One of the greatest aspects of our spoonie community is the support we give each other. It was such an unexpected, amazing surprise. I’ve met some exceptional people, from all over the world, that help me on a daily basis.

A lot of time chronic illness will open up a whole new world that a person wasn’t used to before. To many, this affords them with the time to do things that they were ‘too busy’ to do before (pending you have the energy to do so). I’ve encountered incredible, talented individuals in the spoonie community that are using their God given talents to keep their minds busy and time occupied. I know from personal experience that card making saved my sanity. To all of those who supported me, and continue to support me today, you’re my sense of inspiration.

To help our community continue to stay strong, and to spread love, I’m starting the #spoonieConnection! If you have an online store, business or project you’re working on let me know and I can add it to the list!

Us spoonies have to look out for each other!

Click on the pictures below to expand the box and find out details about the stores, projects and other fun things our community has going on!



Under Construction! Coming Back Very Soon!