to Organically Social at the One Whirl Yoga Fest. It makes me really excited that the Pittsburgh health scene is really starting to pick up momentum! As part of the night, we all received an organically social card. I’m really excited to start using it.

After a quick warm up from Powercakes, Yoga Innovation instructors took over and walked us through a beautiful flow. My only compliant? That when we started my henna tat wasn’t completely dry and I smudged the one part. Oh well! Once our bodies were warm, Heather Waxman slowed it down and guided us through the kundalini meditation song May The Long Time Sun. She has a gorgeous voice. The night was awesome and everyone was feeling great, but there was still one more person up! Kellee Maize, Pittsburgh Rapper, performed for us. She. Was. Awesome! I want to be friends with her. One of the songs she performed was called the Flying Caterpillar and I loved it.

We all walked away with cute gift bags and goodies from the vendors. Promoting Natural Health has some adorable items and I ended up purchasing the Expect Miracles tank. The Dahn Dog is a MUST for any Pittsburgh yogi, so I obvi have it!

If you live in Atlanta or NYC check out the Body Love and buy your tickets!



This week take a moment and spend some time on yourself!

Get back those hours upon hours wasted.

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!