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FREE Chronically Grateful 30 Day Challenge eBook

This month I’m sending out a copy of my FREE Chronically Grateful 30 Day Challenge eBook to my newsletter list. I wanted YOU to be the first to read, and complete, it. Check out my March 2016 newsletter for more details.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

This month is all about LOVE and if you know me at all you know I love love lovvveeeeee, LOVE! This month’s newsletter is embracing the most loving relationship you have in your life – with YOURSELF!


This January Ask Yourself, “Am I An Advocate For My Health?”

January always seems to bring around grandiouse resolutions, plans, goals and schemes . . . but are you asking yourself the most important question of all? Are you an advocate for your own health????


Happy Holidays! ⛄| December 2015 Newsletter

May Your Days Be Merry & Bright (And Pain Free!) During the holiday season it’s easy for us to become overwhelmed and stress. Check out my December 2015 newsletter for tips on overcoming that stress (and lots of recipes to make during this time of year!!!!) MERRY CHRISTMAS!


What Are You Grateful For?| November 2015 Newsletter

This month let’s focus on becoming more mindful of what we’re grateful for! There are many ways you can do that – Read November’s newsletter to learn more:


It’s Pumpkin Everything Time! | October 2015 Newsletter

It’s that time of the year when pumpkin seems to be in about everything you can buy. Is it healthy? How can you make sure to enjoy the pumpkin season without invoking an immune reaction? Check out October 2015’s newsletter for some trips & tricks!


Guess What?! Today’s My 30th Birthday | September 2015 It’s Just A Bad Day, NOT Life Newsletter

This month I’m challenging you to look past where you THOUGHT you’d be at this point in your life and to give gratitude for where you ARE. It’s a privilege to grow old and to experience life.


Are You Focusing On Your Wellness? | August 2015 It’s Just A Bad Day, NOT Life Newsletter

We run from doctors appointment to pharmacy to the gym to the specialist… but are we really focusing on our health?


There Are No Stupid Questions! | July 2015 Newsletter

In life, questions are inevitable. Answers are not! Learn more about what’s going on in It’s Just A Bad Day’s world this month.


Do You Know Who Can Help You? {Hint: YOU DO!} | June 2015 Newsletter

Last month I talked about identifying what you need to change, but how do you go about actually making those changes?! Who can help you?!


What Do You Need To Grow? | May 2015 It’s Just A Bad Day Newsletter

Spring is in full swing and all the flowers and plants are growing . . . but are you??


The Transformative Month Of March – March 2015 It’s Just A Bad Day Monthly Newsletter

Learn about all the transformations my life are undergoing this month! Take time this March to stop and identify any transformations of your own.


It’s Love Month People! – February 2015 It’s Just A Bad Day Monthly Newsletter

Learn about what’s going on this month with Juls & It’s Just A Bad Day!