Chair Yoga Sequence For Mobility Issues

I always get asked about chair yoga and to give examples of postures to complete in a chair. Well here is the first post I’m sure of many about them! Within this post, you’ll find a video sequence of a … Read More

Ask Juls: Part 5 Yoga & Movement – Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis

Today I bring to you the last part of my “Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis” series! Diet was covered in part 1, supplements in part 2, in part 3 we talked about toxins, part 4 was about mindfulness and meditation and … Read More

5 Ways (Plus A Bonus!) To Recover From A Car Accident Sans Medication

Sooooooooooooooooo I totally jinxed myself. Last Friday I published a post titled “I Wish I Was In The Hospital”. . . And guess what, the next day I LANDED IN THE HOSPITAL! Ayyyyyyyyyeeeeee. I was in a car accident Friday evening, annnnddddd my … Read More