Live In The Moment

Live In The Moment

You never realize what you take for granted until you can’t do it anymore.

Although it’s been 2+ yrs I’ve been on crutches, I still get in situations that bum me out.

b73dd6fc6b1db4aa3a2e17ab9ab01ea4The yoga fest was held at point state park, which is a park at the intersection of the 3 rivers in Pittsburgh. The tents with the classes were set up in the front of the park, with the point fountain set way in the back.

When I went down to the event I had every intention of getting a picture, by the fountain, while doing a head stand. I thought it would make one kick-a picture.

Towards the end of the day I had about an hour between classes and time to kill. I started to walk back towards the fountain and froze. Looking out towards the fountain, all I could see was an immense amount of grass and pavement between me and this picture.

It was in that instance that I had to decide if I was going to walk all the way to the fountain to get this picture, or if I was going to rest so I could make the final 2 classes I wanted to go to for the day.

My brain told me I could do both, but my body started pounding as if to say,

‘WTF is wrong with you! You’re already trying to take like 5 hours of yoga classes today!’.

054f16b0086590395b257f7f1b67431aSo, long story short, I didn’t get the picture.

I did get a surprise though!

The closing ceremony was held at the fountain! I didn’t know this before hand and I got really excited when I found this out.

In the end, I’m so glad my head told me not to go earlier, because walking out there twice would have just been WAYYYYY too much.

It’s been over 2 ½ years since all of my health problems started back up again and I still encounter situations where I get frustrated. Frustrated thinking about what I WOULD have done before and frustrated thinking about what I can do now. It’s times like these that I’m so happy that I’m learning to have a regular meditation practice. The ‘be in the moment’ principal brought me back to where I was.

I was down at the point, participating in an event I had been looking forward to for months. Once I remembered that, that picture was long gone from my head.

Yay for living in the moment and accepting my circumstances!

Sometimes it’s easier to dwell on what we cannot do, rather than look at what we can do.

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!