Autoimmune Arthritis Survival Kit

Autoimmune Arthritis Survival Kit

An editor at HealthCentral asked me what would be part of my psoriatic arthritis survival kit and it got me thinking. . . .

Hmmmmm – WHAT WOULD make my list?

It was hard to pair down my list, but it was a fun topic to think about.

Click the image below to be taken to a slide show which showcases 11 things which would be in my psoriatic arthritis survival kit!

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Make sure to check it out and I’d love for you to comment with what YOU’D add to yours below!

Wishing You A Pain Free Day


Julie Cerrone, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Patient Empowerer, Autoimmune Warrior (Psoriatic Arthritis), Avascular Necrosis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome |

  • Michelle

    I am never without NSAIDS; pain relieving cream–Doterra Deep Blue; Salonpas trandsermal patches; herbal tea; my TENS device–I even wear it while working if my pain is severe enough; compression gloves; therma care instant heat packs or a heating pad; ice packs–depending on the day, sometimes I’ll need ice and heat on two different spots at the same time; sunscreen because my skin is extra sun-sensitive due to one of my meds; steroid solution or cream for psoriasis outbreaks; and of course, a pillow to prop up my feet or legs. Pretty involved, but after 13 years, you learn to always be prepared!