5 Take Aways From Conquering Personal Challenges

Traveling has always been one of my favorite things to do. Ever since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed seeing new places, cultures, and things. From exploring America, laying on the beaches of the Caribbean, safari-ing (is that even a … Read More

Chronically Grateful Is Now Released!

So it took me a few months (ok, to be honest, I totally was dragging my feet on it. I’ve been busy!!), but I’ve finally finished and released my eBook “Chronically Grateful”. Back in November, I hosted a #chronicallyGrateful challenge … Read More

Fuel Happiness

Recently I was invited to an event here in Pittsburgh called #PghHappy. It was sponsored by lululemon and my friend who works there invited me. There wasn’t much to the invite other than “Do you want to live a happier … Read More

Is Your Life In Balance?

Are there questions in your life that you are not answering?  So, I’ll be honest, there are questions in my life that I’ve been avoiding exploring. Why? Because I’m scared of the answers. I’m scared of the path I’ll have … Read More

Ask Juls – My Easy, Go To Meals

Maybe you’re on an elimination diet and don’t know what to eat. Or maybe you’re so fatigued that you haven’t moved from your bed all day. Or maybe you’re just running around and have little, to no time, to think … Read More

#Spoonie, Be More Like Rudolph!

I saw this Rudolph meme the other day and it got me thinking . . .   Rudolph was one bad ass mo’fo. Seriously. I’ve always loved the movie and watch it every year with my family. Over the years, my … Read More

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