Food Guilt {and a give away!} #MiracleMonday

Food Guilt {and a give away!} #MiracleMonday

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Food. We have such a complicated relationship with food, don’t we?

Food Mood Girl | Guilt No More | Lemon Balls | Spoonie Holistic Health CoachI was just talking to a friend the other day about food and how when you’re in chronic pain, or have a chronic illness, you can really turn to the emotional comforts of food.

That’s exactly what I did!

2 years ago, I spent the majority of my time in bed.

I never wanted to wake up because I had nothing to do, but to be in pain.

I never wanted to get out of bed because I couldn’t put any weight on my leg, so everything was exponentially harder.

I never wanted to leave my house because I was depressed, weight down by emotional (and prednisone) weight.

I wasn’t happy at all!

But! One thing that always did make me happy?


I specifically remember one night, I was laying in bed, enjoying my nightly bowl of ice cream, when my sister came downstairs to get something out of the fridge in our basement. She looked at me and just shook her head. I can’t remember exactly what she said, but it was something to the effect of, do you really need that ice cream every night? Do you think it’s helping you more than hurting you?

My sister has said for YEARS that I needed to cut out diary because she felt it was part of my problem. I have no shame in admitting that she’s 100000% right and I wish I would have taken her more seriously sooner.Food Mood Girl | Guilt No More | Lemon Balls | Spoonie Holistic Health Coach

I looked right at her and said, “I don’t care. Ice cream makes me happy!”

And it was the truth. It was such a comfort to me that I didn’t care the harm it was causing me!! The emotional pleasure I received from eating that ice cream was so far and above the negative affects it could have been causing me… not to mention the excess weight it was definitely adding.

We all have such a complicated relationship with food! First world problems, right?

Sometimes we turn to food to help us feel better.

Other times we turn to food to hide negative feelings.

Many times we feel guilty for eating ‘forbidden’ foods and hide the fact that we eat them.

When I was working I remember I used to track my calorie intact meticulously. I would feel so guilty if I went over and make myself run extra in the gym. I would judge others who ate bad foods. I would make myself feel more superior if I would adhere to my calorie goal, when others did not.

It’s such a messed up game to play with ourselves! 

I had the wonderful opportunity to receive an advance copy of Food Mood Girl Lindsey Smith’s new book Food Guilt No More. This book can benefit everyone! Lindsey is so real that you can totally relate to her.

Food Mood Girl | Guilt No More | Lemon Balls | Spoonie Holistic Health Coach

In Food Guilt No More, Lindsey helps you uncover the patterns of guilt and emotional eating that have undermined your relationship with food. She helps teach you to replace guilt with love. Whether you crave kale or cookies, doughnuts or dinners out, you can savor your treats even as you break the negative cycle of food guilt and stress eating, once and for all. And if you order the book, you’ll get a ton of free goodies delivered directly to your inbox!

I love how Lindsey has included many recipes in her book, but also provides stories to go along with the recipes and loving affirmations for each one! This is a recipe that I tried that was SUPER easy and SUPER delicious! Try it for yourself 🙂

Food Mood Girl | Guilt No More | Lemon Balls | Spoonie Holistic Health Coach

And I have some greeeaaatttt news!

Food Mood Girl Lindsey Smith has so graciously given me

a copy of her book to giveaway to my readers!

So guess what – it’s giveaway time!!!!!!!

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The contest will run from Monday, May 25th to midnight (EST) on Sunday, May 31st. One winner will be announced June 1st!


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Make sure to check out Lindsey’s blog and to order Food Mood Girl’s new book today! Let’s try to make our relationship with food a lot less complicated than it really needs to be!!!

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!