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Oh the Olympics. Growing up, I remember watching swim meets, gymnastic competitions and figure skating routines with my Mom. But, if I’m honest, I can’t say I was ever fully into the Olympics. They were entertaining for the moment, but … Read More

Ask Juls: Part 5 Yoga & Movement – Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis

Today I bring to you the last part of my “Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis” series! Diet was covered in part 1, supplements in part 2, in part 3 we talked about toxins, part 4 was about mindfulness and meditation and … Read More

Ask Juls: Part 3 Toxins – Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis

In part 1, I talked about diet. In part 2, I talked about supplements. Now, let’s talk about toxins! I’ve written several posts on my blog about toxins and what products I use. Here are 3 examples and make sure to … Read More

Ask Juls: Part 2 Supplements – Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis

Continuing the conversation that I started in Part 1 of this 5 part series. Catch up here! The original question was, “Did an elimination diet help you manage your psoriatic arthritis?” The short answer is YES. The long answer is … Read More

Ask Juls: Part 1 Did An Elimination Diet Help Manage Your Psoriatic Arthritis?

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I received an AWESOME question a few weeks back that I knew I HAD to cover in my Ask Juls series. The question was “Did an elimination diet help you manage my psoriatic arthritis?”. Short answer – YES Long answer – … Read More

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