Otezla: Week 1 Starter Pack Recap

Otezla: Week 1 Starter Pack Recap

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Hey, Chronically Fabulous Patient. Hope you’re having a great week!

As you heard here, I started the first week of the Otezla starter pack on February 12th.

I filmed the following week 1 recap video on February 18th – so just shy of a week.

Overall, week 1 was alright. Mostly annoying, to be honest.

I had a headache every day, my stomach wasn’t very happy, definitely felt nauseous and had a mini panic attack the one day.

Watch my video to hear my thoughts on week 1.


I can tell you that week 2 is definitely going much differently than week 1. Week 1’s side effects were more “annoying” than anything. Week 2’s side effects are affecting my day to day.

Click here to read Week 2’s recap!


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is extremely important that if you experience side effects/adverse events from a medication that you report them. Why? Well, if you report them, more patients can be aware, drug companies can manufacture safer products and it can help the FDA do their job more appropriately. If you yourself experience adverse events, please make sure to report them to MedWatch.


Wishing You A Pain Free Day!

Julie Cerrone, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Patient Empowerer, Autoimmune Warrior (Psoriatic Arthritis), Avascular Necrosis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome | itsjustabadday.com

  • Marilyn

    I am on my 5th week of Otezla for palmoplantar psoriasis. My hands are 98% clear and my feet are about 50% better. I have noticed a few headaches but not sure if it is the drug or stress. I use doterra peppermint oil for them…forehead and temples and back of neck which really helps. Also…I always eat something before taking any drug…just kinder to my stomach that way. Same thing with my stools…more frequent and looser but nothing unmanageable. I am so thrilled not to have my hands cut, bleeding and like sandpaper that I barely notice any side effects and am willing to put up with a headache or two and looser stools for what it is doing for my hands alone! Stick with it and focus on the positives you may see from it.

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