Conquering Physical Challenges - Overcoming psoriatic arthritis and avascular necrosis challenges to go on an active hiking trip in Hawaii (1)

5 Take Aways From Conquering Personal Challenges

Traveling has always been one of my favorite things to do. Ever since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed seeing new places, cultures, and things. From exploring America, laying on the beaches of the Caribbean, safari-ing (is that even a … Read More


2 Year Post Regenexx Update

To catch up on my whole Avascular Necrosis + Regenexx journey, click here and peruse all of the posts. I’ve been blogging my entire journey in hopes that it will help others make informed decisions about their AVN treatment. I … Read More

My Full Circle Health Moment. Stanford Medicine X Ignite Talk Replay (Focus_ Avascular Necrosis & Regenexx) & Summary of Oral Presentation (Focus_ Psoriatic Arthritis) _

My Full Circle Health Moment (MedX Ignite Talk Replay)

Don’t want to read the whole story? Scroll down to the bottom to watch my 2016 Stanford Medicine X Ignite Talk. My health story is a long and fairly complicated story. A tale of a girl who went through most … Read More

2016: A Fantastic Year In Review | A Highlight of the advocacy events, speaking engagements and successes I had this year! |

2016: A Fantastic Year In Review

This year has been an interesting year. I’ve had some really high highs, and then I’ve had some struggles along the way. But, when you really put it all into perspective, this year was fantastic. I became a God Mother, … Read More

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Dear Julie, A Letter to myself after receiving the diagnosis of Avascular Necrosis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Dear Julie – An AVN Diagnosis Letter

Avascular Necrosis. WTF?! Like, what the hell. I didn’t even know bone could DIE?! THAT’S A THING?! WHATTTT!? For the past few months, you KNEW something was wrong. Something was off. There was no reason you should have been in … Read More

Julie Cerrone's testimony during the Food and Drug Administration Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research Public Hearing; Request for Comments – Draft Guidances Relating to the Regulation of Human Cells, Tissues or Cellular or Tissue-Based Products (Day 2). After undergoing a stem cell procedure to help regenerate her left femur bone, Julie found a solution to her avascular necrosis. She's documented her journey on her blog ( and is an advocate driving change for ALL patients. Patients should be allowed to tap into their innate healing ability and use their own stem cells. Let's not let this right be taken away from us!

FDA Stem Cell Hearing

(Impatient and don’t want to read the whole post? Just scroll all the way to the bottom to watch the video!) Sometimes I find myself in situations and think, “How the hell did you get here Julie?” Seriously. I mean, … Read More

Chair Yoga Sequence For Psoriatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Autoimmune Arthritis & Any Other Mobility Issues |

Chair Yoga Sequence For Mobility Issues

I always get asked about chair yoga and to give examples of postures to complete in a chair. Well here is the first post I’m sure of many about them! Within this post, you’ll find a video sequence of a … Read More

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One Year Post Regenexx Update + Regenexx Platelets Treatment | avascular necrosis stem cell procedure

One Year Regenexx Celebration + Platelets Procedure

A year ago, I couldn’t walk without crutches. A year ago, I was in so much pain that I truly was starting to believe that it’d never go away. A year ago, I had to pace myself in everything that … Read More

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Not All Disabilities Are Visible. Charlotte Douglas International Airport TSA Employee Gives Disabled Girl A Hassle At TSA Security Check |

Unacceptable Charlotte Airport. UNACCEPTABLE.

Unfortunately,  this isn’t the first time I have had problems with being called out on my invisible illness.  Back in 2014, I received a note on the windshield of my car after I parked in a handicapped parking spot. At … Read More

Post Regenexx Months 10 & 11 Update Post | Avascular Necrosis Femur Stem Cell Procedure

Regenexx Months 10 & 11 Update

I’ll be honest, I haven’t written an update because I’ve just been going through the motions of daily life and haven’t felt like anything worthwhile had happened to update you on in terms of my recovery. BUT, then it hit me. … Read More

I'll Admit I Lost It On Christmas Eve. Feeling our emotions is so important. If we don't take the time to really explore how we're truly feeling, those emotions will just creep up on us and overtake our bodies when we least expect it! |

I’ll Admit, I Lost It At Christmas Eve Mass. . .

I’m a pretty strong person. If I know you well, and am comfortable with you, I’ll let my guard down and tell you my entire life story. Otherwise, I put on a strong exterior and act like nothing affects me. But, … Read More

My Christmas Wish This Year Was To Walk. Regenexx Video on how their stem cell procedure helped my AVN in my femur and allowed me to get off my crutches for good!

My Christmas Wish Was To Walk

Sure, I’m pretty much a grown adult, but when it comes to the Holiday season I get so excited and basically revert back to a 5-year-old. Christmas 2012 was an extremely painful Christmas for me, yet, I still kept up … Read More

Post Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure Months 8 & 9 | avascular necrosis of the femur

Post Regenexx – 8 / 9 Months Check In!

March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December . . . This year is FLYING BY. Yesterday was a bit of an emotional day for me because December 17th, 2012 was when I first received my AVN diagnosis. There were a few Christmas since then where I … Read More

Post Regenexx Update 6 and 7 months Out - Avascular Necrosis Stem Cell Femur (Knee) Procedure

Months 6 & 7 Post Regenexx

It’s been 7 months post Regenexx. . . Saaaaaaaayyyyyyyy whhhhhaaatttttttt?!!?!?! I still can’t even believe I had the procedure done!! I swear I’m still pinching myself thinking about it. (Catch up with my last update from 5 months here!) There are … Read More

I am strong.I am powerful.I have an invisible illness that won't hold me back! Invisible Illness Week 2015 #Spoonie #chroniclife #Psoriatic #Arthritis

30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know

September 28 – October 4th is Invisible illness awareness week. Below is the official 2015 30 things meme. Read mine and then make sure to check out the other participants here! 30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not … Read More

5 Months post Regenexx - Avascular necrosis stem cell procedure

10 Amazing Things 5 Months Post Regenexx

Catch up by reading my 4 month update here! The first week of August I went back and forth between not using my crutch and using it. I mean, my crutch had TRULY become a CRUTCH! I relied on it. I … Read More

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Regenexx 4 Months Post Procedure | 3 'First Time In A Long Time' Events That Have Happened Over The Past Month! - Avascular necrosis, Osteonecrosis, AVN, ON, Stem Cell Procedure, PRP

4 Months Post Regenexx Procedure

Writing this post, I definitely tear up. I can’t believe I’m actually saying what I’m about to tell you…. Let’s back up, June 2012 I flew back from Chattanooga, TN thinking that I’d be spending 3-4 weeks not traveling. I was taking a … Read More

3 Months Post Regenexx Procedure - 3 Things I'm Grateful For | | Spoonie Holistic Health Coach Living The Chronic Life

3 Months Post Regenexx Procedure

Wow time is flyyyyiiiinnng. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s super easy to get used to NOT being in pain 24/7! It’s amazing! My energy is better, my mood is better, everything is BETTER! 3 amazing things that … Read More

Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure - AVN / Avascular Necrosis / Osteonecrosis Knee | 2 Months Post Procedure |

Regenexx Update: 2 Months Post Procedure

Last week I was at my physical therapists and he said, “Well it’s been 8 weeks – how ya feeling?” 8 weeks?! 8 WEEKS?! WHATTTTTT? I feel like I’m still waiting to head out there to have the procedure done! I … Read More

Dating on Disability | Are you at a disadvantage since you're on 'disability'? Will people judge you? | | Spoonie Health Coach

Why Was One Of The Best Things I’ve Done On Disability

  After having my heart shattered into a bazillion, million, trillion little pieces in January 2014, I spent the last year + dating off and on for fun. Nothing real serious. Actually dated someone who has become very influential in … Read More


One Month Out Update #Regenexx

So how am I doing one month post Regenexx procedure? (Interested in how the procedure went? Click here!) I’m back to pretty much where I was pre-procedure, except I’m wearing my brace, I’m doing water therapy and I’m not fully … Read More

AVN Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure - Day 8: Last Injection & Flight Home -

AVN Regenexx Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Day 8 – Last Injection, Off Loader Brace & Travel Home

Monday, a week after I started the whole Regenexx procedure, I went into the clinic for a follow-up appointment and to have one last injection. It was a two-step process, In the morning, I came in to have my blood … Read More

Chai Seeds & Salmon - Anti-Inflammatory - Helping to manage inflammation while off of fish oil

Why Chia Seeds & Salmon Helped While I Was Off Fish Oil

Fish oil is a natural blood thinner and before any procedure a doctor will usually advise you to stop taking it. I never realized how much benefit I was getting from taking so much fish oil. I knew it definitely … Read More

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Whole Healing #MiracleMonday

I have a journal that every few pages has a prompt that you can write about if you want. I usually take the opportunities to explore the questions because they’re usually things I don’t write about on my own. While … Read More


AVN Regenexx Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Day 4 -7 – Reinjection & Recovery

I woke up on Thursday morning and was SO EXCITED! I had an outfit planned for the day and everything (of course I did haha!) I knew I wanted to wear my ‘Expect Miracles’ shirt because that’s exactly what I … Read More

AVN Stem Cell Procedure - Regenexx -

AVN Regenexx Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Day 2 & 3 – Blood Draw

Did you miss my previous post about my prolotherapy injections? Catch up here! I had no medical appointments on Tuesday so we were able to spend the day sight-seeing. I anticipated my knee would be stiff and swollen, since I … Read More

Regenexx AVN Stem Cell Procedure Day 1 - Prolotherapy Injections

AVN Regenexx Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Day 1

Up to my first day in Colorado, all my interactions with the clinic had been via the phone or computer. I woke up so excited to actually meet them in person, but was a little nervous too. My procedure was … Read More


Healing In The Right Time

In my yoga teacher training, we’ve been covering the yoga sutras one by one. The first sutra is, I. With humility (an open heart and mind), we embrace the sacred study of Yoga. When studying the sutras, it’s taught that you … Read More


Packing For A Cross Country Procedure?

Autoimmunity is a tricky beast. I truly believe the key to conquering it is learning how to keep your immune system in check. How do you do that? Lots of experimentation with diet, exercise, toxins, ect …. Basically everything and … Read More

10 Ways I Got Ready For My Stem Cell Regenexx Procedure for AVN/ON of my Femur. Avascular Necrosis / Osteonecrosis | It's Just A Bad Day | AVN Knee, Psoriatic Arthritis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I have avascular necrosis in my left femur, right where my knee bends. (Read some AVN blog posts here) I’ve seen countless doctors (read about Dr. Glueck here), tried acupuncture (post … Read More


Crutches And Accessories

When you’re on crutches for years, you learn a thing or two. 1. You need pads. These are a must… unless you like bruises under your armpits that hurt like a biotch. The best ones I’ve come across are the … Read More

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2 Years Ago

2 years ago I was having knee surgery. 2 years ago I was under the assumption that I’d be taking PTO for a week and then work from home for 2 or 3 weeks. 2 years ago I had no idea that … Read More


Treatments: Lovenox Update

December, January and February I injected 40mg of lovenox in the morning and 60mg of lovenox in the evening in hopes that it would start to help my avascular necrosis (AVN). The hope was that the blood thinner would get … Read More


Donjoy Nano Knee Brace

Back in April I went to my ortho for a follow up appointment. During this appointment she identified a new problem that was a result of the AVN. The large part of my femur that is dead/dying is right on … Read More

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“Are You Back To Work Yet?” – My Job While On Long Term Disability

Are you still on disability? Are you back to work yet? – I get this question so many times during a week it makes my head spin. No. I’m not back to my IT consulting job. But I do have … Read More


LifeForce Therapy

  The first time I heard of the treatment I thought ummmmmm… Ooookkk?   But before you judge, let me explain.   LifeForce therapy uses a combination of light, music and vibration therapy. The first time I heard about it I … Read More


Update: Avascular Necrosis Treatment with Blood Thinners

So how is my knee doing since starting use of the Lovenox blood thinner injections for my avascular necrosis treatment? That was the million dollar question going into my last check up in the beginning of April. Since I was … Read More


Medication: Lovenox Blood Thinner For Avascular Necrosis / AVN Treatment

Looking through the infinite pages of the internet, I found very few medication treatments for Avascular Necrosis (AVN). Most doctors, if they recommend treatment, throw pain killers, nerve suppressors or surgical options your way. I was lucky to find a … Read More

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Acupuncture for Pain Management {Part 2}

Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment for pain management. Avascular necrosis (AVN) of the knee and psoriatic arthritis (PsA) are extremely painful on their own, let alone combined! My knee was finally settling down and the complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) … Read More

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Ween off Pain Meds… um say what? – Treatment: Acupuncture for AVN & PSA Pain Part 1

    During the follow up to my June nerve block my pain doctor said that I needed to start weening myself off the meds. I had been on them for the past year soooooo I.was.scared! My pain had progressively … Read More

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‘Walk In Your Next Appointment Without Crutches’

    From December 2012 to April 2013 I wasn’t allowed to put any weight on my knee. After a trip to the AVN specialist he challenged me to start putting weight on my leg and the next time I … Read More


It’s A Good Day, I Mean Bad Day… Eeehhh It’s Average At Best

  I don’t have to tell you that it’s been freeeeeaaakking cold outside!!! (Unless you live some place warm. And in that case I’m so jealous.) Since the weather has been cray cray I bumped up my vicodin to add … Read More


Treatments – Massage

    Once my knee swelling starting going down, and the nerve blocks started kicking in, my chiropractor suggested I start getting massages on my leg. Since the avascular necrosis was caused by lack of blood flow, the thought was … Read More


Amazing Post From That Really Hits Home

I came across this post on twitter after @ChronicPainDad tweeted it out. As I started reading I thought this would be great to post on my facebook wall. The further I read the more and more I felt that it … Read More


Finding the Right Doctor

How have you come to find your doctor? Through friends? Through referrals from other doctors? Searching online? All of the doctors I spoke to didn’t really know any AVN specialists to refer me to. I was forced to go online … Read More


John Ellis Water

My Grandpa is an amazing man. He’s 92 and so full of life, information and energy! If you have a question I guarantee he’ll know the answer. And if you ask him anything political you better have 3 hours because … Read More


Spending QT with my Bed.

After getting out of the hospital, my family and I celebrated a very low key New Years at home and then it began… Me. Laying in bed. All day. Having nothing to do. But not caring and not wanting to … Read More


A Very Merry Hospital Stay Part 2 🙂

I actually ended up getting a little more sleep since I was hopped up on pain meds in the hospital! (Read about why I was there here) Next morning the orthopedic surgeon came in to check out my knee. Everyone’s … Read More

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A Very Merry Hospital Stay

  After receiving my diagnosis, I tried to remain positive and enjoy the Christmas season as much as I could. But I was in pain. A LOT OF PAIN. By Christmas Eve I was really shaking, pretty much constantly. Looking … Read More


A Dead What?

Catch up on the story here. Christmas time is my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE! The lights. The music. The spirit. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just love it. When I went to get a bone scan of my knee and the technician gasped saying … Read More


Couch Ridden Football Season

Catch up on the story with this post here. After moving into my new place I was very optimistic about getting my range of motion back. I was using my stim machine regularly and was really pushing myself in PT. … Read More

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It’s just a bad day, NOT a bad LIFE!

i could start off my very first post by saying this is day 290 on crutches. I could start off this post by saying I’ve been the victim of many different medical conditions in a short amount of time. I … Read More

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