Messages From Water

Messages From Water

WaterA friend let me borrow a documentary called Hidden Messages of Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto. It was such great timing because I had JUST bought little tags to put on my glasses which had inspirational quotes on them. Last year I had remembered my health coach telling me to write LOVE on my water bottle so that every time I would drink, I would be drinking love.

I believe words carry great power, but I was amazed to see the results of Dr. Emoto’s studies. He took water and exposed it to music and words and found that it responded to the positive and negative vibrations. Here Dr. Emoto talks about how he came about the experiment. During the experiment, the water was exposed to the word or music, frozen, and then right before it thawed they would take pictures of the crystal formations. It was found that distilled water wouldn’t create crystals, only natural water. He experimented using water from rivers, lakes, fountains, faucets and anywhere else you can get water. His findings were really awe-inspiring.

Below is a video summary of his findings – HOW COOL IS THIS!?

Within the documentary, Dr. Emoto talks about how anyone could perform a similar experiment. Take rice and put it in 3 different jars. Everyday, for 30 days, say “I love you” to one of the jars, “I hate you” to the 2nd one and ignore the 3rd jar. I always talk about this experiment and my sister makes fun of me, but here are 2 videos of people who have done it and prove that it works! If you look on youtube you’ll find dozens of other videos performing the experiment as well!


I put a ‘Gratitude’ sticker on my big jug of water that I drink (which includes my John Ellis water) and I put the ‘Miracles’ sticker on my glass. Each time I drink, I notice the sticker and think about how I’m ingesting gratitude and love into my body. Even if it’s doing nothing other than effecting my mind, I can guarantee it’s benefiting my body!

So this wellness Wednesday, I’m proposing that you write a positive word or affirmation on a glass that you drink out of. Let your body experience the positive vibrations of water 🙂

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!