I think one of the most important tid bits of knowledge I can pass on is my experience and how I deal with my challenges. WEGO Health has a wonderful quote on their ‘A Health Activist’s Guide’ that says “By being honest and open, you’ll set the stage for a strong community.” When I started this blog I knew that I wanted to pass on my honest, raw experiences so that others who are in similar situations could understand possibly what they could/would experience. I want my blog to be as transparent and real as possible.

The challenges we face on a daily basis are hard, strenuous and taxing. I believe sharing those battle stories are so necessary for our community. One person’s story could help find an answer for another, motivate someone else and provide hope to a community. Going through some of the hardest days of my life I relied on other’s personal stories. Knowing that I wasn’t alone, and that there were other’s going through the same issues as I was, gave me peace of mind and helped me strengthen my ‘never give up’ attitude.

design-10I hope that you never give up.

I pray that you never ever stop believing that you can still live a great life.

Please, please, plllllease remember that a diagnosis isn’t a jail sentence. It’s just a plot twist in the movie of your life. It forces you to get more creative in the way you’re living your life!

I hope my insights into my battles can help provide you information that can help you in some small way. Like most autoimmune patients, I unfortunately do not just have one diagnosis to blog about. Each post that I’ve written I’ve made sure to tag the diagnosis that it was associated to.

This page lists all posts and information related to treatments and tests related to trying to figure out the best course of treatment. If you’re looking for certain diagnosis treatments, navigate to either the psoriatic arthritis, avascular necrosis or complex regional pain syndrome page.




The following It’s Just A Bad Day posts are test and treatment related:


The Ultimate Resources For Managing Psoriatic Arthritis_ itsjustabadday.com Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis

The Ultimate Resource For Managing Psoriatic Arthritis

My LONG psoriatic arthritis story summarized: In 5th grade, I had my first knee surgery. My meniscus was ripped, flipped and separated from the bone. My orthopedic surgeon back then said it was most likely something I was born with … Read More

Managing Psoriatic Arthritis & Psoriasis While Pregnant AND Otezla Update_ itsjustabadday.com Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis

Managing Psoriatic Arthritis & Psoriasis While Pregnant {Otezla Update}

Each of us with psoriatic arthritis and/or psoriasis is unique. Some of us are on biologics, some on other drugs, and some of us can manage our conditions in alternative ways. I’ve been someone who’s tried methotrexate, did a 2-year stint … Read More

2017 Thanksgiving What I'm Thankful For This Year _ itsjustabadday.com

Heart (and Belly) Full, Thanksgiving 2017

Since I started my blog, I’ve always published a Thanksgiving post. Reading through my 2013 post this year actually made me tear up this year. I had come a really long way up to that point and, since then, have gone even further. As … Read More


Psoriatic Arthritis And Biologics. What You Should Know.

Back in middle school, my doctors didn’t want to put me on “heavy duty meds” because I hadn’t even gone through puberty. And, come to think of it, it was the mid 90’s so biologics were probably not indicated for juvenile use … Read More

Does psoriatic arthritis get enough attention__ itsjustabadday.com autoimmune arthritis, psoriasis

Does Psoriatic Arthritis Get Enough Attention?

NO. HELL NO. PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS DOESN’T GET ENOUGH ATTENTION. AND YES, IT PISSES ME OFF. (HENCE THE ALL CAPS) Back in middle school when a doctor mentioned it, my family and I had NO idea what it meant. In 2012, … Read More


Thinking About Advocating For Your Condition?

I get it, not everyone wants to be an advocate for their condition. I won’t lie. It doesn’t pay. . . much, if at all. And it’s emotionally and physically draining. BUT, what I will say, is that it is the most … Read More


I’m Pregnant!

This summer I’ve been really quiet on social media. It started off with an awesome family vacation, followed by my boyfriend leaving for a year-long deployment, followed by weeks of not feeling well. Josh left on July 7th and that … Read More

Show More Of You Psoriatic Arthritis Interview with Dara Torres and Dr Chapman - itsjustabadday.com

Show More of YOU With Psoriatic Arthritis

It’s summer folks! I hope that doesn’t mean you’re covering up your psoriasis and are ashamed to flaunt your flares! Ps. Did you know that the National Psoriasis Foundation is having a #FlauntYourFlares instagram challenge all summer. Head over to insta and … Read More

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20 Arthritis Bloggers to follow! | do you follow these rockstars? If you don't, you NEED TO! | itsjustabadday.com psoriatic arthritis, autoimmune arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis

20 Arthritis Bloggers To Follow

As part of #arthritisAwarenessMonth, I shared some of my favorite arthritis bloggers on my Facebook and Twitter channels. I say SOME of my favorites because there are a TON of arthritis bloggers out there who are FANTASTIC.  I have to … Read More


What makes me PsoStrong

As you can see, over the last year, the frequency of posts on my site has dwindled. Why is that? Well, it’s because of numerous factors. . . I was able to get off disability completely and get back to … Read More

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Conquering Physical Challenges - Itsjustabadday.com Overcoming psoriatic arthritis and avascular necrosis challenges to go on an active hiking trip in Hawaii (1)

5 Take Aways From Conquering Personal Challenges

Traveling has always been one of my favorite things to do. Ever since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed seeing new places, cultures, and things. From exploring America, laying on the beaches of the Caribbean, safari-ing (is that even a … Read More

Taking Charge. Making Your Healthcare Appointments Work For You - itsjustabadday.com Psoriatic Arthritis, Avascular Necrosis, Autoimmune Arthritis, Chronic Illness

Taking Charge. Making Your Healthcare Appointments Work for You

When Ricky White reached out to me asking if I’d like to review his book “Taking Charge. Making Your Healthcare Appointments Work for You”, my answer was hell yeah!. I love reading resources that may be helpful to my community. … Read More

Week 5 & 6 Recap - Starting Otezla_ itsjustabadday.com Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis

Otezla: Week 5 & 6 Starter Pack Recap

New to my Otezla journey? Catch up here: Day 0, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4 updates. This week I give a brief update on how week 5 and 6 went! My GI issues have settled and … Read More

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2 Year Post Regenexx Update

To catch up on my whole Avascular Necrosis + Regenexx journey, click here and peruse all of the posts. I’ve been blogging my entire journey in hopes that it will help others make informed decisions about their AVN treatment. I … Read More

Week 4 Recap - Starting Otezla_ itsjustabadday.com Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis

Otezla: Week 4 Starter Pack Recap

New here? Catch up here: If you missed Day 0, Week 1 and Week 2, and Week 3 updates. Week 4 is in the books. Honestly, nothing too earth shattering to report, but check out my update.   Here are … Read More

My Full Circle Health Moment. Stanford Medicine X Ignite Talk Replay (Focus_ Avascular Necrosis & Regenexx) & Summary of Oral Presentation (Focus_ Psoriatic Arthritis) _ itsjustabadday.com

My Full Circle Health Moment (MedX Ignite Talk Replay)

Don’t want to read the whole story? Scroll down to the bottom to watch my 2016 Stanford Medicine X Ignite Talk. My health story is a long and fairly complicated story. A tale of a girl who went through most … Read More


Otezla: Week 3 Starter Pack Recap

Already finished up week 3 and headed into week 4! Time flies when you’re having fun . . .  BAHAHA I can’t even type that with a straight face. If you missed Day 0, Week 1 and Week 2 updates … Read More

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Week 2 Recap - Starting Otezla_ itsjustabadday.com Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis

Otezla: Week 2 Starter Pack Recap

To recap thus far . . . First, I freaked out and had to come to terms with taking Otezla. (Read: Am I a Failure? A Fraud?) Then, after dragging my feet for a month, I finally decided to start … Read More

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Otezla: Week 1 Starter Pack Recap

Hey, Chronically Fabulous Patient. Hope you’re having a great week! As you heard here, I started the first week of the Otezla starter pack on February 12th. I filmed the following week 1 recap video on February 18th – so … Read More

First Dose - Starting Otezla_ itsjustabadday.com Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis

Starting Otezla

Well, I did it. I started Otezla today. Press play to see me take my first dose – as seen on Instagram stories this morning February 12th, 2017.   I have very mixed feelings, but mostly I’m hopeful that it … Read More

Autoimmune Arthritis Survival Kit | itsjustabadday.com Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis

Autoimmune Arthritis Survival Kit

An editor at HealthCentral asked me what would be part of my psoriatic arthritis survival kit and it got me thinking. . . . Hmmmmm – WHAT WOULD make my list? It was hard to pair down my list, but … Read More

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Am I a fraud? A failure? My journey with psoriatic arthritis | itsjustabadday.com

Am I A Fraud? A Failure?

It seems that my most personal posts are always my longest. Sorry, this is so long, but writing this was as much therapeutic for me as I hope it is helpful for anyone who reads it and deals with the … Read More

Cloudy With A Chance Of Achy Joints _ Weather and Autoimmune Arthritis _ itsjustabadday.com

Cloudy With A Chance Of Achy Joints

I posted this picture on Instagram with the caption: Today’s productivity brought to you by: @doterra Deep Blue, Citrus Bliss & #Turmeric! Why? Because it was a rainy, 60-degree day in January here in Pittsburgh. Today’s productivity has been brought … Read More

2016: A Fantastic Year In Review | A Highlight of the advocacy events, speaking engagements and successes I had this year! | itsjustabadday.com

2016: A Fantastic Year In Review

This year has been an interesting year. I’ve had some really high highs, and then I’ve had some struggles along the way. But, when you really put it all into perspective, this year was fantastic. I became a God Mother, … Read More

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The Ultimate 2016 Yoga Playlist | itsjustabadday.com.png

The Ultimate 2016 Yoga Playlist

Spotify creates a playlist of your top 101 songs that you played throughout the year. I listen to my Spotify during the day but find that I end up listening a lot to my yoga playlists because they’re calming and … Read More

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Managing Chronic Life Holiday Stress | itsjustabadday.com

4 Ways To Keep Your Stress in Check During the Holidays

Living the #ChronicLife is a 24/7/365 job. Unfortunately, our conditions don’t take a break during the holiday season. So how do I help manage my psoriatic arthritis during the holidays? Here are 4 resources for you!   1. 10 Tips … Read More

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Psoriatic Arthritis / Rheumatoid Arthritis Concerns: Arthritis Hands | Dealing with hand pain, swelling, stiffness, tingliness, numbness with autoimmune arthritis. itsjustabadday.com

Psoriatic Arthritis Concerns: “Arthritis Hands”

This year I was privileged with the opportunity to attend the American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting in DC with The International Foundation of Autoimmune Arthritis. For 3 days, we Facebook Live’d interviews with researchers and non-profits. It was pretty … Read More

Psoriatic Arthritis: Day In The Lice #ChronicLife | Highlight of my day and some of the modifications I have to make on a daily basis for my autoimmune arthritis | itsjustabadday.com

Day In The Life #ChronicLife

There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not have to modify something because of my psoriatic arthritis. I’m always watching what I eat, what I do, what I don’t do, and modifying my behaviors to ensure that … Read More


Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Every year in November, we stop to give thanks for all of the things that are important to us. It’s almost like a forced gratefulness party. I often feel like my acupuncture sessions are forced relaxation. In a good way! … Read More

Immune boosting fall foods for autoimmune conditions like psoriatic arthritis | itsjustabadday.com

Fall Foods That Fight Inflammation

This summer I ate a lot of raw foods. After doing a raw vegan challenge to kick off my summer (read about it here!), I found that I felt amazing when I focused on eating foods in their natural, raw … Read More

Dealing With Autoimmune Arthritis Hand Pain & Stiffness | itsjustabadday.com Psoriatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Autoimmune, Lupus

Exercises For Autoimmune Arthritis Hand Pain & Stiffness

Hand pain and stiffness is something that I experience on a regular basis now a days. And it sucks. Seriously, sucks. It starts with hand pain and stiffness, then moves up my arm to a tingly forearm and can get … Read More

Dear Julie, A Letter to myself after receiving the diagnosis of Avascular Necrosis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome itsjustabadday.com

Dear Julie – An AVN Diagnosis Letter

Avascular Necrosis. WTF?! Like, what the hell. I didn’t even know bone could DIE?! THAT’S A THING?! WHATTTT!? For the past few months, you KNEW something was wrong. Something was off. There was no reason you should have been in … Read More

It's Just A Bad Day, NOT A Bad Life itsjustabadday.com Julie Cerrone

It’s Just A Bad Day, NOT A Bad Life

Day 3 of WEGO Health’s #HAWMC is: Quotation Inspiration. Find a quote that inspires you (either positively or negatively) and free write about it for 15 minutes. Selecting the quote was the EASY part. Of course, I picked the quote … Read More

WEGO Health Health Activist Writers Month Challenge November 2016

What Drives Me To Be A Patient Leader #HAWMC

WEGO Health is hosting a #HAWMC during November 2016. What the heck is it and why I’m involved!

FDA Patient-Focused Drug Development for Psoriasis Julie Cerrone Public Comment For Psoriatic Arthritis & Food - National Psoriasis Foundation itsjustabadday.com

Psoriasis FDA Meeting

After screen grabbing my FDA testimony from the hearing held on stem cells, I went back to the Patient-Focused Drug Development for Psoriasis (held by the FDA on March 17th, 2017) to grab a video of my public comment. The … Read More

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Psoriatic Arthritis Interview With Dr. Feldman and Christina

In August, I basically had no energy whatsoever and spent the majority of the month in pain. (Read more about my flare up here) In September, I traveled for almost 3 weeks straight. It was a CRAZY month for me. … Read More

Julie Cerrone's testimony during the Food and Drug Administration Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research Public Hearing; Request for Comments – Draft Guidances Relating to the Regulation of Human Cells, Tissues or Cellular or Tissue-Based Products (Day 2). After undergoing a stem cell procedure to help regenerate her left femur bone, Julie found a solution to her avascular necrosis. She's documented her journey on her blog (http://www.itsjustabadday.com/regenexx-avn-procedure/) and is an advocate driving change for ALL patients. Patients should be allowed to tap into their innate healing ability and use their own stem cells. Let's not let this right be taken away from us!

FDA Stem Cell Hearing

(Impatient and don’t want to read the whole post? Just scroll all the way to the bottom to watch the video!) Sometimes I find myself in situations and think, “How the hell did you get here Julie?” Seriously. I mean, … Read More

Health Update: Psoriatic Arthritis Flare Up | Julie Cerrone Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor & Autoimmune Warrior itsjustabadday.com

Health Update: Psoriatic Arthritis Flare Up

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my psoriatic arthritis. Mostly because I had been doing so well – I didn’t really have anything that I needed to update you on. But, I have a confession to make. It’s pretty hard … Read More

Show More Of You - Dara Torres & Dr Cather Interview | Julie Cerrone, Certified Holistic Health Coach + Yoga Instructor + Patient Empowerer + Autoimmune Warrior (Psoriatic Arthritis) itsjustabadday.com

Show More Of You

Oh the Olympics. Growing up, I remember watching swim meets, gymnastic competitions and figure skating routines with my Mom. But, if I’m honest, I can’t say I was ever fully into the Olympics. They were entertaining for the moment, but … Read More

Chair Yoga Sequence For Psoriatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Autoimmune Arthritis & Any Other Mobility Issues | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

Chair Yoga Sequence For Mobility Issues

I always get asked about chair yoga and to give examples of postures to complete in a chair. Well here is the first post I’m sure of many about them! Within this post, you’ll find a video sequence of a … Read More

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Tips For Transitioning From Disability Back Into The Working World | itsjustabadday.com Certified Holistic Health Coach & Autoimmune Warrior Julie Cerrone

Tips For Transitioning From Disability Back Into The Working World

After over 3 1/2 years of being on disability leave, this past March I began to transition back into the working world officially. Prior to my disability leave, my work schedule was crazy! I was go go go, 24/7/365. There … Read More

One Year Post Regenexx Update + Regenexx Platelets Treatment | avascular necrosis stem cell procedure itsjustabaddy.com

One Year Regenexx Celebration + Platelets Procedure

A year ago, I couldn’t walk without crutches. A year ago, I was in so much pain that I truly was starting to believe that it’d never go away. A year ago, I had to pace myself in everything that … Read More

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How my diet has evolved over the years | psoriatic arthritis, holistic health coach Julie Cerrone itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

How My Diet Has Evolved Over The Years

A lot of people say they could never stay on the diet I have to because it’d be too hard. Many people say, “oh you have to live life a little!”, “Just eat a cupcake” or “enjoy yourself”. . . … Read More

Part 5: Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis | Ask Juls "Did an elimination diet help you manage your psoriatic arthritis?" | itsjustabadday.com Julie Cerrone Holistic Health Coach & Autoimmune Warrior

Ask Juls: Part 5 Yoga & Movement – Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis

Today I bring to you the last part of my “Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis” series! Diet was covered in part 1, supplements in part 2, in part 3 we talked about toxins, part 4 was about mindfulness and meditation and … Read More

Life never goes as planned. THAT you can plan on. _ itsjustabaddy.com

Life Never Goes As Planned. THAT You Can Plan On.

Last month, my best friend gave a talk down at our Alma Mater, West Virginia University. She lives in Richmond, VA currently, therefore I don’t get to see her often. So, since I’m always looking for a reason to head … Read More


HealtheVoices 2016

Last year I was invited to the inaugural HealtheVoices, but was unable to attend as my friend was getting married in Florida and I was singing at her wedding. (Post trip, I wrote this insightful piece) Yup, that’s one thing … Read More

Not All Disabilities Are Visible. Charlotte Douglas International Airport TSA Employee Gives Disabled Girl A Hassle At TSA Security Check | itsjustabadday.com

Unacceptable Charlotte Airport. UNACCEPTABLE.

Unfortunately,  this isn’t the first time I have had problems with being called out on my invisible illness.  Back in 2014, I received a note on the windshield of my car after I parked in a handicapped parking spot. At … Read More

Part 4: Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis | Ask Juls "Did an elimination diet help you manage your psoriatic arthritis?" | itsjustabadday.com Julie Cerrone Holistic Health Coach & Autoimmune Warrior

Ask Juls: Part 4 Meditation & Mindfulness – Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis

Diet was covered in part 1, supplements in part 2, in part 3 we talked about toxins and today we’ll cover MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS! If you’ve read any of my other blogs, or follow me on social media, you already … Read More

5 Social Life Tips For Chronic Conditions | itsjustabadday.com

Having A Social Life With A Chronic Condition: My Top 5 Tips

I’ve always enjoyed getting the most out of life. I’ve never been one to sit still – constantly going, hanging out with friends, traveling to new places, checking out new local hot spots. But, when I got hit with a … Read More

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Part 3: Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis | Ask Juls "Did an elimination diet help you manage your psoriatic arthritis?" | itsjustabadday.com Julie Cerrone Holistic Health Coach & Autoimmune Warrior

Ask Juls: Part 3 Toxins – Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis

In part 1, I talked about diet. In part 2, I talked about supplements. Now, let’s talk about toxins! I’ve written several posts on my blog about toxins and what products I use. Here are 3 examples and make sure to … Read More

Part 2: Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis | Ask Juls "Did an elimination diet help you manage your psoriatic arthritis?" | itsjustabadday.com Julie Cerrone Holistic Health Coach & Autoimmune Warrior

Ask Juls: Part 2 Supplements – Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis

Continuing the conversation that I started in Part 1 of this 5 part series. Catch up here! The original question was, “Did an elimination diet help you manage your psoriatic arthritis?” The short answer is YES. The long answer is … Read More

Part 1: Managing My Psoriatic Arthritis | Ask Juls "Did an elimination diet help you manage your psoriatic arthritis?" | itsjustabadday.com Julie Cerrone Holistic Health Coach & Autoimmune Warrior

Ask Juls: Part 1 Did An Elimination Diet Help Manage Your Psoriatic Arthritis?

I received an AWESOME question a few weeks back that I knew I HAD to cover in my Ask Juls series. The question was “Did an elimination diet help you manage my psoriatic arthritis?”. Short answer – YES Long answer – … Read More


Chronically Grateful Is Now Released!

So it took me a few months (ok, to be honest, I totally was dragging my feet on it. I’ve been busy!!), but I’ve finally finished and released my eBook “Chronically Grateful”. Back in November, I hosted a #chronicallyGrateful challenge … Read More

Post Regenexx Months 10 & 11 Update Post | itsjustabadday.com Avascular Necrosis Femur Stem Cell Procedure

Regenexx Months 10 & 11 Update

I’ll be honest, I haven’t written an update because I’ve just been going through the motions of daily life and haven’t felt like anything worthwhile had happened to update you on in terms of my recovery. BUT, then it hit me. … Read More

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.%22 - Rumi | itsjustabadday.com Julie Cerrone Certified Holistic Health Coach & Autoimmune Warrior

As You Start On Your Way, Your Way Appears.

The other day in my yoga class, my teacher started off by having us complete a simple breathing exercise and read the following quote. “As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” – Rumi The quote really … Read More

Healing from the inside out. Why diet is important in fighting disease. | itsjustabadday.com

Healing From The Inside Out

I recently wrote a post for HealthCentral talking about why diet is so important when combating psoriatic disease – or really any chronic condition for that matter. I whole heartedly stand behind what I wrote in the post, but I … Read More


Biologics for Autoimmunity & My Humira Update

I’ve written about my experience with Humira on the blog before (like here when I talked about when I first started taking it), but it’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned it. And with good reason! It’s been almost a year … Read More

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5 Dating Tips For Singles With Chronic Conditions | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com Certified Holistic Health Coach & Autoimmune Warrior Spoonie

5 Dating Tips For Singles With A Chronic Condition

I was always the type of girl who had a boyfriend. Seriously, from like 15 years of age until 28, I had a boyfriend about 90% of the time. It wasn’t until the last 2 years that I really was … Read More

Are You Living Above Or Below The Line? | itsjustabadday.com Julie Cerrone Certified Holistic Health Coach & Spoonie Autoimmune Warrior

Fuel Happiness

Recently I was invited to an event here in Pittsburgh called #PghHappy. It was sponsored by lululemon and my friend who works there invited me. There wasn’t much to the invite other than “Do you want to live a happier … Read More

Your Story Matters! Sharing your health journey can be so therapeutic. Check out this blog post for more spoonie / chronic life insights on sharing your story. | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com Certified Holistic Health Coach & Autoimmune Warrior Julie Cerrone

Sharing is Therapeutic

This past week, I had the opportunity to help share a few psoriatic arthritis patient stories that will be published on HealthCentral. Click here to see the inspiring videos we captured! I’m extremely passionate about sharing my own story, but … Read More

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Psoriatic Arthritis Patients Count! Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA): Get the Facts Be Counted Initiative! | itsjustabadday.com Spoon & Autoimmune Warrior Certified Holistic Health Coach Julie Cerrone juliecerrone.com

Psoriatic Arthritis Patient, Be Counted!

If you’re a psoriatic arthritis patient, you already know how unfamiliar people are with the disease. I mean, I’m pretty sure there are people in my life who still don’t understand what it is. There are more than a million … Read More

Accept Yourself Where You Are Spoonie! | itsjustabadday.com Spoonie Holistic Health Coach & Autoimmune Warrior Julie Cerrone juliecerrone.com

Accept Yourself Where You Are

Last week’s homily in mass was all about embracing yourself and loving the person that God has made you to be. I don’t usually write about religious things on my blog, just in respect for others who have different beliefs, but … Read More

Ask Juls - Are You Chewing Your Food Correctly? | Spoonie & Autoimmune Warrior Holistic Health Coach Julie Cerrone itsjustabadday.com

Ask Juls – Are You Chewing Your Food Correctly?

  You may laugh, but are you chewing your food properly? Chewing is something we don’t usually stop and think about, but it’s one of the first steps in our digestive process. When we only take a few seconds to … Read More

The Autoimmune Community Team (ACT): Redefining Research 2015 Celgene Innovation Impact Awards: Unleashing the Patient Voice in Research.autoimmune patients (125-175), diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA), Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), AND/OR radiographic or non-radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis (axSpA/nr-axSpA)

Want To Help Change How Research Is Conducted?

First off, let me tell you how EXCITED I am to be a part of this project! CEO of the International Foundation of Autoimmune Arthritis (IFAA), Tiffany Westrich-Robertson, reached out to me months ago about the project and I’m so … Read More

Is Your Life In Balance? Spoonie & Chronic Life Resolutions | itsjustabadday.com

Is Your Life In Balance?

Are there questions in your life that you are not answering?  So, I’ll be honest, there are questions in my life that I’ve been avoiding exploring. Why? Because I’m scared of the answers. I’m scared of the path I’ll have … Read More

Ask Juls - Easy To Go To Meals For When You're Low On Energy, Are Having A Flare or Don't Have A Lot of Time! | itsjustabadday.com Certified Holistic Health Coach Julie Cerrone

Ask Juls – My Easy, Go To Meals

Maybe you’re on an elimination diet and don’t know what to eat. Or maybe you’re so fatigued that you haven’t moved from your bed all day. Or maybe you’re just running around and have little, to no time, to think … Read More

Elimination Diet 101 Self-Paced eCourse

Elimination Diet 101 eCourse Launch!

I’m SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to announce that I’ve launched my first eCourse – Elimination Diet 101! I encounter so many people who want to have someone walk them through an elimination diet, but either don’t have the time … Read More

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I'll Admit I Lost It On Christmas Eve. Feeling our emotions is so important. If we don't take the time to really explore how we're truly feeling, those emotions will just creep up on us and overtake our bodies when we least expect it! | itsjustabadday.com

I’ll Admit, I Lost It At Christmas Eve Mass. . .

I’m a pretty strong person. If I know you well, and am comfortable with you, I’ll let my guard down and tell you my entire life story. Otherwise, I put on a strong exterior and act like nothing affects me. But, … Read More

My Christmas Wish This Year Was To Walk. Regenexx Video on how their stem cell procedure helped my AVN in my femur and allowed me to get off my crutches for good! itsjustabadday.com

My Christmas Wish Was To Walk

Sure, I’m pretty much a grown adult, but when it comes to the Holiday season I get so excited and basically revert back to a 5-year-old. Christmas 2012 was an extremely painful Christmas for me, yet, I still kept up … Read More

Rudolph, You & Spoonies have a lot in common. Did you realize that? Itsjustabadday.com Spoonie Autoimmune Warrior Holistic Health Coach

#Spoonie, Be More Like Rudolph!

I saw this Rudolph meme the other day and it got me thinking . . .   Rudolph was one bad ass mo’fo. Seriously. I’ve always loved the movie and watch it every year with my family. Over the years, my … Read More

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Post Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure Months 8 & 9 | avascular necrosis of the femur itjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

Post Regenexx – 8 / 9 Months Check In!

March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December . . . This year is FLYING BY. Yesterday was a bit of an emotional day for me because December 17th, 2012 was when I first received my AVN diagnosis. There were a few Christmas since then where I … Read More

It's Easy To Be Positive When Everything is Good. Remaining Positive is a 24/7/365 FULL TIME job. | itsjustabadday.com Spoonie, ChronicLife, Autoimmune Warrior & Holistic Health Coach Julie Cerrone

It’s Easy To Be Positive When Everything Is Good

Guess what! One day I decided to be happy, focus on the positives and never take anything for granted. Since then, it’s been SO easy to maintain that focus and I’ve never had a doubt or fear or worry creep … Read More

Primary Vs Secondary Food - What's the difference and why I bet you're only focusing on secondary food? | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

Why Don’t You Talk More About Food? #AskJuls

I received a question about why I don’t only focus on foods, but also talk a lot about mind, body and spirit. Well this is a fantastic question!!!!! I do focus on food, ALL TYPES OF FOOD. Betcha didn’t realize … Read More

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Creating Your Vision - Ask Juls | itsjustabadday.com Julie Cerrone, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Do You Have A Vision? #Ask Juls

This video was created after I received a question on why I talk about vision and goals, yet believe we shouldn’t have everything planned out to a T. It’s true! We shouldn’t be attached to outcomes and we should be … Read More

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I'm Thankful For My Struggles. . . BECAUSE WITHOUT THEM, I WOULDN'T BE THE PERSON I AM TODAY. | itsjustabadday.com

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

After my 2013 Thanksgiving post and 2014 Thanksgiving post, I couldn’t NOT publish a 2015 Thanksgiving post! (or my 2016 post!) Of course I’m grateful for my family. Of course I’m grateful for my health, my friends, and my life. But this year, I’m … Read More

Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Anti-Inflammatory Spoonie / Chronic Life Travel Snack Ideas | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

#ChronicLife Traveling Snack Ideas

Every time I take a trip, I think “I need to create a post on the foods that I take on my trip with me”. Being on a super restrictive diet, and knowing that food really impacts the way I feel, … Read More

Ask Juls: Holiday Recipe Edition Spoonie/ChronicLife Tips & 101 Anti-inflammatory Recipes for Thanksgiving & Christmas | itsjustabadday.com

Ask Juls: Holiday Recipe Edition

Last year I published a post about my Thanksgiving menu (check it out here!) and a lot of people said it was super helpful. I’ve been asked a ton of times already what foods I’ll eat during the holidays and to … Read More


5 Reasons We MUST Empower Ourselves

Women of Pittsburgh, listen up!! There is an annual event going on in town that you MUST attend next year. Arrange a baby sitter, figure out a way to get off of work or ask your work to send the … Read More

Elimination Diet Part 1 - Gluten & Dairy | itsjustabadday.com Spoonie and Autoimmune Holistic Health Coach Julie Cerrone

Elimination Diet Part 1

This post was written for the National Psoriasis Foundation Blog and originally appeared here. Check out part 2 on the NPF blog here. Diets. They’re are SO many of them out there, it’s hard to know which one is the best?! … Read More

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Post Regenexx Update 6 and 7 months Out - Avascular Necrosis Stem Cell Femur (Knee) Procedure

Months 6 & 7 Post Regenexx

It’s been 7 months post Regenexx. . . Saaaaaaaayyyyyyyy whhhhhaaatttttttt?!!?!?! I still can’t even believe I had the procedure done!! I swear I’m still pinching myself thinking about it. (Catch up with my last update from 5 months here!) There are … Read More

Nov Instagram Challenge

We All Need To Be #ChronicallyGrateful

Being grateful is so important. Whenever you have life changing events, being grateful can be a game changer. You’re given the opportunity to focus on the negatives of your situation OR you can focus on the things to be grateful … Read More

World Psoriasis Day 2015

World Psoriasis Day

Happy World Psoriasis Day! I’ve never been diagnosed with psoriasis, but I do have a psoriatic disease – Psoriatic Arthritis. There are many differences between the two diagnosis (Psoriasis primary attacks the skin and Psoriatic Arthritis is systemic and attacks your … Read More

#MiracleMonday A Forgiveness Journal Exercise #Spoonie #ChronicLife itsjustabadday.com

A Gabby Exercise {The F Word}

Whenever I’m feeling uninspired or realize I’m not taking care of myself the way I should, I tend to turn to Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles book. It’s a 40 day guidebook that helps you shift your perceptions from negative … Read More


From 🙁 to 🙂 – An Easy Exercise!

A few years back, I used to attend a support group every Tuesday morning. It was a wonderful group of ladies who would meet and talk about simple ways to add positivity into our lives. We were from all walks … Read More

how Can I Increase My Energy? I'm SO Fatigued! | Spoonie Holistic Health Coach Julie Cerrone itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

#AskJuls How Can I Increase My Energy? I’m SO Fatigued!

There are no ‘quick fixes’ when it comes to fixing your energy crisis. You must have patience, self-control and a willingness to fix your problem! The number one thing you MUST do is to uncover the root of your fatigue … Read More

Will I continue to react to circumstances or will I choose to create the life I want to live? itsjustabadday.com

5 Stages of Grief & Loss #ChronicLife

September 28 – October 4th was Invisible Illness Awareness Week and I loved reading all of the “30 Things” that people filled out. (Check out mine here) It got me thinking about invisible illnesses and all the thousands and thousands of … Read More

What Does A Holistic Health Coach Do? | This #AskJuls video goes into what a health coach does. itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

#AskJuls What Does A Holistic Health Coach Actually Do?

You may see some of my posts and think “What the heck does a health coach actually do?” Most people think I just help with food, but healing encompasses SO SO SOOOO much more than food. Today’s #AskJuls video tackles … Read More

I am strong.I am powerful.I have an invisible illness that won't hold me back! Invisible Illness Week 2015 #Spoonie #chroniclife #Psoriatic #Arthritis

30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know

September 28 – October 4th is Invisible illness awareness week. Below is the official 2015 30 things meme. Read mine and then make sure to check out the other participants here! 30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not … Read More

Are Sports Drinks Healthy? Check Out This Ask Juls Video | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com Spoonie Holistic Health Coach & Autoimmune Warrior

Ask Juls – Is Gatorade A Good Way To Get Electrolytes?

Let’s talk about electrolytes! According to Reboot with Joe, Electrolytes are important nutrients for our bodies as they play key roles in sending electrical impulses that influence our heart, muscles and nerves. They also play an important role in fluid balance … Read More


LaLa Anthony & NPF’s Picture Positivity

My 23-year-old self (ok, let’s be honest, and my 30-year-old self) was freaking out when I had the opportunity to speak one on one with La La Anthony! Sure, it was in regards to her psoriasis and her new Picture … Read More

Using Your Patient Experience To help current and future patients AND TO GET PAID! #spoonie #Chroniclife| Your Care Moments & itsjustabadday.com

Paid Opportunities for ePatients

When I started my blog, I never imagined the opportunities that would arise from it. I knew I wanted to start it to share my story and connect with others in similar situations, but it’s turned out to be the … Read More

Tips to remember when picking tuna | Ask Juls itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

#AskJuls – Lunch Options? Picking A Good Tuna Fish Option!

Looking for an easy, on the go lunch option? Remember these things when looking at tuna!     Tips to Remember: 1. The less ingredients the better! (always going back to this video!) You can always add your own pink … Read More

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5 Months post Regenexx - Avascular necrosis stem cell procedure

10 Amazing Things 5 Months Post Regenexx

Catch up by reading my 4 month update here! The first week of August I went back and forth between not using my crutch and using it. I mean, my crutch had TRULY become a CRUTCH! I relied on it. I … Read More

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What's an easy way to add meditation to your day? | itsjustabadday.com Helping chronically fabulous patients make lifestyle and dietary changes to their lives to help live their best life possible!

What’s An Easy Way To Add Meditation To Your Day?

I get ‘I have no idea how to meditate’ or ‘where the heck do I even start?!’ Today’s #AskJuls video digs into an extremely simple way to add mindfulness to your day. Caution: after you watch this video you won’t … Read More

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Important Things To Remember When Buying Cooking Oils | itsjustabadday.com Paleo, AIP, Spoonie, Chronic Life, Anti-inflammatory

Ask Juls – What Should I Look For In Cooking Oils?

Fat. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it! I agree that we need to eat fats in moderation, but fats can be so good for us. They have so many beneficial properties and truly every cell in our body … Read More

Which Definition Of Formidable Best Describes You? | itsjustabadday.com Spoonie Chronic Life Autoimmune Psoriatic Arthritis Avascular Necrosis

Which Definition of Formidable Will You Choose?

As part of my yoga teacher training, I must observe different yoga classes. Some classes I focus in on the teacher and how the class is being taught, but others I have to focus in on the students and how they move … Read More

Ask Juls: GMOs | Do you know what genetically modified foods are? This video dives into what they are and how you can start to avoid them! | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

Ask Juls – Can You Explain Why GMOs Are Bad?

I talk a lot about GMOs, but do you know what a GMO is? Today’s Ask Juls video tackles the subject! GMO Video Tips: 1. Look For Organic produce and packaged foods. NOT Conventional. You want to make sure there … Read More

No Day But Today | Living Idina Menzel's Song's Themes! | itsjustabadday.com

Living Idina Menzel’s Song Themes!

I’ve always been a fan of the theater. I grew up taking theater classes and performing on stage. My friends in high school and I were all Broadway obsessed and loved ourselves some Rent. I remember I used to wish … Read More

Selecting The Right Peanut Butter | Peanuts aren't actually Nuts, but legumes. If you're a spoonie living the chronic life, you should probably avoid them. Read more on the blog itsjustabadday.com

Ask Juls – What To Look For In Peanut Butter?

I published a post a few months back “Is Natural Peanut Butter Healthy?” and it’s received a lot of hits. Because I received a few questions regarding selecting the right peanut butter, I decided to make an Ask Juls video … Read More

I am love. | itsjustabadday.com | When you're a spoonie, living the chronic life, it's imperative that you LOVE YOURSELF!

Show Some Love People!

  Today’s National Psoriasis Foundation Psoriatic Disease Awareness Month wellness challenge (Geeezz, that’s a mouthful) is to Show Some Love. I love love. I’m alllllll about the love. In fact, here on my blog every Monday is dedicated to spreading … Read More


Mind.Body.Music: My Fight Song {Pso Remix}

  By now I’m SURE you’ve heard Rachel Platten’s ‘Fight Song’. And if you haven’t, are you living under a rock? haha! It’s such a powerful song and the lyrics are incredible. This is my fight song Take back my … Read More

5 Things To Remember When Reading Food Labels | itsjustabadday.com

Ask Juls – What Should I Look For On Food Packaging/Food Labels?

Do you know how to read food labels? I mean, I get it, there are SO many things going on on food labels these days, it’s kinda hard to decipher what means what! This week’s Ask Juls video tackles food … Read More

NatraCure, Essential Oils & Meditation Box Giveaway! itsjustabadday.com

#PsAM15 Relaxation Kit Giveaway!

I received a pair of NatraCure therapeutic foot booties to review and let me tell you . . . I don’t think there’s one person out there who wouldn’t LOVE these things! They’re great for sore feet, arthritic joints, and … Read More

The Struggle You're In Today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. | It's Just A Bad Day, NOT Life Julie Cerrone, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Spoonie, Autoimmune Warrior, Psoriatic Arthritis, Avascular Necrosis, Chronic Life

3 Tips For When You Feel Like Giving Up!

I absolutely love the following passage taken from Michael Michalko’s Creative Thinkering: There is so much to say about each and every struggle we go through. Sure, if we had to choose,I’m sure we wouldn’t choose to go through the difficult time. But, in most … Read More

HEY FDA! Let's worry more about things like genetically modified foods rather than things like essential oils!

The Future Of My Doterra Posts

I hate to be a negative nancy, and if you know me you’ll know I’m not that way at all …. BUT I can’t help but feel completely frustrated on the subject of Doterra. For those of you who don’t know, Doterra … Read More

What Are Some Natural Sugar Options? | Autoimmune Arthritis, Chronic Illness, Elimination Diet, Spoonie, Chronic Life | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

Ask Juls – What Are Some Natural Options To Sugar?

Just this weekend one of my good friends asked me what the best way to cut sugar out was. Honestly, I think the best way is to just swap out your granulated sugar! Try to choose natural, whole sugars – … Read More

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Comparing SFO Travel Stories. It's Important To Reflect on Where You've Been & Where You're Going | Changes in my travel since I last traveled to SFO with mobility issues. |itsjustabadday.com

Comparing SFO Travel Stories!

On my last trip I posted about how it was the first time in 3 years I had driven myself to the airport. I hadn’t had the ability to wheel my own baggage in, but as I’ve progressed off of … Read More

Regenexx 4 Months Post Procedure | 3 'First Time In A Long Time' Events That Have Happened Over The Past Month! - Avascular necrosis, Osteonecrosis, AVN, ON, Stem Cell Procedure, PRP

4 Months Post Regenexx Procedure

Writing this post, I definitely tear up. I can’t believe I’m actually saying what I’m about to tell you…. Let’s back up, June 2012 I flew back from Chattanooga, TN thinking that I’d be spending 3-4 weeks not traveling. I was taking a … Read More

Ask Juls - Elimination Diet What, How & Why? | Spoonie Holistic Health Coach itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

Elimination Diet – What, How & Why?

Last week I told you that I truly don’t believe there is a one diet fits all! I suggested doing an elimination diet to see what foods you tolerate and which you need to avoid or remove completely. Today’s video … Read More

NPF 2105 Volunteer Conference

NPF Conference : Even One Person Can Make A Difference

From December 2012 – August 2013 I definitely experienced some of the darkest days of my life. I had to spend the majority of my time in bed because I was so inflamed, my body was so angry at me, … Read More

Ask Juls -What The Best Diet To Follow? | Spoonie Holistic Health Coach itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com Chronic Life Spoonie

What Is The Best Diet?

Have you ever been confused by all the different dietary theories out there? Ummmmm honestly, If you answered No you definitely are in the minority. THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT DIETS OUT THERE!! How do you know which is the … Read More

Ask Juls - What The Heck Do You Eat? #WellnessWednesday | Spoonie Holistic Health Coach itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

What The Heck Do You Eat?!

Since my announcement last week, I know you’ve been anticipating my first video, and you could hardly contain your excitement 😉 But the wait is over! Here it is!!!! Ask Juls – What The Heck DO You Eat?   Want to … Read More

There's No Rest For The Spoonie - Chronic Illness Is A Full Time, All Encompassing Job | itsjustabaday.com juliecerrone.com | Spoonie Holistic Health Coach Living The Chronic Life

No Rest For The #Spoonie

Laying in bed last night, I said my prayers and took stock in how my body was feeling. It’s something that I do every night. I always assess what I did that day, what I consumed and how I was feeling. As … Read More

3 Months Post Regenexx Procedure - 3 Things I'm Grateful For | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com | Spoonie Holistic Health Coach Living The Chronic Life

3 Months Post Regenexx Procedure

Wow time is flyyyyiiiinnng. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s super easy to get used to NOT being in pain 24/7! It’s amazing! My energy is better, my mood is better, everything is BETTER! 3 amazing things that … Read More


Wellness Wednesdays Are Getting A New Twist!

On Wednesdays I like to bring you wellness tips to help you make healthier choices for you and your family – whether it’s helping to heal your chronic condition or just enhance your current state of wellness. I get asked … Read More

Living The Chronic Life … Not Being Able To Do What You Used To Do | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com | #Spoonie #ChronicLife #Autoimmune #arthritis

How Life Changes . . .

Right before vacation I traveled down to Morgantown, Wv with my sister. She had an interview and I went because I love Morgantown and really look for any excuse I can to go down there. I went to West Virginia … Read More

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You Must Work On Balancing You Mind, Body & Spirit

Similarly to my post from last Miracle Monday (about our diagnosis not defining us!), The following is a quote I came across while studying the yamas! “By performing asanas, the sadhaka first gains health, which is not mere existence. It … Read More

5 Foods To Avoid For A Better Night's Sleep | Spoonie Health Coach itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com | spoonie, spoonie life, chronic life, autoimmune, insomnia

5 Foods To Avoid For A Better Night’s Sleep!

Last week I gave you 4 Do’s and 4 Don’ts for natural sleep remedies. Having a sleep routine can help your body start to relax and get into ‘sleep mode’! There are truly so many things that can affect your … Read More

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Yoga Teaches Us That We Are Not Defined By Our Diagnosis | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com Spoonie Health Coach | chronic life, spoonie life, autoimmune, chronic illness

Yoga Teaches Us That We Are NOT Defined By A Diagnosis

I’m absolutely LOVING LOVING LOVINNNGGGGG my yoga teacher training. There’s sooooooooo much to learn. Seriously, so much more than I ever thought. While reading about the Yamas, which are universal codes of ethics -much like the 10 commandments, I came … Read More

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4 Natural Sleep Solution Do’s & Don’ts #WellnessWednesday

  Did you know that every single part of your cells are affected when you sleep? There are different stages of sleep, 4 to be exact, and the REM stage sleep in the most important. If you don’t get REM … Read More

You're AMAZING Just the Way You Are Spoonie!| Has Chronic Illness/A Diagnosis Made You Someone You're Not? Who Are YOU? | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

“You talk like you were once great. . . “

Do you ever have a conversation that completely changes your day? Or really, your whole week/ year/ life?! Mid-conversation, a boy I’m currently dating stopped me and said. . . “You talk like you were once great, like you had … Read More

What Is The Difference Between A Biologic And A Biosimilar? | Arthritis Foundation Advocacy Day | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com Certified Spoonie Holistic Health Coach

Biologics & Biosimilars – Do You Know What The Differences Are?

While I was in Harrisburg, PA for the Arthritis Foundation’s Advocacy Day this year, one of our ‘asks’ revolved around the development of biosimilars. I’d be hard pressed to find an autoimmune patient who doesn’t know what a biologic is, … Read More

Honor & Be Grateful For Your Journey. |PSO Blogger NPF & Leo Pharma Social Media Summit | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com Spoonie Holistic Health Coach

Honor The Crazy Life Journey You’re On!

The following is a blog post that I started as part of a social media blogging summit I had the amazing opportunity to go to this past weekend. The National Psoriasis Foundation and Leo Pharmacy put on a wonderful event … Read More

Is our food making us sick? Are genetically modified foods the reason for so many different food allergies & chronic conditions? | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com Certified Spoonie Holistic Health Coach

“Are we allergic to food or what’s been done to it?”

As a health coach aka super health nerd, who is constantly watching videos and reading health and nutrition articles, I feel like it’s my duty to make you aware of really good videos that you should watch. This Tedx talk … Read More


DōTERRA Deep Blue Complex

SO I have to be honest . . . At first I was super excited to hear about this product, but then I was nervous. As someone who deals with chronic pain this product had big shoes to fill. There’s … Read More

Breathing For Healing | How Using Your Breath Is An ESSENTIAL Tool For Health & Healing | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com | Spoonie Health Coach

Healing Breath

Yesterday started my FAVORITE part of summers in Pittsburgh – free yoga classes on Sunday down in Market Square! YAY YAY YAY! I, unfortunately, forgot that it was also Open Streets (aka there would actually be people downtown), so by … Read More

Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure - AVN / Avascular Necrosis / Osteonecrosis Knee | 2 Months Post Procedure | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

Regenexx Update: 2 Months Post Procedure

Last week I was at my physical therapists and he said, “Well it’s been 8 weeks – how ya feeling?” 8 weeks?! 8 WEEKS?! WHATTTTTT? I feel like I’m still waiting to head out there to have the procedure done! I … Read More

Food Mood Girl | Guilt No More | Lemon Balls | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com Spoonie Holistic Health Coach

Food Guilt {and a give away!} #MiracleMonday

Food. We have such a complicated relationship with food, don’t we? I was just talking to a friend the other day about food and how when you’re in chronic pain, or have a chronic illness, you can really turn to … Read More


If I Can Can, You Can Can

This is one of the best Ted talks I’ve ever seen. I love her attitude and outlook on life. Do yourself a favor and watch this one.   Wishing You A Pain Free Day!

SIBO & Autoimmunity (Psoriatic Arthritis) | Spoonie Health Coach juliecerrone.com | itsjustabadday.com

SIBO, Cookies & Bed. #WellnessWednesday

Last week I talked about stepping up my supplement game and how I was attacking my intestinal health to see if my problem is stemming from either Candida or SIBO. Sure, I could go to the doctors and get tested … Read More

Dating on Disability | Are you at a disadvantage since you're on 'disability'? Will people judge you? | itsjustabadday.com | Spoonie Health Coach juliecerrone.com

Why Match.com Was One Of The Best Things I’ve Done On Disability

  After having my heart shattered into a bazillion, million, trillion little pieces in January 2014, I spent the last year + dating off and on for fun. Nothing real serious. Actually dated someone who has become very influential in … Read More


Mind.Body.Music: The Power Of A Dream

I took a trip a few weeks back to visit my bestie and her new baby and to go to an arthritis fly in in DC. I loaded my iPod with EDM podcasts, Hardwell’s new album and every song Celine … Read More

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Stepping Up My Supplement Game | Dr. Amy Myers The Autoimmune Solution Supplements | It's Just A Bad Day, Not Life itsjustabadday.com | Spoonie Health Coach juliecerrone.com

Handfuls of Supplements #WellnessWednesday

  Since October 2013, I’ve been experimenting with different dietary changes to help manage my psoriatic arthritis symptoms. Honestly, I’ve found it quite fun experimenting with different foods, learning how to cook with new ingredients and really honing in on … Read More

Circle of Life - Finding Whole Healing Through Balance - Spoonie Health - itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

Circle of Life #MiracleMonday

In order to live a balanced, happy, fulfilling life, we must look at all aspects. A lot of people think that being healthy only has to do with what you eat, but that COULDN’T be further from the truth!   … Read More

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Chew on this: Paleo crackers | autoimmune paleo, anti-inflammatory, elimination diet, autoimmune diet | spoonie health coaching: juliecerrone.com | blog: itsjustabadday.com

Chew On This: Paleo Crackers

The other day I was walking, ok crutching, through Whole Foods and started craving a PB&J. Mmmmm it sounded DELISH. Especially if it was the coconut oil peanut butter. But, of course, I can’t have bread . . . Or peanuts … Read More


Eat This! It’s Full of Vitamin D! #WellnessWednesday

I was sitting in my kitchen watching my brother chow down on Kellogg’s Cinnabon cereal and I started questioning the “Good source of vitamin D” claim the box was making. Did you know that if you live in the USA … Read More

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It's Just A Bad Day, NOT A Bad Life - How Handling Your Emotions Doesn't Always Go The Way You Want It To - juliecerrone.com Spoonie Health Coach

Disliking The Way You Handle Your Emotions

Everyone has bad days. Healthy people. Rich people. Sick people. Poor people. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. To be completely honest, no one person is ‘worst’ off than another person. We’re all in this thing called ‘life’ together and have to navigate our way … Read More


One Month Out Update #Regenexx

So how am I doing one month post Regenexx procedure? (Interested in how the procedure went? Click here!) I’m back to pretty much where I was pre-procedure, except I’m wearing my brace, I’m doing water therapy and I’m not fully … Read More


Natural Peanut Butter, Is It ‘Natural’? #WellnessWednesday

When you have a chronic condition, it’s extremely important that you feed your body the right fuel that it needs. When you add in extra toxins, it makes an already compromised environment even more compromised! So, natural peanut butter… it … Read More

AVN Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure - Day 8: Last Injection & Flight Home - itjustabadday.com

AVN Regenexx Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Day 8 – Last Injection, Off Loader Brace & Travel Home

Monday, a week after I started the whole Regenexx procedure, I went into the clinic for a follow-up appointment and to have one last injection. It was a two-step process, In the morning, I came in to have my blood … Read More

Chai Seeds & Salmon - Anti-Inflammatory - Helping to manage inflammation while off of fish oil

Why Chia Seeds & Salmon Helped While I Was Off Fish Oil

Fish oil is a natural blood thinner and before any procedure a doctor will usually advise you to stop taking it. I never realized how much benefit I was getting from taking so much fish oil. I knew it definitely … Read More

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Whole Healing #MiracleMonday

I have a journal that every few pages has a prompt that you can write about if you want. I usually take the opportunities to explore the questions because they’re usually things I don’t write about on my own. While … Read More


AVN Regenexx Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Day 4 -7 – Reinjection & Recovery

I woke up on Thursday morning and was SO EXCITED! I had an outfit planned for the day and everything (of course I did haha!) I knew I wanted to wear my ‘Expect Miracles’ shirt because that’s exactly what I … Read More


Gratitude Giveaway!

Support should never, ever, ever, EVER be taken for granted. So many of us just expect others to help us and support us, but unfortunately our egos get in the way of life and helping others can fall by the … Read More

AVN Stem Cell Procedure - Regenexx - itsjustabadday.com

AVN Regenexx Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Day 2 & 3 – Blood Draw

Did you miss my previous post about my prolotherapy injections? Catch up here! I had no medical appointments on Tuesday so we were able to spend the day sight-seeing. I anticipated my knee would be stiff and swollen, since I … Read More

Regenexx AVN Stem Cell Procedure Day 1 - Prolotherapy Injections

AVN Regenexx Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Day 1

Up to my first day in Colorado, all my interactions with the clinic had been via the phone or computer. I woke up so excited to actually meet them in person, but was a little nervous too. My procedure was … Read More


Healing In The Right Time

In my yoga teacher training, we’ve been covering the yoga sutras one by one. The first sutra is, I. With humility (an open heart and mind), we embrace the sacred study of Yoga. When studying the sutras, it’s taught that you … Read More


Packing For A Cross Country Procedure?

Autoimmunity is a tricky beast. I truly believe the key to conquering it is learning how to keep your immune system in check. How do you do that? Lots of experimentation with diet, exercise, toxins, ect …. Basically everything and … Read More


Some Crazy Science Stuff . . .

  If you follow my blog or my social media outlets, you already know my fascination with research aimed at the microbiome, epigenetics and autoimmunity. I read the above article and couldn’t agree more – EVERYTHING we do, everrryytthiiinnggggg, causes reactions in our … Read More


Anxiety Relief! #MiracleMonday

Today is the first appointment of my stem cell procedure. I’ll be getting a pre-procedure injection to help prime my knee for the rest of the week to come! I’m actually really relaxed and more excited than nervous! BUT when … Read More


Humira Withdrawal

Headed into my Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure next week, there are really 2 things that pose a threat to the success of the procedure. 1. My remissioned complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) 2. My autoimmunity I’ve really been taking extra caution these … Read More

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#WellnessWednesday Children Fighting Back Against Monsanto?

There are many groups out there fighting back against Monsanto for gmo products, but did you know there are even children out there fighting for our right to know!? I first learned about this video during one of my modules … Read More


3 Steps To Open Yourself Up To Self Healing!

If you could write a prescription for your self-healing, would you do it? To be completely honest, it’s one of the reasons I started this blog. Let’s go back to Summer 2013. I had spent almost 6 months basically in … Read More

10 Ways I Got Ready For My Stem Cell Regenexx Procedure for AVN/ON of my Femur. Avascular Necrosis / Osteonecrosis | It's Just A Bad Day | AVN Knee, Psoriatic Arthritis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I have avascular necrosis in my left femur, right where my knee bends. (Read some AVN blog posts here) I’ve seen countless doctors (read about Dr. Glueck here), tried acupuncture (post … Read More

What Can You Let Go Of To Be Happy?

What Can You Let Go Of To Be Happy?

“If you are depressed, you live in the past. If you are anxious, you live in the future. If you are peace, You live in the present.”  Lao Tzu Recently I went to a yoga class that I thoroughly enjoyed. … Read More

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Make Julie Like Juice Month

Well folks! It’s the end of February and my ‘Make Julie Like Juice Month’ instagram challenge was a success! I won’t lie, there were a few days (maybe 2 or 3) where I DIDN’T get my juice on – but it … Read More


GMOs In Your Supplements!

This is a super important post that I hope you read! I’ve mentioned numerous times before GMOs, but are you looking at your supplements to make sure they don’t include GMOs AND also things you’re avoiding in your diet (i.e. gluten, … Read More


The Fear Cure #MiracleMonday

I was given an advanced copy of Dr. Lissa Rankin’s The Fear Cure to read and, only if it spoke to me, review. I’ve been a huge fan of Dr. Rankin’s since I read Mind Over Medicine and it completely … Read More


Chew On This: Paleo Fried Cauli “Rice” & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s been an exciting month for me! A local new station, KDKA, is doing a segment on the Avani Institute and our Healing Yourself In The Kitchen class series. Kym, the reporter doing the segment, came to my house to … Read More


Detoxing – Part 3: What You Use From Your Medicine Cabinet

Think all medications are good for your body? Unfortunately so many medication that we use on a daily basis aren’t good for us. Not only do they end up giving us horrible side effects, but they end up causing so … Read More

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I am love. | itsjustabadday.com | When you're a spoonie, living the chronic life, it's imperative that you LOVE YOURSELF!

How To Think Positively Meditation

Doyouyoga.com is one of my favorite sites to go to. This month one of their resident experts, Faith Hunter, has been giving a free 30 day meditation challenge. Everyday there is a meditation (approx. 10 minutes) that focuses on different aspects … Read More

Cheating on the paleo diet isn't bad, is it? It is if you have autoimmune issues!

“It’s Just One Sip, You’ll Be Fine”

Since I went Paleo-ish (aka I cut out grains and legumes, but I still steer clear of red meat) in October 2014, I’ve had mixed feelings. I miss grains so much that I won’t lie, over both Thanksgiving and Christmas … Read More


Detoxing – Part 2: What You Put On Your Body

This post is the second part of Detoxing – Part 1: What You Put In Your Body. Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? Whenever you put something on your skin it’s absorbed into … Read More

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Turning To The Things That Make You Feel Amazing #MiracleMonday

I really love Elephant Journal and make sure to read their posts weekly. Definitely was $13 WELL SPENT. They have some really, crazy, out there articles that I don’t find on any other sites out there. I read this article … Read More


5 Ways (Plus A Bonus!) To Recover From A Car Accident Sans Medication

Sooooooooooooooooo I totally jinxed myself. Last Friday I published a post titled “I Wish I Was In The Hospital”. . . And guess what, the next day I LANDED IN THE HOSPITAL! Ayyyyyyyyyeeeeee. I was in a car accident Friday evening, annnnddddd my … Read More


Detoxing – Part 1: What You Put In Your Body

I’m so happy that my face is broken out right now! …. Ok, so maybe I’m not being completely honest. I’m not HAPPY that my face is broken out, BUT I know the cause and reason for it and it … Read More

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Love How Far You’ve Come

So I’m 29, I live in my parents basement at the moment, I’m on disability . . . and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been? If you would have asked me 5 or 10 years ago, I’m prrrrreeettty sure I … Read More


“I Wish I Was In The Hospital”

Some of you may read this and completely relate, others may read it and think I’m completely off my rocker. There was a point in my health care journey where I would cry myself to sleep, wishing I was in … Read More

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5 Reasons You Should Avoid GMOs

I’ve been on a anti-GMO kick lately… and for good reason! According to our government, there is nothing wrong with genetically modified foods, but there are SO many studies that show that’s ABSOLUTELY NOT the case at all. Here are … Read More

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Loving Your Body #MiracleMonday

Throughout my life I always could be caught saying “Oh I have bad knees!” “Doctors say I’ll probably have a knee replacement before I’m 30!” “I have the worst immune system. . . “ “I definitely could lose some weight. … Read More

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Chew On This: Buffalo Chicken Alfredo Pasta

OMGGGGGGGGGG OMG OMG OMG This stuff is seriously the bomb.com I’m obsessed! I’ve already made it several times since finding the recipe about a month ago. I’ve even sautéed some green veggies and mixed it in with the ‘pasta’ to … Read More


Autoimmune Paleo Resources

I’ve been steering clear of grains and legumes since October. During the holidays I did eat some gluten free grains (pumpkin bread is the shit, ok?), but since the holidays ended I’ve gone back to being strict about removing them. I’ve … Read More


Accepting Where You Are In Your Journey

I’ve found one of the things that has been the hardest to accept is the fact of where I am in life.  That the future I HAD envisioned is going to be nothing like the one that I will experience. … Read More


Spoonies Helping Spoonies

Hey Everybody! I’m working on a new project that will help share the wealth of knowledge our health journeys generate with other spoonies! From now until the end of January, I’ll be collecting responses to a spoonie survey that I’ve … Read More


Benefit of Grass Fed, Organic Meat? Part 2

This post is a follow up to this previous post Benefit of Grass Fed, Organic Meat? Part 1 So Why Does All Of That Matter? Many researchers now are verifying that a lot of diseases are caused by ‘leaky gut’. Leaky … Read More


Miracles, Love And YOU!

If you asked me if I was a positive or negative person, I would respond by saying that I’ve always been positive. And I truly believe that. BUT, once you start looking at my daily life, you’ll see that so … Read More


Benefit of Grass Fed, Organic Meat? Part 1

A topic that always comes up in my house is grass fed, organic meat vs. conventional meat. I can say honestly that I used to not pay attention to the difference. It wasn’t until I started on my elimination diet … Read More


Tis The Season: 13 Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Without Getting Stressed Out!

                    This post originally appeared as a guest post on Painfully Optimistic! Ross, from Painfully Optimistic, asked me to write a guest post for his blog. He’s a wonderful CRPS advocate … Read More

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Am I Weird?

Happy Day After Christmas!!!!!! I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted … and more 🙂 During Christmas activities, Christmas movies came up a lot. Since Halloween my tv had been permanently set to hallmark and lifetime (with Up and … Read More


Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!   Wishing You A Pain Free Christmas!


Do You Know What Is In Your Food?

Food additives are a real problem in our society. There are SO many more children born these days with food allergies that are directly linked to different additives and chemicals in our food. We as Americans need to OPEN OUR … Read More


DIY Anti-Inflammatory/Food Allergy Advent Calendar

I love everything Christmas. Christmas lights. Christmas carols. Christmas socks. And I most definitely love Advent Calendars. The ones with the chocolate, obviously. This year I knew I wasn’t going to find a calendar that had chocolate in it that … Read More

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WEGO Health Activist Awards 2014 Partner!

I wanted to take a moment today to let you know that I have partnered with WEGO Health to share their Fourth Annual WEGO Health Activist Awards. WEGO Health is an online network composed of Health Activists – leaders and influencers … Read More


Chew On This: An Anti Inflammatory Thanksgiving

Last Thanksgiving I made a great dinner… well I thought I made a great dinner. (Want to see over 101 Holiday recipes? Check out this post here!) I had gluten-free stuffing, gluten-free gravy, steamed veggies, turkey and dairy free/gluten-free/refined sugar-free pumpkin pie. … Read More

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The Secret Side of Food: How To Heal Yourself In The Kitchen

New Year’s is around the corner and let me guess. . .  next year you want to exercise more and lose weight? Was I close? According to statistic brain, the number 1 2014 new years resolution was to lose weight. 39% people … Read More


Compassion, Mind, Body & Healthcare

This is the second post in a series of Dr. Siegel posts regarding his keynote speech and master class I attended at Medx. You can read the first Dr Siegel post here! I’ve discussed numerous times with other patients how … Read More


Mind.Body.Music: December Prayer

Read these lyrics and tell me what you think of this song . . . YouTube No Description   When I hear the chorus all I can think of is: reading between the lines, seeing the positives when all around … Read More


How Can I Get Into Yoga?

I get a lot of questions regarding how I got into yoga and how others can get into it easily as well. For most, it would simply be checking out your local area for studios and picking a class to … Read More


10 Things I’m Thankful For This Year

As I was reading through my 2013 Thanksgiving post earlier today, I couldn’t help but contrast where I am right now to where I was a year ago. Last year I was really grateful for myself and how I was … Read More

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Dr. Dan Siegel Medicine X Keynote Speaker & Master Class

Take a deep breath and center yourself to be present in this moment. I had two favorite lectures during Medx – Dr. Dan Siegel’s Master Class Workshop and Dr. Bonnie Feldman’s Autoimmune presentation. This post is the first of a … Read More


Chew on this: Paleo Chicken Nuggets

I used to love chicken nuggets. Partially because it was an excuse to basically drink BBQ sauce. Hahaha I remember in high school my friend and I were obsessed with Wendy’s chicken nuggets. I’m pretty sure we ate 20 in … Read More


2 Tools To Remind Ourselves We’re All The Same

One of my childhood friends’ brother was in a horrible accident the same week my Grandpa passed away. He spent over a month in the hospital, but is now at home learning to embrace his new life without feeling from … Read More


The Freedom of Mobility Is A Basic Right

“I want you to amputate my leg.” This isn’t something that most people will say in their lifetime and seriously mean it. The strength this man has makes me feel so proud to have met him. His story has opened … Read More


Mind.Body.Music: Masterpiece

Besides having an AMAZING voice, I love listening to Jessie J’s lyrics. She always hits on something that strikes a chord with me. Her newest album, Sweet Talker, that came out just a few weeks ago, doesn’t disappoint. Unlike Taylor … Read More



Last week I had the amazing opportunity to attend a social media summit sponsored by Celgene. They so graciously invested in me, to help build up my medical knowledge around psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and even had one of the … Read More


Medication: Neurontin Update

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve been weening off of Neurontin and guess what?! I’m finally off of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This time last year I was on 9 different medications. Now I’m down to 4 currently, 5 once I start … Read More


Avani Institute Holiday Stress Class

I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY excited to announce that I’m going to start teaching health and wellness classes at the Avani Institute in McMurray, Pa. For my first set of classes I’ve teamed up with 2 local health coaches to create something … Read More


New York, New York

I know, I know it’s #MedxMonday, but I couldn’t help but have to share! Today I’m on my way to NYC for a Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Social Media Summit with Celgene. The summit is packed full of expanding my … Read More


Messages From Water

A friend let me borrow a documentary called Hidden Messages of Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto. It was such great timing because I had JUST bought little tags to put on my glasses which had inspirational quotes on them. Last year … Read More


Should You Apply?

Stanford Medicine X. 2015 ePatient Applications. You keep seeing my tweets about applying, but what would you be applying for? Plus, I’m willing to bet the ‘Am I even qualified enough’ question crossed your mind! First off ask yourself these … Read More


Mind.Body.Music: 3 Little Things

What do you do when you’re life falls apart? This week I had the opportunity to participate in a Stanford #medx google hangout to talk about the relationship between emotions and physical health. One thing that @MamaSissyKat said is that … Read More


Mantras for Healing

If you follow me on instagram (and if you don’t, YOU SHOULD!) you’ll know that from time to time I’ll post a video with some facts, motivation or a mantra.  I can’t take credit for the idea, I LOVE Arielle … Read More


Illness Is A Team Effort

Head Up, Heart Strong. That was Matthew Dudley’s message and a key phrase that I’ll always remember. As I sat there watching this live at medx, I had tears in my eyes and chills all over my body. As I … Read More


One Year Of Diet & Lifestyle Changes

Last October I started my healing journey with food. For months I cut out sugar, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, gmo’s… the list goes on and on. Fast forward a year. I still have not included most of these back in … Read More


Lung Cancer Has An Image Problem

My Grandpa passed away on September 1st, 2014 of lung cancer. I left his wake to catch my plane out to Stanford to attend Medicine X. When Janet walked out on the stage and gave this ignite talk I was … Read More


Dr. Amy Myers Autoimmunity Video

I’m a HUGE lover of Mind Body Green. I read it everyday and have hundreds of articles saved which I think are great. The following video is from their Revitalize conference and when I watched it I was so enthralled. … Read More


MedxMondays – @DrBonnie360’s Autoimmune Presentation

One of my favorite sessions I attended at #medx was an autoimmune presentation by Dr. Bonnie Feldman (@DrBonnie360). I’m pretty sure my neck hurt from shaking my head in agreement the entire time she was talking. In her presentation, @DrBonnie360 … Read More


Weaning Off Neurontin

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. WWWOOOOOWWWWWWWW Throughout my life I’ve been on and off different medications. There are a few times where I had to slowly ween off of a certain drug to make sure I appropriately detoxed it from my … Read More


#MedxMonday – California, The Autoimmune Patient’s Heaven?

Going out to eat is kind of a stressful event now a days. Autoimmune patient food choices can be verrrryyyyyyy limited. I get kinda creeped out when reading menus where ONE of the dishes will be “all natural, no hormone” … Read More


#bodyLoveTour Pittsburgh

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about the Union Project, but had never been there. I didn’t even know exactly where it was. When I realized that the Body Love Tour was taking place there I was excited to check … Read More


#MedxMonday – But You Don’t Look Sick?

This year at Medx ePatient Carly (@CarlyRM) presented a panel on the pain scale and how it doesn’t necessarily transfer over to chronically ill patients. I was one of her test subjects and for 3 months submitted pictures of myself. These … Read More


#MedxMonday – Traveling with Disabilities

Today I’m starting a weekly post series called #Medx Mondays! Since I experienced so much during my trip to Palo Alto, I decided to chop up my take aways in, as @AuntieStress said, ‘bite size chunks’. So, drummmmmmm rollllllll please … Read More


Medx – Overwhelmingly Emotional

As I’m settling back into the routine of my daily life, I feel overwhelmed with emotions when I reflect on the past 2 weeks. My Grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer in March (we believe it started last summer) and … Read More


#Throw Back Thursday

Elementary school & crutches edition   My knee problems started back in elementary school and I had my first knee surgery in 5th grade. Every year after that I had a brace, was on crutches, in PT, had to sit out … Read More


Follow #medx!

Well, it’s finally here! The California sun. Stanford University’s campus. MedicineX. Last September I was following @hurtblogger’s tweets about Medx. I told myself I was going to go next year because it just seemed so informative, collaborative, amazing and definitely … Read More


Taking Care Of Yourself When You Need It Most

It’s often in the most stressful times of our lives that we’re told to ‘relax’ or ‘take some deep breaths’, but if we’re not used to doing them it can really take a lot of effort to calm ourselves down. … Read More

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August: An Emotional Rollercoaster

At the beginning of August I boarded an emotional rollercoaster. I got in, buckled up and was told to keep my arms and legs in the vehicle at all times. The ride started off great with my excitement building towards #MedX. … Read More


Another Year

Today my brother started his senior year of high school. Not only can I not believe he’s that old, but I can’t believe that I’m still dealing with my health issues. When he was starting 10th grade I was dealing … Read More


Elimination Diet Update ~ 10 Months

So it’s been 10 months since I embarked on my healing journey with food. I’ve come far, but I still have a far way to go. I won’t lie, I do get discouraged when others criticize me and comment on … Read More


Chew On This: Stuffed Banana Peppers W/ Raw Tomatillo Salsa

This recipe is delicious, but only make this if you’ve added peppers back into your diet and you did not have a problem with them. So many articles tell those with arthritis to shy away from night shade vegetables. When … Read More


Chronic Illness Travel Concerns

Medicine X is in 3 weeks! eek!! (have you signed up to watch the free online stream yet??) I can’t even believe it. I know I said that in my last post, but seriously. I feel like I just found … Read More

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Chew On This: Anti-Inflammatory Style Lasagna

Mmmmmmmmm I haven’t had lasagna for awhile. While I was shopping at my favorite little health foods store, Sunny Bridge, a worker suggested I try the brown rice lasagna noodles. He said he didn’t eat gluten free, but he really liked … Read More


I Have Trust Issues . . .

I have trust issues. I’m not talking about not trusting my boyfriend, or not trusting my family and friends, but I have issues trusting my body. I say ‘my body’ because I trust myself, the person who I am on … Read More


MedX – 4 Weeks!

4 weeks until I’m sitting in the Medx conference. 27 days until I’m headed out to the Stanford Campus 648 hours until I’m meeting face to face with friends I’ve been talking to for almost a year. 38,880 minutes until I’m … Read More


GMOs, Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably noticed I’ve been posting a lot about GMOs lately. The more I’m learning about them, the angrier I’m getting. It’s no wonder that autoimmune diseases are on the rise!!! Do you have … Read More


IFAA Study Giveaway

#PATIENTPOWER Giveaway Alert! Become a #60minuteGameChanger and win some greeting cards. Have you completed the International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis’ Early Symptom study? If you have, you can enter into a giveaway! And if you haven’t, there’s still time to … Read More


Live In The Moment

You never realize what you take for granted until you can’t do it anymore. Although it’s been 2+ yrs I’ve been on crutches, I still get in situations that bum me out. The yoga fest was held at point state park, … Read More

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Update: Lovenox

Monday, July 28th, 2014 – another 3 month round of lovenoxx DIZZZZONE! Done, done and done. Since my last MRI, my orthopedic doctor moved from Pittsburgh to a new practice in the DC area. She gave me the name of … Read More


Personal Victories

Ever have a day where you say to yourself, “Wow!! I’m SO proud of myself for doing that!”? I most definitely had that kind of day this past Saturday. For the past 2+ years I’ve had a pretty static life. … Read More


Be a #60MinuteGameChanger

If you could save a fellow patient from delayed diagnosis & potential disability, would you do it? Donate 60 minutes to research and you can!* I’ve teamed up with the International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis, Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation, Spondylitis Association of … Read More


To feel supported, support yourself.

The past few months I’ve become pretty obsessed with Gabrielle Bernstein’s message of “Chose love over fear”. I’ve pretty much read all of her books and have been actively working to incorporate her messages into my everyday life. There are so … Read More


Mind.Body.Music: Out of My Hands

Jason Mraz came out with a new album last week and this song just really struck a chord with me. It’s such a beautiful song – lyrics and melody wise. What a beautiful way to remind us that sometimes things … Read More


Chew On This: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

I needed to make a dessert to take to a picnic this month and wasn’t sure what to make. My requirements were 1. Had to be super easy 2. Had to use ingredients I already had on hand 3. Had … Read More


How Many Medications Are Too Many?

Caps and tabs and injections, oh my! The majority of the time you visit the doctor’s you walk out with a prescription. Is this right? Is it wrong? I guess I can’t really make a blanket statement because it depends … Read More


WEGO Health RA Patient Resources Sharing Hub

This month I had the fun task of pinning to the WEGO Health Inspiration for Health Activists pinterest board. I have had so much fun doing it! I already love finding inspirational quotes on pinterest to begin with, so being … Read More


Mind.Body.Music: Celine Dion & Gratitude

When I’m in a bad mood, sad or depressed, irritated – you name it! – there are 2 sure fire ways to get me into a good mood. Christmas music and Celine Dion I know, I know. Most people aren’t … Read More


Happy 4th of July!

Hope you have a fun filled, sunshine shinning, beautiful day!   Wishing You A Pain Free Day!


Chew on This: What Should I Eat on the 4th?

Being on an elimination diet for the past 9 months I find it hard to go to parties. The only reason I’ve been on the diet so long is because I had about a 2-3 month period where I couldn’t … Read More


Meditation – Get Some Headspace

A year and a half ago, a friend posted something on facebook about an app she had found called Headspace. She said she had just finished the Take 10 program and was going to sign up to take the rest of … Read More


Medication: Ativan

One of my ex’s used to tell me to try his ativan when I would get a stomach ache. It was a test to see if I was getting stomach aches because of anxiety. Unfortunately, the pill just made me … Read More


Arthritis Foundation PA Advocacy Day

Today I have a date with my bed. I’m not moving, my whole body is not feeling so great . . . but it’s worth it. For many of you who commented on this picture, or responded via twitter, you know why! … Read More


Chew On This: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Over Memorial Day weekend I went with the new beau to Washington DC. Since basically all I think about is food, I made sure to pack some snacks for the road trip. The day we were leaving I decided that … Read More

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Crutches And Accessories

When you’re on crutches for years, you learn a thing or two. 1. You need pads. These are a must… unless you like bruises under your armpits that hurt like a biotch. The best ones I’ve come across are the … Read More

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Happy Father’s Day to the King

To my Father, Dad, Daddy, Supa Playa, King Garmo, I can always count on you to be my rock, to be my strength, to help me find a solution. You’re there to hug me, catch my tears, allow me time … Read More


2 Years Ago

2 years ago I was having knee surgery. 2 years ago I was under the assumption that I’d be taking PTO for a week and then work from home for 2 or 3 weeks. 2 years ago I had no idea that … Read More


Treatments: Lovenox Update

December, January and February I injected 40mg of lovenox in the morning and 60mg of lovenox in the evening in hopes that it would start to help my avascular necrosis (AVN). The hope was that the blood thinner would get … Read More


Mind.Body.Music. – Silver Lining

Obviously the name of my blog is It’s just a bad day NOT a bad life (shocking, I know right?). I definitely was among the individuals who would proclaim they had the worst life when something bad happened, but then … Read More

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Donjoy Nano Knee Brace

Back in April I went to my ortho for a follow up appointment. During this appointment she identified a new problem that was a result of the AVN. The large part of my femur that is dead/dying is right on … Read More

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Wego Health Pinterest ~ June Pinning!

I love pinterest. I’ve been addicted, like most every other girl, since I first started pinning. My pinning subjects have changed over the past 2 years everything from delicious, probably not good for you recipes to anti-inflammatory recipes, awesome holiday ideas … Read More


“Are You Back To Work Yet?” – My Job While On Long Term Disability

Are you still on disability? Are you back to work yet? – I get this question so many times during a week it makes my head spin. No. I’m not back to my IT consulting job. But I do have … Read More


Pittsburgh Walk to Cure Arthritis

  Tomorrow is the last day of arthritis month and the Pittsburgh Walk to Cure Arthritis will be held to celebrate. Online sign ups end today, but you can always sign up on the spot tomorrow! I’ll be working registration so I … Read More

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LifeForce Therapy

  The first time I heard of the treatment I thought ummmmmm… Ooookkk?   But before you judge, let me explain.   LifeForce therapy uses a combination of light, music and vibration therapy. The first time I heard about it I … Read More


And The Winner Isssssss….. *drum roll please*

And the winner is . . . Our friend Kirsten from Not Standing Still’s Disease!   Congratulations to Kirsten and a special thanks to everyone who entered 🙂   Wishing You A Pain Free Day!


World Autoimmune Arthritis Day Chat & Giveaway!

Have your morning coffee with me!   Positivity is something that’s hard to keep up when you’re a chronic patient. Between the doctors appointments, the fatigue, canceling plans and disappointing friends/family it’s SO easy to sink into negative thoughts. No … Read More


It’s An Exciting Day!!!!!!

Today is a really exciting day in my  world!   Today kicks off an awesome 2 day online conference for autoimmune arthritis and my new site is live! Of course for my launch I had to wear my curearthritis.com shirt.   … Read More


Don’t Judge My Handicap Parking Spot

No matter how I’m feeling my group therapy sessions always put a smile on my face. I love meeting with the women who attend and always leave with positivity tools I can practice in my everyday life. Walking out of … Read More


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mother’s out there. Without you this world would be a crazy, chaotic, sad, pathetic place. Every Mother’s Day you see Facebook posts about how ‘my mother’s the best’ or ‘I have the best … Read More


Tummy Tamers {I’ll Try Anything At This Point!}

I feel like I need to start this post out by saying that I do have I a post started that I need to make a priority to finish about an amazing therapy that I’m doing right now called ‘LifeForce’. … Read More

Endoscopy Autoimmune

Endoscopy – My Experience & Results

Before I went under for my endoscopy, I asked the anesethiologist if I could sign a paper saying they could preform any test they needed to and to not wake me up until they figured out what was wrong. Well, … Read More


Mind.Body.Music ~ Don’t You Worry Child!

I can’t believe I never thought about adding this song to my ‘I’m NEVER Going To Give Up!!‘ playlist until Marc and I watched the Swedish House Mafia documentary. Then it hit me – BAM – Perfect message.  Don’t you worry, don’t … Read More


Chew On This: MAKE THESE CINNAMON ROLLS RIGHT NOW! (Seriously, Right Now)

Every holiday my mom wakes us up with warm cinnamon rolls right out of the oven. They’re the refrigerated Pilsbury ones and they are so damn good. This past Christmas I missed eating them, but didn’t really think about them … Read More


World Autoimmune Arthritis Day 2014! {Register TODAY!}

    I’m so so so so SO excited that for 2014 World Autoimmune Arthritis Day I’ve been given the opportunity to host a live chat! My chat topic is based off of my blog title ~ It’s Just A … Read More


Food … After No Food …

So after my 2 fun colonoscopies all I wanted was food. I knew that I should stay away from really high fiber foods and I decided I’d stay away from raw fruits and veggies for awhile and let my system … Read More


Chew On This: Namaste Brownie Mix

Making everything from scratch is good, but can be exhausting. Sometimes you wish you could just go to the store, buy one of those Betty Crocker pre-made brownie mixes, add some eggs and water and bake for 25 minutes. I’m … Read More


Julie’s Colonoscopy Take 2 – Let’s Gooooooooooooo!

What do you get when you mix a bad digestive system, not eating anything for 2 1/2 days, taking a barium swallow test and having a colonoscopy? Disaster. Tuesday I had my barium swallow test. My system really wasn’t wanting … Read More


Digestive Problems . . . Just Add It To The List!

So I know since I had the flu, I’ve kinda been MIA on the blog. My stomach/whole digestive system has been really bothering me and it’s totally screwed up evvvverythingggggg! Disclaimer: I’m such a girly girl. I hate talking about … Read More


Update: Avascular Necrosis Treatment with Blood Thinners

So how is my knee doing since starting use of the Lovenox blood thinner injections for my avascular necrosis treatment? That was the million dollar question going into my last check up in the beginning of April. Since I was … Read More


Medication: Lovenox Blood Thinner For Avascular Necrosis / AVN Treatment

Looking through the infinite pages of the internet, I found very few medication treatments for Avascular Necrosis (AVN). Most doctors, if they recommend treatment, throw pain killers, nerve suppressors or surgical options your way. I was lucky to find a … Read More

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Stanford Medx Live! ePatient Broadcast Tues April 8th 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST

What are you doing tonight?? You should tune in to watch me in my first Stanford Medicine X Live! It’s a weekly broadcast that focuses on different health and technology related topics. I feel so honored that they’ve asked me … Read More


Dr. Charles Glueck – Avascular Necrosis / Osteonecrosis (AVN / ON) Researching Cincinnati Doctor

The internet is a wonderful resource and holds so much information.  It afforded me the opportunity to join many wonderful online communities that helped support my diagnosis’s. It seemed that every orthopedic doctor I went to had the same thing … Read More


USA Hockey National Championships: A Win For Everyone!

My parents have always been my biggest supporters. Everything I did they’d be front row, cheering for me. I was always so grateful for them and they made me feel so proud to be their daughter. They always said that … Read More


Autoimmune Disorders And Melanoma

Last summer, as I started getting better little by little, I decided to make check up appointments at all the doctors I hadn’t seen in so long. Having started humira in March I knew that my immune system was suppressed … Read More


Mind.Body.Music – Meaningful Connections

A song you hear every time you turn on Sirius BPM is Armin Van Buuren’s Alone. His message is so true. Everyone is so connected in this world through technologies, but are we really ‘connecting’? I alot of my support, … Read More


Autoimmune Arthritis Problems: ‘Normal Person’ Sick

You may have noticed I’ve been pretty absent for the last 2 weeks…. I’ve been wondering when I was going to experience getting ‘normal person’ sick while being on humira. Last year I spent most of my time secluded and … Read More


2014 Paralympics Inspiration “The world’s toughest moms…”

“The world’s toughest moms, raise the world’s toughest kids. Thank you, Mom.” This week I’ve had the opportunity to watch some of the 2014 Paralympics on television. It seems like they keep showing events at like 3:30am …. really NBCSN, … Read More


Mind.Body.Music. I’m A Survivor!

I’m a survivor (What?) I’m not gon give up (What?) I’m not gon stop (What?) I’m gon work harder (What?) I’m a survivor (What?) I’m gonna make it (What?) I will survive (What?) Keep on survivin’ (What?) An oldie, but … Read More


Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang – Making Invisible Illnesses Visible

Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang – Call for Help! Approximately 1 in every 5 people around the world suffers from some form of chronic pain but most people haven’t even heard of the illnesses causing it.  Foggy Frog and … Read More


Acupuncture for Pain Management {Part 2}

Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment for pain management. Avascular necrosis (AVN) of the knee and psoriatic arthritis (PsA) are extremely painful on their own, let alone combined! My knee was finally settling down and the complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) … Read More

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Ween off Pain Meds… um say what? – Treatment: Acupuncture for AVN & PSA Pain Part 1

    During the follow up to my June nerve block my pain doctor said that I needed to start weening myself off the meds. I had been on them for the past year soooooo I.was.scared! My pain had progressively … Read More

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This Will Make You Smile 🙂

    Just because I feel like you need to watch this…   Wishing You A Pain Free Day!


‘Walk In Your Next Appointment Without Crutches’

    From December 2012 to April 2013 I wasn’t allowed to put any weight on my knee. After a trip to the AVN specialist he challenged me to start putting weight on my leg and the next time I … Read More


Happy Valentine’s Day


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Mind.Body.Music. This Song Gives Me Chills

    This probably sounds so cheesy, but I honestly get chills when I hear these lyrics in this song: Hear me out, There’s so much more to life than what you’re feeling now Someday you’ll look back on all … Read More


Elimination Diet/Meals That Heal Inflammation Diet Update!

I started introducing foods back into my diet the end of December. Since then my eyes have really been opened to seeing how foods play an impact on how we feel! So far I’ve introduced . . . Bananas Oranges … Read More


Medications – Humira for Psoriatic Arthritis

  At the beginning of 2013 I would get blood work done monthly and report back to my rheumatologist. I was doing well, but we had decided that we were going to attack my psoriatic arthritis aggressively. My knee swelling … Read More


Exciting Opportunities!

I currently have several things up in the air and I can’t wait until they’re finalized to share with all of you! One AWESOME thing that I found out this weekend was that I’ve been selected as a Stanford Medicine … Read More


And the winner isssssss…….

And the winners aaaarrrrreeeeeeeee…. Be on the look out for more giveways in the next few weeks! Wishing You A Pain Free Day!


Rheumatoid Disease Day! 2.2.2014

    The Rheumatoid Patient Foundation is a non-profit organization which strives to spread awareness, support, advocacy and to find a cure for Rheumatoid Disease. Last year they started the first ever rheumatoid disease day to help build awareness. Today … Read More


Medications – Methotrexate For Psoriatic Arthritis

Once I received the official diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist started me on Methotrexate. December 2012 to March 2013 are pretty much all a blur to me. I know that she explained to my parents and I the dangers … Read More


It’s A Good Day, I Mean Bad Day… Eeehhh It’s Average At Best

  I don’t have to tell you that it’s been freeeeeaaakking cold outside!!! (Unless you live some place warm. And in that case I’m so jealous.) Since the weather has been cray cray I bumped up my vicodin to add … Read More


Contest Time! Win An All Natural Body Sugar Scrub

I’ve been experimenting with my doTERRA essential oils to see what I can make! For Christmas I made different kinds of sugar scrubs for presents. Now I want to give them away to you! There are numerous ways to enter! The … Read More



  I literally just got out of my car and hobbled down to the basement to get on my computer so I can post this. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG! It’s so good. And a perfect addition to my … Read More


Chew On This: Paleo Cereal Recipes!!

One of the things I miss most is breakfast cereal! I ate it pretty much every morning. And not the super healthy, bird food cereal – the chocolate-y, sugary, made for kids cereal. This Cocoa Puff recipe I came across … Read More


Treatments – Essential Oils: Complementary Western Medicine?

My therapist has become very important in my life. Not only has she helped me back to my bright, positive self, but she has introduced me to a lot of things that have helped me on my journey to a … Read More


Mind.Body.Music: Never Give Up!

Sometimes we need a reminder to NEVER GIVE UP! Doesn’t mean we’re not strong. Doesn’t mean that we’re not winning against whatever battle we’re facing. Doesn’t mean that we’re not in a positive mindset … Life can be hard!! It’s … Read More


Chew On This: Gluten Free Veggie Pasta

For the last 11 weeks I haven’t had pasta or tomatoes and I’ve missed them SOOOOO!! This week I’m incorporating tomatoes back into my diet to see how I feel. Yesterday I was supposed to eat 3 servings, but I … Read More


Medications – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Neurontin

After receiving the diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, I wasn’t really sure what to expect in terms of medication. I was currently taking vicodin to help with the pain, but what else, other than the nerve blocks, would help? … Read More


Chew On This: White Chicken Chili

  This past week it was freeeezzzziinnggggg. Thursday night it was super cold and snowed a lot. Friday was definitely a cuddle on the couch, want some hot yummy goodness day. I originally wanted to make this Tuscan Bean Soup, … Read More


Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana!

  After I talked to my health coach about how bananas caused me to have bad headaches, he speculated that I have type A blood type. This year I’ve been curious to see what type blood I do have. My … Read More


This shit is bananas – b a n a n a s!

Last week I re-introduced bananas into my diet. So many sugar free/gluten free recipes out on the internet, especially on pinterest, have bananas as the base. I was really hoping that they’d be agreeable with me so that I could … Read More


Mind.Body.Music: I’ll Be Home For Christmas

    A lot of artists record Christmas albums hoping to release a song that can become a Christmas classic. I love the holiday season so much!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, just looking at a Christmas tree makes me happy 🙂 Christmas music … Read More


Whoop Whoop! I did it!

    I made it 8 weeks on the strict anti-inflammatory diet! Now for the next 12 weeks I’ll reintroduce foods back in to see what bothers me and what doesn’t! First up… BANANA Who would have thought I’d be … Read More


Treatments – Reiki

    During the first six months of 2012 I would go and see my original orthopedic doctor every 6 weeks. I didn’t know who else to go to regularly to keep tabs on my knee. During one visit I … Read More

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Treatments – Massage

    Once my knee swelling starting going down, and the nerve blocks started kicking in, my chiropractor suggested I start getting massages on my leg. Since the avascular necrosis was caused by lack of blood flow, the thought was … Read More


Express It With A Card Holiday Giveaway!!

Want to win this birthday card gift pack?? This holiday season my Etsy shop, Express it With a Card, is giving one lucky person a wonderful Holiday gift tin filled with 3 large birthday cards and 2 mini cards. The … Read More


Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run/Walk

This past Saturday morning was the annual Jingle Bell Run/Walk for the Pittsburgh Arthritis Foundation. Obviously not the best place for a person on crutches,  I still wanted to be apart of it! Arthritis has played a huge role in … Read More


Template Problems!

Aye, Sorry that I need to write this, but the template that my site runs on is having all kinds of issues…. I’m quite frustrated to tell you the truth. My homepage is all wonky and it’s because of a … Read More


Amazing Post From LivingLifeOnCrutches.com That Really Hits Home

I came across this post on twitter after @ChronicPainDad tweeted it out. As I started reading I thought this would be great to post on my facebook wall. The further I read the more and more I felt that it … Read More


Treatments – Nerve Blocks

  One of the first treatments, other than medication, that I tried were nerve blocks. I would meet with my Pain Management doctor and assess my pain. From January until June I went once a month and received a block. … Read More


What I’m Thankful For This Year

Of course everyone’s thankful list is filled with family, friends, support, blah blah blah ya know. The usual. But I’m thankful for ME! You’re probably thinking wow. Such a ‘humble’ thing to say 😉 Haha but what I mean is … Read More


Illness is Tough not only on YOU, but your loved ones

I felt like I just kept sinking and sinking deeper into a black hole and was slowly finding it hard to see the light at the top. (Catch up on why here) Think about it… if you are in constant … Read More


Express It With A Card

To put along with my Christmas gifts in 2012 I made my own cards. I really enjoyed making them that I decided I wanted to do it more. When I was working and traveling 24/7 I never had the opportunity … Read More


#NaBloPoMo is Half Way Over!

November is half over and so is the blog posting challenge! I’ve been very proud of myself that since I embarked on this ‘challenge’ I’ve posted every day! I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep up since I … Read More


Meals that Heal Inflammation Progress – 3 Weeks into Step 3!

So far I’ve completed the first two steps of the 5 step plan to heal inflammation and am 3 weeks into the 3rd step! The first step is a 2 week gear up. At this time you get rid of … Read More


Chew On This! – Pad Thai Salad

            I came across this recipe on pinterest and knew I HAD HAD HAD HAD HAD to try it! I am a lover of thai food and what better way to mix anti-inflammatory and thai! … Read More


Mind.Body.Music. – I Hold On

As I was listening to this song today on my way to the chiropractor the lyrics hit me. In the song Dierk’s is talking about things that he holds on to because of the good memories they have. I feel … Read More


Finding the Right Doctor

How have you come to find your doctor? Through friends? Through referrals from other doctors? Searching online? All of the doctors I spoke to didn’t really know any AVN specialists to refer me to. I was forced to go online … Read More


Chew On This – Easy, Easy, Delicious Breakfast!

So obviously I’m new to the gluten, sugar, egg, nut, dairy game and you may already be familiar with the EnjoyLife company but I’M IN LOVE! I ordered some products from amazon (didn’t realize they were 6 packs!) and have … Read More


John Ellis Water

My Grandpa is an amazing man. He’s 92 and so full of life, information and energy! If you have a question I guarantee he’ll know the answer. And if you ask him anything political you better have 3 hours because … Read More


Chew On This! – Chai Pumpkin Bread

When I was researching recipes to make during this gluten, dairy & sugar free period this was one of the first ones I came across. It sounded delicious and I was really eager to try it. This was my first … Read More


Spending QT with my Bed.

After getting out of the hospital, my family and I celebrated a very low key New Years at home and then it began… Me. Laying in bed. All day. Having nothing to do. But not caring and not wanting to … Read More


Chew On This – Delicious Lunch Alert!! Mango Avocado Turkey Sandwich

      This. Lunch. Was. DELICIOUS! Annnnnnd the best part – it’s super EASY! Delicious AND Easy?! Yesssssssssssssssssssssss. I’ve found a new love in sprouted bread. It’s probably because I can’t have the crusty, fluffy, delicious italian bread haha! … Read More


Mind.Body.Music – “Cause no matter what you’ll never be alone”

I’ve found that when going through a difficult time – whether it be a bad situation at work, dealing with health issues for yourself or a loved one or just having a bad day – we revert to the ‘no … Read More


November is National Blog Posting Month #NaBloPoMo

I will be participating in my first ever #NaBloPoMo! Have no idea what I’m talking about? (Yeah I didn’t either until I got into the world of blogging!) It’s a month long commitment to posting on your blog daily! While … Read More


A Very Merry Hospital Stay Part 2 🙂

I actually ended up getting a little more sleep since I was hopped up on pain meds in the hospital! (Read about why I was there here) Next morning the orthopedic surgeon came in to check out my knee. Everyone’s … Read More

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Mind.Body.Music. – The Most Relaxing Song EVER!

Stressful work week? Too much homework at school? In the midst of a flare that’s frustrating the crap out of you?   Relax with the scientifically proven most relaxing song ever “Weightless” by Marconi Union. This song relaxes your nervous system … Read More


Happy Halloween – Chew On This Delicious Mug Muffin

  Happy Halloween! When I think of Halloween I think of crazy, elaborate costumes when I was young, stressing out about what to be when I was older and my late Great Aunt’s Birthday! This year my Halloween is quite … Read More


Chew On This – Shepherd’s Pie

I do enjoy cooking. Since this requires me to be upstairs in the kitchen, back and forth from the fridge, counter, etc on my feet – I haven’t really done much since last fall. I think the last thing I … Read More


A Very Merry Hospital Stay

  After receiving my diagnosis, I tried to remain positive and enjoy the Christmas season as much as I could. But I was in pain. A LOT OF PAIN. By Christmas Eve I was really shaking, pretty much constantly. Looking … Read More


Chew On This!

New to the It’s Just A Bad Day blog is the ‘Chew On This!’ series! In this series I’ll review anti-inflammatory recipes that I’ve tried or perhaps made up! Starting this lifestyle really feels like starting a whole new adventure … Read More



This week I’m introducing a new series I’d like to call ‘Mind.Body.Music’ to my blog! Music is such a big part of my life and I feel that it’s helped in my recovery process. In this series I’ll point out … Read More


A Dead What?

Catch up on the story here. Christmas time is my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE! The lights. The music. The spirit. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just love it. When I went to get a bone scan of my knee and the technician gasped saying … Read More


Just one of those days…

Definitely having one of those days . . . Didn’t really move until after noon today, was out of bed maybe like 2 hours and then was back in it. My body hurts. My bones ache. I have no energy. As … Read More


“My Aching Bones” – New Paper.li Page!

      I’m excited to announce my new weekly paper “My Aching Bones”. It will focus on Avascular Necrosis (AVN) / Osteonecrosis (ON) articles along with knee, hip, shoulder, pain management, natural health alternatives and alternative treatment articles. If … Read More


Couch Ridden Football Season

Catch up on the story with this post here. After moving into my new place I was very optimistic about getting my range of motion back. I was using my stim machine regularly and was really pushing myself in PT. … Read More

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2012 – The Beginning Of This Madness

Click here to catch up on the previous post. When I returned from NYC it was while I was on a project in Chattanooga, TN. One of my best friends got me staffed on the project and we had a … Read More


What Is Your Body Telling You?

Catch up with the previous post here! What Is Your Body Telling You? Fast forward 9 months. Winter 2010. A lot had changed. I mean, I made some huge drastic changes in my life. After realizing emotionally I had been … Read More

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Wake Me Up When It’s All Over

Today is an emotional day for me. September 27th. A year ago today was my last surgery. I often wonder if I would have experienced everything I have within the past year if I had not gone through with this … Read More


Sciatica? Psoriatic Arthritis Flare Up in My SI Joint??

Just jumping in? Click here to read the previous post. In 2008 I graduated from West Virginia University and began working at Deloitte as an IT Consultant. My first project was in Austin, TX. After it was cut short I … Read More


New Year, New Goals! Using Yoga As My ‘Tool’

I received many amazing presents for my birthday this year! I love them and can’t wait to use or wear all of them! There seemed to be a certain element which everyone touched upon during my birthday… my birthday ‘theme’, … Read More


For The Love of Singing!

Catch up on the beginning of my story here. After giving up softball and dance I progressively got more and more into music! Violin lessons, turned into flute lessons, which turned into piccolo lessons which were all trumped by singing. … Read More


The Beginning

Before I get into my post I just want to shout from the roof tops THANK YOU! Thank you for your touching words, thank you for your support and thank you for your love! To follow my future posts easily … Read More


It’s just a bad day, NOT a bad LIFE!

i could start off my very first post by saying this is day 290 on crutches. I could start off this post by saying I’ve been the victim of many different medical conditions in a short amount of time. I … Read More

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Coming Soon!

Stop back in about a week and we should be up and running!!!


Medications – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Neurontin

  After receiving the diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, I wasn’t really sure what to expect in terms of medication. I was currently taking vicodin to help with the pain, but what else, other than the nerve blocks, would … Read More