Chew On This: Paleo Crackers

Chew On This: Paleo Crackers

The other day I was walking, ok crutching, through Whole Foods and started craving a PB&J. Mmmmm it sounded DELISH. Especially if it was the coconut oil peanut butter.

But, of course, I can’t have bread . . . Or peanuts . . . Or most jellies.

Boooooooo! What fun is that?

Then I had a thought! I had a pizza crust recipe that always seemed so customizable. Soooooo what if I made the recipe a little bit sweeter and cut it into cracker shapes? They could be a little almond butter and fruit spread cracker thing.

When I made it, I started thinking that the possibilities we’re endless! Jelly and bananas, cashew frosting, coconut milk yogurt and fruit…. These little ‘crackers’ can end up being whatever you want them to be!

I’ve actually made the recipe about 4 or 5 times now. Sometimes putting in some vanilla extract to make it a sweeter, almost sugar cookie like ‘cracker’ and others putting in spices like pink Himalayan salt, pepper, thyme, basil and rosemary to make it almost like a focaccia bread ‘cracker’!

Chew on this: Paleo crackers | autoimmune paleo, anti-inflammatory, elimination diet, autoimmune diet | spoonie health coaching: | blog: itsjustabadday.comThis recipe is so basic that you can make it and use it really for anything. I’ve found that baking it 5-10 minutes longer than the recipe states makes it way more crunchy and gives it a great cracker quality.

Yesterday for breakfast I had some thyme/basil/rosemary ‘crackers’ with some organic mayo, romaine lettuce and salmon. Yummm yummmmm yummy. Almost makes me feel like I’m eating something I’m not supposed to!

The recipe is in Against All Grain’s Cookbook, but here’s a link to the recipe! (Scroll one recipe down – It’s the crust recipe under the balsamic steak pizza!)

Seriously! Try it! It’s so yummy! I won’t lie . . . I’m probably going to run out of the batch I made the other day today annnnnnnd I’ll probably whip up another batch of them today!

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!