LaLa Anthony & NPF’s Picture Positivity

LaLa Anthony & NPF’s Picture Positivity

My 23-year-old self (ok, let’s be honest, and my 30-year-old self) was freaking out when I had the opportunity to speak one on one with La La Anthony! Sure, it was in regards to her psoriasis and her new Picture Positivity campaign with the NPF, but AHHH! I WAS PUMPED!

After graduating from college, I worked for an IT consulting company. I enjoyed my time there and I did like the work, but it was very stressful, very demanding and I often found myself dreaming of what was in store for me. A coworker and I always gossiped about reality tv and found ourselves checking our social media channels a bajillion times a day. (Anything to distract us from the never-ending amount of work haha!)

So many times during my time there, I’d say I wished I could just hang out with reality tv stars and do social media for a living . . . of course, still receiving my IT consulting paycheck! Never in a million years would I have thought that health issues would change my life completely, have me working on social media outlets to help other patients and provide amazing opportunities (like interviewing La La!).

It’s funny how life works out, isn’t it?

 LaLa Anthony & NPF Picture Positivity Campaign

La La & The NPF’s Picture Positivity Campaign

La La has been dealing with psoriasis for 10 years and is now speaking out about the disease and how positivity plays a part in dealing with it! Upon speaking with her, I told her how much of her campaign mirrors my core beliefs. She joked about how we should have partnered for the campaign! {Note: NPF, next time. 😉 I’m available}

With chronic illness, so many of us go through a mourning period. We have to accept our new lives and come to terms with any new limitations that a diagnosis may provide. When I asked if she went through a similar period she talked about how she definitely had moments of “Why me? What did I do to deserve this?” But she went on to explain how it’s SO important to educate yourself. If over 7 million people in this crazy world have psoriasis, you definitely aren’t alone in your battle. Just think of how many other people are out there dealing with the same things that you are!

I loved when she said this. It’s so true, often we think that we’re alone in our battles, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! La La talked about how she hopes the campaign will help psoriatic disease patients “Be positive and remember life goes on.” and to “Replace negative thoughts with positive ones!” Also, the campaign aims at bringing psoriatic disease patients together! So make sure to reach out to one another – Use this as an opportunity to meet others in similar situations.


Approaching Psoriatic Disease In A Holistic Way

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Because I truly believe that chronic illness should be approached from a holistic approach (not just looking at the symptoms you’re experiencing, but looking at your body as a whole), I was interested to see what she did to help manage her psoriasis. I always tell my clients it’s important to identify what your inflammation triggers are so that you can help calm down your immune system. La La hasn’t explored food triggers, but what she has noticed is that whenever she’s stressed or excited – when her adrenaline is pumping – she is more apt to flare.

Managing Stress

What does she do to help manage her stress?

“A big, warm cup of tea!” she exclaimed when I asked her!

She went on to explain how she’s an overly hyped up person and taking some moments with a cup of tea can help her calm down and regroup. She loves to channel her energy into boxing too – exercise is a great way to help relieve stress! It was funny to hear her talk about how she has a lot of energy because she definitely seemed like a woman who is down for business. She spoke fast and to the point, but had such a tender, loving energy about her. I’ve decided after our short interview I’d definitely be friends with her. 🙂

Support Network

Support is an extremely important part of managing any disease. La La doesn’t have anyone in her family who has psoriasis, but she went on to mention that a few of her friends have it. She said it’s nice, and brings comfort, to have an open dialogue with her friends about their disease.

I think it’s important to note that support can come from a myriad of places. Social media networks now connect psoriatic disease patients in a way that was unheard of before. The Picture Positivity campaign showcases psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients (just like you!) from all over the country. Take this as an opportunity to interact and form relationships. The NPF’s Facebook, Twitter and Talk Psoriasis Boards are also a great way to meet other patients!

Fitting Into YOUR Life

One thing I truly believe is that each and every one of us is SO different. Therefore, how can there be a one diet fits all or one remedy/trick/tip that cures all!? And La La definitely understands this. I asked her if she had any tips on managing her disease or if she’s received any great advice from her friends. “When I’m flaring I’ll wear my hair slicked back in a bun, or if it’s on my arms I’ll wear long sleeves or long pants if it’s on my legs.” La La understands that each of us needs to figure out what works for US in OUR life.

That’s definitely a core concept I always work with people on. That each of us needs something different and guess what – you may not believe me- but your body totally knows what it needs to heal. You just need to relax, listen and then take the steps that it’s telling you to take.

Keeping A Positive Mindset

Flipping through instagram pictures or tabloid photos, you may think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Remember that autoimmunity can affect everyone! Just because you see a beautiful picture of La La, CariDee English, LeAnn Rimes, Stacy London, or La La’s friend Kim Kardashian, doesn’t mean that they still don’t have struggle of their own. Many of the same struggles psoriasis patients deal with on a daily basis are happening to these beautiful woman as well!

It’s easy to fall into negative thought patterns about ourselves and our disease when we think others may have it easier. The true test of chronic conditions is how you thrive when those negative thoughts creep in. Let’s face it, we all get them! La La and the NPF’s Picture Positivity campaign can help turn your negative thoughts into positive ones.

La La encourages us all to head over to Picture Positivity and upload our own photos of how we’re not allowing psoriatic disease to stop us! She hopes that you’ll see how others are still living amazing lives and how you don’t need to be embarrassed about your condition. This campaign is meant to help empower each and every psoriatic disease patient to realize their worth, realize they’re still very capable and realize that living a positive life IS possible despite psoriatic disease.

Ironically, as I’m typing this up I’m using a mouse pad that has Kim Kardashian on it (No, I’m not ashamed to admit it). Whenever I left my project my coworkers gifted it to me as a parting gift. How funny is it now, a few years later, that I’m typing up my blog post I’m using this Kim Kardashian mouse pad.

Never give up, because you never know how life will turn out.
Don’t let a chronic condition hold you back from embracing everything your beautiful self is capable of doing!
Have faith, trust in what will be and try your best to focus on the positives in your situation.
Sure, it may be hard, but we only get one life. . . So make it the best damn life you can 😉

Remember to head over to the Picture Positivity campaign and upload your own photos today!!!!!

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!

Julie Cerrone | Spoonie, Autoimmune Warrior, Certified Holistic Health Coach, DoTerra Wellness Advocate, 200 RYT Trainee, Reiki 1, Nutrition Geek, ePatient Advocate, IT Consultant, Pittsburgh Based Practitioner Living the Chronic Life




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  • Todd Bello

    Julie I read your article and I just want to say your amazing. Thank you for raising awareness about this insidious disease. I pray that you one day accomplish your dreams. May this article propel you to your career job. You are very talented. I see you everyday posting and blogging. Your relentless. God Bless.

    • Your words mean so much to me Todd. I appreciate it and everything you do ten fold. You know, I truly look at having PsA as a blessing because it’s really brought me to my true path. LOVE IT! I feel like I’ve already made it 🙂 🙂 🙂 God Bless YOU and all YOU do!!!!!!