Everyone has different reactions to medications and supplements. I am allergic to amoxicillin and sulfa based drugs. Therefore, I haven’t had any of those related medications in years. (Don’t ask me what my reaction is because it’s been so long I have no idea haha!)

Although I’m truly striving to live my life as holistic as possible, I don’t shun western medicine. Everything has it’s time and place. I hate the fact that I’ve been on pain medication for almost 2 years, but I’d rather take it than be in pain everyday. I believe with small lifestyle changes we can all strive to live holistically and eventually (fingers crossed!) drop medications. But you can bet your last dollar on the fact that I’m using my meds until I find a complete balance.

I know there are some autoimmune patients who have used food to help send their diseases into remission. I truly believe that FOOD is the most powerful drug that we have in this world. I’m not saying that every single person out there can be cured of their diseases by adjusting their food. Food isn’t the ‘magic bullet’ that is going to kick your lupus to the curb or send your rheumatoid arthritis packing… BUT I can say that I believe food can help manage your symptoms. There are also some amazing supplements, herbs and super foods, that people around the world have used for thousands of years, that can help our bodies. There are millions of ways out there to treat different ailments. I hope that you can find my experience with all types of medication useful.

Disclaimer: I am an Independent Product Consultant for doTERRA. To be 100% honest, I signed up with the company because I wanted to get my products at a wholesale price. You’ll see that I write about essential oils and a lot of their products. Please believe me when I tell you this… I will not push these products on you. There are some products of theirs that I completely believe have helped manage some of my symptoms, but I never want to make you feel uncomfortable about it. Through many other health practitioners I interact with, I have tried, and take, other company’s supplements and products as well. I stand behind the following statement 100%: If I suggest using a product it’s because I BELIEVE in it. It is NOT because I’m trying to make money or I know someone else who’s trying to make money off of the product. It’s very rare these days to find people without an agenda. My agenda is to help others move towards living a healthy and happy life. That’s it. I promise.




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