Mind.Body.Music: The Power Of A Dream

Mind.Body.Music: The Power Of A Dream

I took a trip a few weeks back to visit my bestie and her new baby and to go to an arthritis fly in in DC. I loaded my iPod with EDM podcasts, Hardwell’s new album and every song Celine Dion has ever recorded. What can I say, road trips to me scream dance party and Celine Dion sing along.

During the trip, this song kept coming on. I hadn’t heard it in soooooo long I completely forgot about it! The more I listened to it, the more I couldn’t help but be moved by the lyrics. Ya got me Celine, you totally got me.

I’m sharing this for this mind body music, because there truly is so much power in a dream. Just because you may not be 100% happy with your current situation doesn’t mean you can’t still reach and achieve your dreams.

Sure, maybe they need to be modified a little bit, but never let a diagnosis hold you back from what you truly, truly want.

Take it away Celine….

Yeah, I know. I’m a dork. I love her.


I think this video is soon funny because it’s from 1996 and it just seems like this footage is SOOO ancient! haha wow. And yes, she was probably lip syncing. I’m fine with it. She can do no wrong in my eyes 😉

Ps. Major brownie points for whoever buys me tickets to her Las Vegas show 😉

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!


  • femmefrugality

    Oh, man, she is so amazing. And the message truly is powerful. Whatever our obstacles, we can achieve great things…like you said, we just may have to tweak them a little bit. 🙂 Someone was telling me that the type of film they used for a large part of the 90s actually degrades faster that what they used in some previous decades, so some 90’s stuff you watch now actually looks older than stuff that came out in say the 50s if they didn’t digitize it quickly enough.