Should You Apply?

Should You Apply?

Stanford Medicine X. 2015 ePatient Applications.

You keep seeing my tweets about applying, but what would you be applying for?

Plus, I’m willing to bet the ‘Am I even qualified enough’ question crossed your mind!

First off ask yourself these questions:

Are you a patient?

Are you a caregiver?

Are you an advocate for patients and/or caregivers?

Are you an empowered patient or caregiver, or want to learn more?

Have you wanted to take your patient/caregiver advocacy to the next level?

Are you a patient/caregiver and have ideas on how to improve healthcare?

Looking for ways to improve your patient community?

Are you new to patient advocacy and want the tools to help you grow?

Do any of these questions resonate with you? If any of them do, then YOU MOST DEFINITELY QUALIFY!

One of the first things said at MedicineX this year was the phrase ‘You Belong Here’. We were all different – different backgrounds, schooling, countries, diagnosis, but we were all united for one purpose.

I’ll be honest with you, when I first applied I thought ‘What chance do I have for a STANFORD MEDICAL CONFERENCE?’. But I took the leap, I applied and I can’t be more grateful that I did.

If you’re selected to be an ePatient scholar, yes you will attend the Medicine X conference, but from my point of view that isn’t even the best part of it. The best part of being selected for me was gaining a whole new family and support system. Other patient advocates who understand my journey, who I can lean on for support, who I thoroughly enjoy giving support to – just an amazing community.

I’m just gonna shoot ya straight … just do it. Just apply. You won’t regret it, I promise. And if you do get picked and regret it, I’ll publicly apologize to you. Hahaha!

Applications are being accepted until November 1st. I shouldn’t really even be talking because I haven’t submitted mine yet, but I’m trying to make my answers the best they can be!

Apply to the 2015 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholarship Program by November 1st!

Questions?? Ask me!!!!

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!