Crutches And Accessories

Crutches And Accessories

When you’re on crutches for years, you learn a thing or two.

1. You need pads. These are a must… unless you like bruises under your armpits that hurt like a biotch. The best ones I’ve come across are the ones made by crutcheze. They are SO comfy and thick. You’ll actually need to make your crutches one size smaller (height wise) because they’re that thick!


2. Storage. As you probs know, you can’t really carry things and crutch at the same time. Crutcheze also makes these awesome bags that you connect to your crutches that can hold a TON of stuff. I mean, mine is basically like Mary Poppin’s Bag. And it holds a water bottle! Oooohhh Ahhhhh (the things that excited me these days are pathetic)


2a. They make combo packs that sell both the pads and the bag together. Annnnd they seem to always have something on sale



3. Extra crutch tips, crutch underarm pads and crutch hand grips.  You can go to specialty stores and medical supply stores, but this pack is a pretty good deal. My pads seem to crumble and fall apart under the crutcheze pads. Small price to pay for everyday comfort though!


Have any other great tips for other crutch users?

Leave ’em below!!


Wishing You A Pain Free Day!