Chair Yoga Sequence For Mobility Issues

Chair Yoga Sequence For Mobility Issues

I always get asked about chair yoga and to give examples of postures to complete in a chair.

Well here is the first post I’m sure of many about them!

Within this post, you’ll find a video sequence of a simple 25 minute practice as well as HealthCentral posts that I’ve written depicting each posture.

You can either watch the video or read the posts! The choice is yours 🙂

The following links are text based explanations of the poses which are in the video above!

Make sure to pin them to your pinterest boards and refer to them later.

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For more gentle yoga sequences, check out this YouTube playlist which I used when I was unable to put weight on my knee.

Let me know how it goes! Leave a comment on what you think and what else you’d like to know.

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!

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