Love How Far You’ve Come

Love How Far You’ve Come

0978a0019e3c4024405f21031ba007c5So I’m 29, I live in my parents basement at the moment, I’m on disability . . . and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been?

If you would have asked me 5 or 10 years ago, I’m prrrrreeettty sure I wouldn’t have told you that. In fact, I know exactly what I imagined. When I was in a project management meeting about 5 years back, our project partner asked us where we wanted to be in 5/10 years. On our way to becoming a Deloitte partner, owning our own biz, etc. When it came to me I told him that I wanted to have a family and be a Mom. He kind of laughed and thought I was joking, but I was totally serious. That was my dream and that’s what I’ve wanted for… ever!

Up until the past 2 years I always looked at what I hadn’t achieved yet as failures. I was approaching my 30’s and still had a lot to achieve in my work and personal life.

Getting sick and having to go out on disability put A LOT in perspective. Sure, I loved the ‘glamorous’ aspects of my career. The ridiculously expensive bottles of wine at Team dinners, the last-minute trips to Las Vegas, racking up hotel points to go pretty much where ever I wanted to go. I was putting my efforts into short-term pleasures, taking care of myself on the outside NOT necessarily on the inside.

2cd7b0765fba5a4744e7cf91f0e6c1c8Nowadays, when I look at failed relationships, past adventures and lessons learned, I have a twang of sadness, but realize something very important. We all have a journey in life.

Good, bad, positive, negative, easy, hard.

If we’re always concentrating on something that we don’t have, will we ever be happy with what we do have?

So for instance, when I graduated college I didn’t move back into my parents house. I had a new-found sense of freedom and was ready to fly on my own. Never in a million years would I think that as I approached 30 I’d be back at my parents house. For a while I wasn’t happy about it – ask my Mom, I think I hurt her feelings by always making comments about how I was living there.

But I’ve realized, I’ve come SO far. Sure, I’m living with my whole family, but so what? They’ve been the BEST support system I could ever ask for. My Mom and Dad have helped me do things when I was physically incapable of doing them. Being around my Sister and Brother more has strengthened our relationships.

How COULD I NOT think this was a positive situation?

I see so many people comment in support groups and on forums dwelling on where they thought they’d be or what they used to do. Sometimes a change of perspective can make all the difference!

When you start getting upset, start to look at how far you’ve come along in your journey! Some days it may seem like you’re barely up the mountain, but don’t give up.

Never give up!

God/The Universe/etc only gives us what we can handle!

Here’s a great article by Tiny Buddha on 8 Ways To Love How Far You’ve Come.

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!







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  • Jaelin

    I love this post! I had to graduate high school early because of my chronic pain and sometimes I feel so frustrated that I’m just now getting my associates degree. Since I graduated early I wanted to be ahead of the curve. I wanted to be starting medical school in the fall. I wanted to be doing something amazing by now.

    But this post made me stop and remember how hard I worked to get where I am. All the awards and volunteer work I have done. I worked really hard not to let my pain completely stop me from living my life, and I achieved that goal. I needed to see this reminder and I appreciate you sharing it with us!

    I also write a blog about chronic pain and I wrote this post about stopping to appreciate the little things: I need to be taking my own advice more!

    • Once we change our perspective of our situation we can really start to alevitate stress from our bodies. Sometimes you say things all the time and it takes hearing it from someone else for it to click!

      Happy to connect with you 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  • Theo Dore

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