Endoscopy – My Experience & Results

Endoscopy – My Experience & Results


endoBefore I went under for my endoscopy, I asked the anesethiologist if I could sign a paper saying they could preform any test they needed to and to not wake me up until they figured out what was wrong.
Well, everybody laughed

And I was like… No. I’m serious.

And again, they took it as a joke.
I did not mean it as a joke at all.

I’m getting so sick of not knowing what’s going on with my stomach. Every week it’s getting worse and worse. My parents are freaking out because I’m not really keeping food down and I’m loosing weight. And of course the doctor suggested something like ensure or boost and there is nooooo way I’m taking that. If you look at the ingredients the first two ingredients are sugar and corn syrup… Ummm hello? Sugar causes inflammation. GMOs cause inflammation. Tell me again how that can help me? {sorry! holistic health coaching student rant}

Anyways, surprise surprise! I woke up after my endoscopy and they said they didn’t see anything wrong. That there was some erythematous musosa in my stomach which is basically just inflamed lining. This could be caused by any number of things. The doctor said that the top of my small intestines looked fine and my deodunom looked good too. He took some biopsies andddddd that was about it.

Next steps? Follow up appointment in 2 weeks. They also gave me a paper that suggested maybe I follow a gastroparesis diet and the foods they highlighted for me to eat were: Fat-free soups, hard candy, saltines, and soda. Again, maybe a health coaching rant, but how are they saying I should eat sugar and soda?? I just don’t see how that can help me?

Endoscopy Autoimmune
Back for more testing…

I can’t say I’m surprised. Given the way health issues usually work, I knew I wouldn’t get answers right away. I secretly wished for it, but I knew I wouldn’t. It’s just frustrating because I can’t really find anything that brings me relief. Last week drinking bone broth and eating a chicken and rice soup, made with the bone broth, was really the only thing that stayed down. This week, after eating some of the exact same chicken and rice soup, I had one of the worst nights to date. By the next morning I’m pretty sure there was absolutely nothing left in my body. I may have even had a fever too? I spent the night drenched in sweat, but freeeezzzzing cold.

I’m just hoping that I eventually figure it out. When I’ve gone down the avenue of trying to figure out my stomach problems before all the roads always led to dead ends or some bs diagnosis.

Well, I can say this for sure …. I’ve never been so excited to put a bathing suit on 😉 I’m joking, but seriously, I’m just hungry. Today I ate a whole box of One Degree Veganic Sprouted Ancient Grain O’s and later in the evening I realized that rice cakes agreed with my system too. When I attempted some rice and chicken my stomach started churning and I immediately stopped. To get my electrolytes back to a semi normal level I’ve been drinking Ultima Replenisher as much as I can.

It’s such a vicious cycle. Something that works for me today can completely not work tomorrow. Or tomorrow I may have a complete normal day and have absolutely no stomach issues. I just don’t get it. I even put up with knee pain last night because I was afraid to take my pills. I just didn’t think they’d stay down and the thought of even ingesting anything made me want to vomit.

Anyways. So as an update. Endoscopy showed natta.


endoscopy colonoscopy
Just hanging out at my second home…

On to the next one ….

Anyone have any tests they thing I should get? Within the past 3 weeks I’ve had the following:
– Endoscopy
– 2 Colonoscopies
– Stool tests (bacteria, parasitic, nutrient absorption)
– Blood tests (food allergy, nutrient absorption, inflammation markers, electrolytes)
– Sonogram of my gall bladder
– CT scan
– Upper GI/Small Bowel Follow Through Barium test

A friend suggested I ask for a pancreas and gall bladder function test. Any other suggestions or alt methods or literally anything at all that you may think of pllllllease send my way. I can take chronic knee pain all day long, but GI issues are the worst.

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!