2 Year Post Regenexx Update

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To catch up on my whole Avascular Necrosis + Regenexx journey, click here and peruse all of the posts. I’ve been blogging my entire journey in hopes that it will help others make informed decisions about their AVN treatment. I … Read More

My Full Circle Health Moment (MedX Ignite Talk Replay)

Don’t want to read the whole story? Scroll down to the bottom to watch my 2016 Stanford Medicine X Ignite Talk. My health story is a long and fairly complicated story. A tale of a girl who went through most … Read More

3 Months Post Regenexx Procedure

Wow time is flyyyyiiiinnng. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s super easy to get used to NOT being in pain 24/7! It’s amazing! My energy is better, my mood is better, everything is BETTER! 3 amazing things that … Read More

Update: Avascular Necrosis Treatment with Blood Thinners

So how is my knee doing since starting use of the Lovenox blood thinner injections for my avascular necrosis treatment? That was the million dollar question going into my last check up in the beginning of April. Since I was … Read More

Medication: Lovenox Blood Thinner For Avascular Necrosis / AVN Treatment

Looking through the infinite pages of the internet, I found very few medication treatments for Avascular Necrosis (AVN). Most doctors, if they recommend treatment, throw pain killers, nerve suppressors or surgical options your way. I was lucky to find a … Read More