Treatments – Reiki

Treatments – Reiki




During the first six months of 2012 I would go and see my original orthopedic doctor every 6 weeks. I didn’t know who else to go to regularly to keep tabs on my knee. During one visit I was telling the PA about how I was going to get massages on my leg. My Mom asked her if there was anything else that she thought I could do. After thinking for a second she said that she had a patient before that said she started getting ‘energy massages’. After getting them she said she was completely better and stopped coming to see her.

Energy massages? What the heck is an energy massage? The PA suggested Massage Envy. So I looked up the services and figured out that by energy massage she meant Reiki. I wasn’t familiar with that style of ‘massage’ so I started googling it and trying to figure out exactly what it entailed. While researching I found a center that specialized specifically in reiki! Why would I go to Massage Envy if I could go to a place specifically for reiki services.

According to International Center for Reiki Training

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.  The International Center for Reiki Training

I really had absolutely no idea what I was getting into or what to expect. Some may or may not believe in the whole thing, but my account of what happen is what I experienced. You may believe what you want to believe 🙂

Calling the center I left a message and waited to hear back. When I received a phone call back I just assumed I’d make an appointment and that would be it. What I didn’t expect was for the person on the other side of the phone to be as intuitive as he was. He said that as we were talking he picked up that I was having trouble with the man in my life.

Whattttttt? I was kind of thrown off guard. Brad and I were fighting a lot because we were still unsure of how to deal with this new situation. I was intrigued.

I made my appointment and eagerly waited for the day to come.

Doterra Wild Orange Essential OilWalking into the cute little studio I immediately knew this was going to be different than anything else I’d ever experienced. It was a very zen place and had lots of bottles of oils and tools that I’d never even seen or heard of. We first sat down and he explained how my session would go. He explained that first he would get a reading on my energy field. That a lot of times when we have health problems it’s because our energy is off-balance and he suspected that my energy was ‘clogged’ up at certain points. After that he would have me complete a ZYTO test. This test would tell him which essential needs my body were lacking and by elaborating on what I needed he’d be able to tell more about my problems and emotional well-being. Then he would perform reiki – a laying of the hands, if you will. That he worked with my spiritual guides to help direct my energy to the right places in my body and to establish a clear flow from the top of my head out through the bottom of my feet.

Wow. Ok. This was a detailed process. He had briefly gone over this on the phone, but I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about at that time. Now, being in his studio, I was beginning to fully understand.

Doterra Geranium Essential OilFirst we started by completing a simple prayer of intent. In my prayer of intent, I called upon God to help during my session to heal my body. Next he taught and trained my body and mind to center itself when I press my middle and thumb finger together and said ‘center’. He said that my meditation should follow a prayer, an intention. And that I also needed to give gratitude especially for my knee and perhaps touch my knee while doing it.

Next my energy field was assessed. I can’t remember exactly what it measured, but it was extremely low and way off balanced. It’s measured from all 4 sides of your body and should be pretty symmetrical. There are many causes which can offset your energy – negative thoughts, negative people and other’s thoughts, and not taking care of yourself – are among a few.

Next, we sat down at a computer to complete the ZYTO scan. This ZYTO brochure describes the process as such:


ZYTOPicI’ve never seen something quite like this little device. You don’t even know it’s working – it’s painless and all you need to do is sit there with your hand on the machine. The machine checks biomarkers like Joints/Connective Tissues, Kidneys, Small Intestine, Pituitary Gland, Pineal Gland, Hypothalamus Gland, Triple Warmer Meridian, & Pericardium Meridian to name just a handful. After your body pulses are read then you are given a read out. Below is the print out that I received after my first ZYTO. The main pulses picked up that my outliers would be remediated with fish oil and geranium oil.


I was then given an overview of exactly what essential oils were and how they were used. How in addition to the geranium, deep blue rub and wild orange could really help me out. The deep blue could help support my knee and the wild orange could help support my emotions. I had never really tried anything like that before so I was open to at least trying them!! I was given a sample of the deep blue and after the fact ended up ordering geranium and wild orange.

Then we moved into another room and I laid down on a massage table. What was to be an hour ended up being almost an hour and a half! To channel my energy he worked with my spirit team which was composed of my guardian angel, my spirit guide and other angels. My guardian angel was the spokes person. I was asked if while he was conducting my session if my spirit team had messages for me if I’d want him to rely them. I gave consent and then he started moving the flow of my energy. The whole thing was pretty much a blur, but I wrote the following messages from my spirit team down as key take aways from the experience.

  • I need to trust myself and my path in life
  • I need to stop making life plans and be happy with where I am
  • My spirit team asked why I stopped pursing music. I need to pursue my passions in life and make more time for them.
  • I need to express myself through journaling
  • I need to work on my emotional and inner self. I do the outside, but I need to do the inside (ie. yoga, meditation)
  • There may be people in the future that stand in my way of achieving my goals and dreams and I shouldn’t let them!
  • I shouldn’t make a career change and should continue with what I’m doing at the current moment
  • And as far as my knee goes that I’m now on the right path, it’s a lot to do with emotions too. I need to express gratitude towards my knee.

After my session was done my energy field was reassessed and this time it was much bigger and almost symmetrical!

Overall it was very positive experience. Up til this point in the year I was very depressed, very alone and almost didn’t care about what was going on. After my reiki session I really felt my ‘energy’ was better, I was more certain of the path I was on and I really started getting into natural products and natural ways to deal with my health issues.

Just as my spirit team said – I need to trust my path in life and the process!

Wishing you a pain free day!