GMOs In Your Supplements!

GMOs In Your Supplements!

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This is a super important post that I hope you read!

th-9I’ve mentioned numerous times before GMOs, but are you looking at your supplements to make sure they don’t include GMOs AND also things you’re avoiding in your diet (i.e. gluten, soy, dairy)?

My sister and I take things extra cautiously when picking out supplements. She’s super critical about making sure there is no soy in her products and we’re both very critical about making sure there are no GMO ingredients in them as well.

For instance, did you know that a lot of vitamin c supplements are made from corn. And what’s one of the top GMO crops? CORN! Therefore, unless your supplement is explicitly stating it’s non-gmo, it’s more than likely made from GMO ingredients.

Two of the biggest GMO ingredients in supplements are soy and corn.

I recently reached out to a supplement manufacturer that I was debating on taking. Their answer was that since most corn is GMO, that their product was not certified non-GMO.

I found the following very interesting in a piece published on Natural Society:

An investigator researching for this piece actually got in contact with NOW, a leading supplement producer. They asked about how they extract their vitamin C products when considering the high percentage of GM corn that currently supplies the industry. Concerned for their health and the health of consumers, worldwide, they wanted to know if they were swallowing GMOs — or at least vitamins derived from GMOs. In response to their inquiry, a NOW team member replied:


“All of our C is derived from standard corn not certified to be non-GMO… Many products [in the industry at large] contain soy or corn derivatives which are generally GMO’d. We are motivated towards non-GMO-sourced products.”


The NOW Science & Nutrition Group rep then included some information from their Technical Director Michael Lelah, which talks about how NOW is generally opposed to genetic manipulation of the food supply but does not specifically use non-GMO sources for all of their products. The excerpt from Lelah which the rep said was copied from a blog ‘Natural Is Better’, reads:


“Genetic Modification: NOW is opposed to genetic modification, because there are real and unknown harmful effects. Unfortunately, much of the world’s supply of corn and soybeans is genetically modified which is why we continue to offer more products that are certified GMO-free.”
Read more:

th-8When you’re debating a supplement to take make sure that you ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does the product contain corn?

2. Does the product contains soy?

3. Does the product contain sugar or fake sugar (like aspartame)?

4. Does the product contain gluten, dairy or eggs?

5. Is the product certified organic and/or non-gmo?

If the answer to any of these is YES and number 5 is NO, then DON’T TAKE IT!

It’s not a risk that you should be willing to take.

You may be taking a supplement that is helping your joint pain, but is wreaking havoc on your gut! There is so much research linking autoimmune and chronic disease to gut health, is the supplement actually helping you?

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!





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