Dr. Amy Myers Autoimmunity Video

Dr. Amy Myers Autoimmunity Video

I’m a HUGE lover of Mind Body Green. I read it everyday and have hundreds of articles saved which I think are great. The following video is from their Revitalize conference and when I watched it I was so enthralled. It’s a great interview with Dr. Amy Myers founder of Austin’s UltraHealth. (Yes, I’ve already pre-ordered her book coming out in January.)

Dr. Myers briefly covers her own healing journey and then goes on to talk about why western medicine gets autoimmunity all wrong.

This is a great video and DEFINITELY worth your time watching. I tried for literally an hour to get the video to embed so you wouldn’t have to go to their site, but alas I have failed. I’m sorry! But seriously, take the 15 minutes and watch this video.

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!