Show More of YOU With Psoriatic Arthritis

Show More of YOU With Psoriatic Arthritis

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It’s summer folks! I hope that doesn’t mean you’re covering up your psoriasis and are ashamed to flaunt your flares!

Ps. Did you know that the National Psoriasis Foundation is having a #FlauntYourFlares instagram challenge all summer. Head over to insta and post a picture of you with #FlauntYourFlares. You could win awesome prizes!

With psoriatic disease, many will cover up and not want to show their true selves. There are many reasons – stigma, embarrassment, fear. All very real emotions that one can feel when you have psoriatic disease.

Last year, I had the opportunity to talk to Dara Torres (remember this interview?) about her psoriasis and the Show More Of You campaign that she launched with Celgene.

During last year’s launch, they really focused a lot on psoriasis. But guess what? This year, they’ve launched it with a focus on BOTH psoriasis AND psoriatic arthritis.

This makes me happy for many reasons, but primarily because I have psoriatic arthritis and now I don’t feel so left out 😉

My life the last few months has been crazy and I didn’t have the opportunity to speak with Dara this time, but I sent in some questions for her and Dr. Chapman to answer.

Take a moment and learn more about the Show More of You Campaign by watching this interview with questions from yours truly!


Now it’s your turn to show more of YOU.

Make sure to head over to the Show More Of You website and add your own photo today!

I added mine, what are you waiting for? Show more of YOU today!!


Wishing You A Pain Free Day!

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PS: I actually am currently on Otezla and I know I owe everybody an update! My last one was from Weeks 5 & 6 and I promise I’ll get one up soon. But in the meantime, you can start here to learn more about my Otezla experience.

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