DIY Anti-Inflammatory/Food Allergy Advent Calendar

DIY Anti-Inflammatory/Food Allergy Advent Calendar

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I love everything Christmas.

Christmas lights.

Christmas carols.

Christmas socks.

And I most definitely love Advent Calendars. The ones with the chocolate, obviously.

This year I knew I wasn’t going to find a calendar that had chocolate in it that I could eat SO I decided to make one myself.

And let me tell you, it seriously was the easiest thing ever!

First, I went and bought a cheapo one at CVS.

Opening up the top of the calendar, I slid the plastic mold out.

I popped out all the chocolates that were in the mold and rinsed it off.

Advent Calendar

Melting some EnjoyLife chocolate chips in the microwave, I then drizzled the chocolate into the mold.

Once the chocolate was dry, I slid the mold back into the advent calendar, placed a piece of tape on the top to close it up and VOILA! Diiiizzzzoonnnee!

Now I can pop out a chocolate surprise every day until Christmas and not have to worry about inflammation 🙂

Yay for the small things!

Do you have any good spoonie, chronically ill, anti-inflammatory ideas that you do or have done around the holidays?

Leave them in the comments below!

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!





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  • Rachel Meeks

    What an adorable idea! 🙂