How My Diet Has Evolved Over The Years

A lot of people say they could never stay on the diet I have to because it’d be too hard. Many people say, “oh you have to live life a little!”, “Just eat a cupcake” or “enjoy yourself”. . . … Read More

Ask Juls – My Easy, Go To Meals

Maybe you’re on an elimination diet and don’t know what to eat. Or maybe you’re so fatigued that you haven’t moved from your bed all day. Or maybe you’re just running around and have little, to no time, to think … Read More

#AskJuls – Lunch Options? Picking A Good Tuna Fish Option!

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Looking for an easy, on the go lunch option? Remember these things when looking at tuna!     Tips to Remember: 1. The less ingredients the better! (always going back to this video!) You can always add your own pink … Read More

What Is The Best Diet?

Have you ever been confused by all the different dietary theories out there? Ummmmm honestly, If you answered No you definitely are in the minority. THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT DIETS OUT THERE!! How do you know which is the … Read More

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