Otezla: Week 2 Starter Pack Recap

Otezla: Week 2 Starter Pack Recap

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To recap thus far . . .

First, I freaked out and had to come to terms with taking Otezla. (Read: Am I a Failure? A Fraud?)

Then, after dragging my feet for a month, I finally decided to start it. (Peep: Starting Otezla)

Post week 1, I gave you an update on the side effects I was having. (Check out: Otezla: Week 1 Starter Pack Recap)

And now, I’m back with an update on how week 2 went.

Let’s just say week 2 was shitty . . . literally and figuratively.



I did have a pity party on Wednesday (halfway through the 2nd week) and the following rant ensued on Facebook. I found the comments from other patients very valuable. Definitely click on this post and see what other patients had to say about their Otezla side effects.

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Julie Cerrone, It’s Just A Bad Day, Not A Bad Life

Sorry… this is definitely an UGH #WhatTheHealthcare rant . . . So I start #Otezla, right? And of course my insurance doesn’t cover it. In the interim, my doctor says to come get some sample packs…

Have you taken Otezla? What has your experience been? Write yours in the comments!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: It is extremely important that if you experience side effects/adverse events from a medication that you report them. Why? Well, if you report them, more patients can be aware, drug companies can manufacture safer products and it can help the FDA do their job more appropriately. If you yourself experience adverse events, please make sure to report them to MedWatch.


Wishing You A Pain Free Day!

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